All That I'll Ever Need

Three: Smitten

“You look nice” Ella mused as she looked up at her room mate, a curious smile lighting her face. It was rare, even before she'd gotten sick, Isla had never really been one for dating, but Ella was happy for her. Isla deserved to have something good in her life and from what she had told Ella of Iker, the keeper was certainly that. “Are you sure? This isn't too much is it?” Isla fussed, her hands tracing the material of the lace dress she had opted to wear. Ella shook her head gently. “You look wonderful Isla, Iker's bound to be blown away” Ella smiled. Isla offered one last unsure look before the sound of the doorbell caught her ears. “I'll get it, you finish up” Ella smiled. Isla nodded her head before she turned back to the mirror, fixing the last curl of dark hair.

“You look hermosa” Iker smiled as he allowed his dark eyes to survey Isla's petite frame. She was beautiful, she had been in his eyes since he had first seen her, but the dress she wore emphasized it, showing off curves that Iker wanted to set his hands upon. “You're sure?” Isla babbled, her pale cheeks warming by the second. Iker's smile grew a little as he stepped towards her, pushing one of her loose curls away from her soft grey eyes. “I'm certain” he mused. Isla wanted to melt, his stare was strong and his voice warm, but somehow she managed to keep it together, offering him nothing by a slightly nervous laugh in return. “Are you ready to go?” Iker questioned. Isla nodded her head and moved to collect her bag, setting it on her delicate shoulder. Iker offered her a soft smile before he extended his hand to her. Isla eyed the large extremity for a moment, unsure of what to do. “You're supposed to hold it” Iker teased. “You want me to hold your hand?” she posed. Iker chuckled and nodded his head, lowering his hand to take hers. Isla watched as he wrapped his longer fingers around hers. “There, that's not so bad is it?” Iker quipped. Isla rolled her eyes playfully before he led them from the house out into the warm Madrid night.

“I thought you'd want to stay out of the public eye” Iker mused as he pulled his car into a small car park. Isla offered him a slightly thoughtful look before she peeked through the window, her grey eyes widening a little at the small patch of sand that sat ahead of them. It wasn't much, there was a little bit of golden sand and a little bit of water, but still Isla adored it. She had never been to a picnic on the beach before. “I am taking your smile as a good thing” Iker smiled. Isla nodded her head. “I've never had a picnic on a beach before. I love it” she smiled. Iker allowed a bashful chuckle to fall from his lips before he climbed out of the car, padding around to the passenger door. Isla smiled at him softly as he helped her out of the car, his hand holding hers once more. “I had my friend pack us up a few things. It isn't much, but I thought it was better than getting stared at in some restaurant” Iker explained as he helped Isla down onto the little patch of sand. “It's perfect Iker” Isla returned. Iker offered her another soft smile before he led her towards the basket he had left. “We've got salads in here” he mused, his hands setting the food out on the blanket that he had settled on the sand. Isla watched him gently and smiled. She liked that he had gone a little different for their date.

Swirling her wine around in the glass, Isla allowed her grey eyes to study the man that sat ahead of her, babbling on about something. He was handsome, she had figured that out the first time she had seen him, but there something more than that, something which had stared to make her heart skip beats. “Isla, are you alright?” Iker asked, his voice soft and concerned. Isla jumped a little before she nodded, offering him a soft smile. “I was just thinking” she mused. Iker lifted an eyebrow playfully. “Can I know what you are thinking about?” he noted. Isla offered him a gentle laugh before she nodded. “I was just thinking about how you seem to make my heart skip beats” she explained, a tiny smile tugging at the corner of her soft pink lips. Iker tilted his head. “I make your heart skip a beat?” he posed, half teasing, half in awe. He had thought he was the only one, but to hear her say it assured him that they were onto something good. “You do. I'm not sure why, but you do” she giggled, her pale cheeks flaming red. Iker smiled at the sight of her blush and edged towards her a little, his head ducking beneath hers in order to meet her eyes. “You make mine do the same” he noted earnestly, his brown eyes searching her greys.

“I do?” Isla asked. Iker chuckled a little and moved his hand, pushing her curls from her eyes once more. “Somehow, yes. I haven't stopped thinking about you since we met” he admitted softly. He knew it was sappy, stupid given the fact he had known her for mere days, but already he adored her. She consumed his thoughts and Iker didn't want it any other way. There was just something about Isla, something which made him forget Sara and all that had happened. “You're very sweet Iker” Isla smiled, her little fingers weaving with his. Iker smiled gently at the contact and drew her hand to his lips, kissing the pale skin softly. “You're very beautiful” he smiled. Isla let out an involuntary giggle, something which made Iker chuckle softly. “I love how you do that little laugh” he mused, shaking his head a little. “I can't help it, it's a nervous thing” she defended gently. Iker's eyebrow quirked a little. “I make you nervous?” he poked. Isla rolled her eyes. “I like that I make you nervous” Iker noted, his body edging a little towards her.

Isla's grey eyes watched as he moved towards her. “Isla, would you mind if I kissed you?” Iker questioned, his brown eyes flicking between her soft grey eyes and her soft pink lips. “You want to kiss me?” she squeaked. Iker nodded softly, offering her yet another kind smile. “I'd very much like to kiss you. I'm amazed that I have managed to refrain this long” he smiled. Isla's pale cheeks flushed before she offered a gentle nod, giving him the permission he sought.

Iker leant forwards a little, his large palm cupping her soft cheek.

Isla's eyes closed a little, her cheeks warming at the feel of his soft breath on her skin.

Iker smiled at the look on her face before he allowed his thumb to trace her cheekbone, relishing the soft feel of her skin beneath his fingertips.

Isla shifted a little before he finally leant forwards, pressing his lips to hers gently. The kiss was short, Iker didn't want to over step any marks, but still it made their hearts race, still it made them smile and blush.
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