All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty-Nine: Thinking Of You

Settling Mia down slightly, Isla smiled a little, watching as the delicate infant kicked her feet. She was still so small, she was only four weeks old, and Isla often got lost when she looked at her. Mia was the perfect blend of her mother and father and Isla doubted she would ever find herself bored of admiring her. Mia was perfect. “Is she alright?” Iker posed as he slipped into the nursery. He didn't have long, Sergio was insistent that he spend the night with him and a few of the other guys, but Iker wanted to make sure everything was alright. He didn't like leaving Isla with a fussy Mia. Isla smiled a little and nodded, her body happily settling in his arms. “She's sleepy today” she smiled, her grey eyes watching as Mia blinked tiredly. Iker chuckled a little. “She should be. We walked through the park for hours” he announced dramatically. Isla rolled her eyes a little before she moved to collect the baby monitor, leading Iker out of the nursery. “She should sleep for a while before she wants her feed” Isla mused as she carefully closed the door.

“Are you having the girls over?” Iker questioned as he followed Isla back towards their bedroom. It was silly, but Sergio had been insistent, Iker was to spend the night with him before their ceremony the following day. “Ella and Pilar had something up their sleeves, but to be honest, I just want to curl up in bed and sleep” Isla replied. Iker chuckled a little before he placed his arms around her, drawing her close. “You can have fun without me around nena, just as long as there are no strippers” he teased softly. Isla shook her head. “I just don't see why you have to go. We've been together for nearly eighteen months” she pouted. It was silly, Iker spent many nights away from her, but Isla didn't understand why it had to be that night. They were already married after all and she didn't see why they had to conform to all of the traditions of a wedding. “Because Sergio thought it would be cute and I sort of agree” Iker quipped sheepishly. They hadn't had a traditional wedding the first time around and he kind of wanted one the second time.

“But I miss you when you aren't here” Isla replied softly. Iker smiled at her kindly before he pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. “It's just one night Isla, Ella and Pilar will be here with you. It'll be worth it” he mused. Isla sighed a little, but nodded her head. “Will you call me before you go to sleep?” she mumbled. It was pathetic, but if she didn't hear his voice before she fell asleep, she hardly slept at all. “Of course I will nena, how can I sleep without saying goodnight to my girls?” Iker replied kindly. Isla blushed a little. “I sort of love it when you call us your girls” she admitted. Iker laughed softly before he pressed a kiss against her lips. “You are my girls” he whispered. Isla smiled at him kindly before the door bell echoed, causing them to pull apart. “That will be Ella and Pilar” Isla smiled as she fixed her shirt “You should get moving” she added. Iker nodded his head dutifully before he placed one more kiss to her lips, mumbling a small goodbye.

Checking her phone again, Isla sighed a little. She knew her friends meant well, the drinks and chat was common to most hen parties, but Isla simply wasn't in the mood. All she wanted was to call Iker before she fell asleep. “Come on Is, you can't mope about him all night” Ella poked as she sipped on her cocktail. Isla blinked a little but nodded, knowing that Ella was right. It was a little pathetic that she was moping about Iker when he had only been gone a matter of hours. Ella noticed her friend’s face brightening and smirked. “We were playing truths” she noted. Isla nodded a little. It seemed a little childish, the game of truths, but Isla wanted to join in. Ella and Pilar had gone to a lot of trouble to make their night fun and she didn't want to appear ungrateful. “It is your go Isla” Irina announced tipsily. Isla offered a small smile and nodded, urging her friend to go on. Ella offered her a devilish look. “Please don't Ella” Isla pleaded. She knew where Ella's mind was and Isla didn't want her to say it. The last thing she wanted to discuss was her sex life with her husband.

“Oh come on Isla, how can I not ask?” Ella teased. Isla blushed a little and shook her head. “It's nice” she spluttered. “Nice?” Pilar teased “I am sure Iker would be glad to hear that your sex is 'nice'” she giggled. Isla merely shook her head, flustered. “Perhaps nice isn't the right adjective” she stuttered “I mean, it's really good” she mumbled. Irina let out another giggle before Ella placed a hand on Isla's shoulder. “You can go and call Iker now” she mused. Isla offered her a little glare before she stepped out of the room, her phone clutched in her hand.

“You called earlier than I thought you would” Iker teased as he held the phone to his ear. He had been expecting Isla to call, the brunette was always a little nervous when he was away, but he had been expecting her to hold out a little longer. It was barely past ten. “I had to get away. The girls are tipsy and they became insistent on asking me about our sex” Isla spluttered. Iker chuckled a little. He'd had to face a very similar question from Sergio. “What did you tell them?” he teased. Isla let out a small squeak, something which made Iker chuckle. “You didn't tell them it was bad did you?” he laughed. Isla merely squeaked again. “I said it was nice” she spluttered. Iker let out a loud laugh. “Nice? Amor, I sincerely hope it is better than nice” he chuckled. Isla let out a small laugh. “Of course it is Iker, I just couldn't find the words” she explained kindly.

Iker shifted a little. “How is Mia?” he posed. “Sleeping soundly still, but it won't be long before the girls wake her up. The drunker they get, the louder they get” she explained. Iker chuckled a little. “You're having fun right?” he mused. Isla let out a small laugh. “Despite the fact they insist on teasing me, yes, I am” she explained cheerily. Iker nodded his head to himself before he let out a little sigh. “I miss you” he mumbled. “I miss you too Iker, but as you said, it will be worth it. Tomorrow, I get to see you looking all dapper in your suit” she mused. Iker could picture the smile on her face. “And I get to see you in that dress you bought, but perhaps more importantly, I get to throw that dress on the floor when we get home” he announced brightly. Isla let out a bashful giggle before Ella's voice entered the phone, calling her back to the small party. “I have to go Iker” she mumbled. Iker sighed a little, but nodded. “I understand amor. I will see you tomorrow” he explained. “I love you” Isla giggled. Iker let out a little laugh. “I love you too nena” he mumbled before the line went dead.

It was hard, being away from her so unnecessarily, but he was sure it would be worth it, tomorrow she would get the wedding she deserved and he would get the day he'd dreamt of.