All That I'll Ever Need

Four: Tell Him

Shifting a little on the bed, Isla allowed her grey eyes to close, her body aching as the machine at her side whirred. She knew it had to be done, dialysis was the only option, but still it hurt, still it left her tired and achy. “Are you sure there is no one we can call?” the nurse mused softly. She had met Isla before, she liked the brunette, but she always seemed to be a lone, something which was a little strange. She was sure a girl like Isla would have someone. “Certain” Isla responded weakly. She had toyed with the idea of calling Iker, since their picnic, the pair had been out on two more dates, but she had refrained. The goalie didn't deserve to be burdened with her problem. “A girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend? That's quite a shame” the nurse mused, her hands working on the machine. Isla shifted a little before she shook her head. “I do have someone” she murmured “But we've only just started seeing one another. I don't really want to burden him with all of this” she muttered, her face creasing a little in pain. The nurse offered her a soft look. “Do you like him?” she questioned. Isla nodded. “He's lovely” she fawned, her cheeks warming a little at the thought of Iker. The nurse noticed the little smile on her face. “You should really contemplate telling him” she mused. She knew it wasn't any of her business, but Isla's boyfriend had every right to know. He was falling in love with a girl and had a right to know that she might not be around much longer.

Isla shifted a little. “I've thought about telling him” she admitted softly. She had thought about it, telling Iker, but there was something stopping her. She was sick of pity, sick of being felt sorry for, and she didn't want Iker to look at her like that. She liked how he looked at her and didn't want to change it. “What's stopping you?” the nurse asked. “He's one of the few people that doesn't look worried every time he sees me. He treats me normally and I worry if I tell him, then he won't anymore. I like what we have” she explained gently. The nurse offered her a soft smile before she moved to remove the wires and tubes that hung out of her. Isla smiled back at her before she laid her head back, catching her breath slightly.

Clutching the bouquet of flowers he had purchased, Iker lifted his eyes, studying the wood of the front door that stood ahead of him. It hadn't been long since he had met Isla, it'd been just over a week, but still he wanted to spend all of his time with her. He'd become smitten with her instantly and was reluctant to miss any chance to spend time with her. Smiling a little, he stepped towards the door and lifted his hand, ringing the bell. “Iker” Ella mused as she looked at the keeper. She had seen him around a lot since he had started seeing Isla, but she was surprised to see him there that day. Isla had just gotten home from the hospital and wasn't in any sort of shape to see anyone. “Is Isla about?” he posed, his hand extending the bouquet a little as a smile lit his face. Ella eyed the flowers slightly before she offered a soft sigh. “She's not feeling well Iker. She's not accepting visitors” she explained as kindly as she could. She knew Isla hadn't told him, it had taken her over a week to get the news out of her, and she felt for keeper. It was clear that he was falling for her friend without any idea of the problems she had.

Iker's face fell a little. He'd hoped to spend the day with Isla, but it was clear that that wasn't going to happen. Ella was sure to turn him away. “What is the matter with her?” he posed softly. Ella ran a hand back through her hair. She wanted to tell him, to explain what was wrong with Isla, but she knew it wasn't her place. Isla's illness was her business and it was up to her to decided whether or not to tell Iker. “She's just a little under the weather” she lied. Iker offered her a questioning look before he extended the flowers towards her. “Could you give here these for me?” he posed. Ella offered him a pleasant smile before she took the flowers from him. “Tell her I came by and that if she is feeling up to it, my team play this weekend. I'd love for her to come and watch” he explained, a tiny smile pulling at the corner of his lips. Ella admired it for a moment before she nodded, allowing him to step away.

Ella admired the flowers for a moment before she turned back into the house, closing the door behind her. “Who was it?” Isla's voice as a little feeble as it called to her friend. She was curious, the two girls rarely got visitors, and she wanted to know who had come to see them. “Iker” Ella responded. Isla's grey eyes lit up a little. “What did he want?” she posed, shifting to sit up in her bed. Ella rested against the frame of the door. “He wanted to see you of course” Isla's cheeks warmed a little at the thought of him. She was smitten with him and was glad to see he was the same with her. “He left you some flowers, I've set them in the kitchen” Ella explained. Isla nodded her head a little, something which made Ella sigh. “You have to tell him Isla, he deserves to know” she whimpered. She knew it was up to Isla, it was her choice whether or not to tell Iker, but Ella couldn't stand by anymore. The goalie's eyes lit up at the sight of her friend and she knew it was only a matter of time before he uttered the 'l' word. “I want to Ella, I do, but I don't want the way he looks at me to change. For once, no one is pitying me, no one is feeling bad. Iker looks at me like human, not like a disease” she exclaimed, spluttering a little with a cough. “But he will be devastated” Ella returned gently. Isla nodded her head, he would be devastated, he would be broken, but there was nothing she could do. She didn't want the pity she got from everyone else from him, she merely wanted to fall in love.