All That I'll Ever Need

Five: I'm Yours

Isla was nervous.

She had never been to a football match before, especially not one as important as the one Iker had invited her to, but she knew she had to put in an appearance. Iker had been kind enough to invite her and she didn't want to let him down, he'd clearly gone to a lot of trouble to get her a ticket to the team's biggest game. “Miss, do you have a ticket?” the attendant questioned as Isla pulled to a stop outside of the gate Iker had sent her to. Isla offered the balding man a smile before she pulled the ticket out of her satchel, handing it to him. “So you're the girl Senor Casillas is waiting for?” the attendant quipped. Isla quirked an eyebrow. “He was very specific. I was to help a pretty brunette to her seat. The number on your ticket in the number of the seat he gave me” he explained. Isla offered him a soft smile. “He talks about you a lot from what the boys say” the balding man smiled, leading her through into the innards of the stadium. “He does?” Isla posed, her small hands fiddling with the strap of her bag. She was nervous, Iker clearly wanted to show her off, but she wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of meeting new people. She wasn't the most sociable girl and found it difficult to hold conversations with people she didn't know. “Oh yes. Senor Ramos said he called you the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen” The balding man smiled, recalling the conversation he had shared with the defender. Isla's pale cheeks flushed a little. “It makes quite the change. For months he'd been stuck on Sara” the balding man rambled. “Sara?” It wasn't a familiar name, not to Isla at least. The balding man stopped talking. He had been under strict instructions not to mention the goalie's former girlfriend, but he hadn't been able to help it, the word had merely tumbled from his lips before he had a chance to stop himself.

“I...I wasn't supposed to mention her” he muttered. Isla's eyes narrowed a little. “You did though. Who is Sara?” she quipped quickly. The balding man went to speak again but was cut off by Iker and Sergio Ramos bounding down the hall. “Isla, nena, I am so glad you made it” Iker smiled softly. He was surprised, he'd not seen her in a few days, but he was glad she had come to his game. It was the first one he had started in a while and he wanted to show off for her. Isla offered the attendant one last look before she turned to Iker, offering him a gentle smile. “Isla, this is Sergio. Sergio, this is my girlfriend Isla” Iker grinned, his long fingers weaving though Isla's. Sergio offered the petite brunette a gander before he smiled, his large hand extending to take hers. “Iker hasn't shut up about you since you met” Sergio quipped. Isla nodded. “The attendant said the same thing. I hope he has been telling you good things” she smiled. Sergio nodded his head dutifully. “Of course. My friend here is very taken with you” Sergio smiled, his brown eyes sparkling a little as he watched Iker blush. Isla too noted the colour on his cheek and leant up, pressing a hesitant kiss to the stubble coated skin. “You should get to your seat” Iker mused as she lowered herself down once more. Isla nodded her head dutifully before she gripped the front of his shirt, pulling his lips to hers. Iker smiled at the contact before he allowed her to walk away.

“You're a lucky man Casillas” Sergio noted as he too watched Isla walk away. Iker offered him a soft smile and nodded. He was lucky, Isla was amazing and he was lucky he had stumbled across her like he had.

“You played so well” Isla's smile was weak as she wrapped her arms around Iker's neck, holding him close. She had enjoyed the game, Real had been 2-0 winners over Barcelona, but still the word 'Sara' echoed in her head. She had tried to forget it, to ignore her own curiosity, but it was hard. She didn't know who Sara was, but she was clearly important to the man she held close. “Are you alright?” Iker noted gently. He could tell the smile she wore was false, it didn't reach her eyes. “I need to talk to you” she mused. Iker offered her a confused look but nodded, leading her into a small private room that was away from everyone else. “What's on your mind?” he questioned, his lean figure resting against the door. Isla allowed her eyes to travel the room for a moment before she set them on him. “Sara” she mused gently. Iker's dark eyes widened a little. He had been specific, he didn't want anyone telling her about his former girlfriend, but he knew he owed her an explanation now that she knew. “Who told you about her?” he questioned. “The ticket attendant” she mused. Iker offered a little shake of his head before he stepped towards her, his tall frame looming over her more petite body. “I'll tell you about Sara if you tell me why you were at the hospital” he mumbled after a moment of silence. Isla lifted her eyebrow a little. “You never told me why you were there. I will tell you my secret, but only if you tell me yours” he noted. Isla wanted to shake her head, to say that she didn't care, but she was curious. Sara was clearly a sore point for him. “Are you sure that you want to know?” she posed. Iker's face softened a little. “I want to be there for you, whatever it is” he mused.

Isla swallowed softly before she nodded her head. “I am dying Iker” she whispered. Iker's body froze. It wasn't what he was expecting, he had been expecting her to be pregnant or something, but the word 'dying' hung in the air between them, sucking all breath away from the keeper. “” his voice was breathy, shaken, and it made Isla's heart wretch. The sadness and pity that harrowed in his voice was exactly why she had wanted to refrain from telling him. “Kidney failure” she returned just as shakily. The words were familiar to her, she had rehearsed them countless times in her mind, but saying them to Iker made a lump form in her throat, one she hadn't felt in forever. “Is...Is there nothing they can do?” Iker murmured. “I might get a transplant in time, but I am not putting money on it” she explained gently. Iker went to speak again, but stopped himself, not quite knowing what to say to her.

“Do you want me to leave?” Iker lifted his head a little. “I understand if you no longer want to see me, I won't hold it against you” Isla murmured, tears filling her eyes a little. Iker couldn't fathom the words coming out of her mouth. He wasn't going to leave her, not when she needed him most. “I am not going anywhere Isla” he mused, his dark eyes hardening at the idea that he could leave. She needed him and he wasn't about to leave her in the lurch. Isla lifted her grey eyes a little, tears stinging a little. “You're not?” she whispered. Iker smiled at her gently and shook his head, his long arms curling around her. “I'm yours Isla. I'm going nowhere” he whispered, his chin resting atop her head. Isla gripped at his shirt a little before she pulled his lips to hers, kissing him with all of the passion she could muster.
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