All That I'll Ever Need

Six: Coming To Terms

Iker was struggling to come to terms with Isla's admission.

He didn't know what to say to her, how to act around her, but he knew he had to stay. Isla needed someone and in his mind, it was only fitting that it was him. He was her boyfriend after all and it was his duty to take care of her, even if he wasn't quite sure how to, he was going to give it his best shot. “You don't need to look so sad all of the time” Isla murmured from her spot at his side. They'd headed back to his home after the game and had settled on his couch, some movie playing aimlessly ahead of them. “I don't mean to. It's just...” he trailed off. Isla sat up a little and shook her head. “This is why I didn’t want to tell you” she huffed, her figure pushing away from the couch. She hated it, the horribly sad look that filled his eyes, and she already regretted telling him. She got enough pity from everyone else, she hadn't wanted it from him as well. “Isla” Iker murmured. “No, I am sick of people staring at me like I am helpless. I am more than my illness Iker and I thought you saw that” she spat, her hands seizing her bag from the side. Iker reached up a little and stopped her, his long fingers weaving through hers as he pulled her back to him. Isla fought against him a little but melted as he pressed a kiss to her skin.

“I do see past it” he murmured, his lips moving up towards her shoulder “It is just a little hard for me to comprehend the idea that I may lose you so soon” he mused. Isla shifted a little and sat herself back down between his legs. “It's hard for me too, but this is precisely why I didn't want to say anything. The way you look at me has changed” she whispered, her grey eyes searching his brown ones. Iker lifted his hand a little and cupped her cheek, his large thumb wiping away the tears that were spilling from her eyes. “I still see the same pretty girl I ran into in the car park, I just worry. I am so in love already, I don't know how I will cope if no donor is found” he muttered. It was quick, too quick to let the 'l' word go, but he couldn't help it. It was how he felt about her and he was certain of it. “You love me?” Isla giggled. Iker nodded his head. “I think I have since I saw your smile for the very first time” he returned softly. Isla leant up a little and pressed her lips to his, smiling at the tiny spark of electricity that flickered between them. Iker smiled at the contact too before he lifted his hand, pushing it back through her dark hair.

“I don't want thing to change between us Iker” Isla murmured as he moved his lips to the side of her neck. She was happy, the way they were was perfect, and she didn't want it to change, regardless of her illness, she merely wanted to be with him. Iker hummed in agreement, his large hand pushing her shirt away from her shoulder. “Promise me Iker” she muttered. Iker lifted his head from her shoulder and nodded, offering his most earnest smile. “I promise nena, nothing will change” he vowed. Isla smiled at him once more before she reattached their lips, kissing him softly.

Staring down at the girl who slept beside him, Iker sighed a little. He knew there was nothing he could do, he couldn't fix her, but still he wished there was, he already loved Isla and would have done anything to help her. “You need to stop thinking about it” Isla murmured, her nose wrinkling a little. “How could you tell I was?” Iker returned. “You were staring Iker, just like earlier” she muttered, her grey eyes flickering open. Iker swallowed a little. “It's only an issue if you keep focussing on it” she mumbled. “And what else am I supposed to focus on Isla? My girlfriend had just told me that she is dying. I am sorry for being a little upset about it” he countered, his voice dark and angry. He wasn't mad at her, she had ever right to ask him to stop worrying, he was merely angry at their situation. He was so in love with her already, but unless a donor came forwards, he was sure to lose her so soon after finding her. Isla shifted a little in her seat. “I am sorry for yelling” he muttered “I just can't get a grasp on this” he added gently. Isla shook her head. It wasn't easy to digest and she should have seen that, he wasn't her, he wasn't used to it. “It's alright. I should have better understood why you are so upset” she muttered.

Silence lingered for a moment before Iker turned his head, kissing Isla's cheek softly. “I want to be with you, donor or not, I want to be there” he mused. He knew it was rash, that he had made the decision all too quickly, but he knew it was what he wanted. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with her. “I cannot ask that of you Iker” Isla mused, her head shaking a little. “You are not asking Isla. I am offering. I want to be with you, regardless” he mused. Isla went to say no, she didn't want to put him through it, but Iker's soft kiss stopped her, melting her resolve. “I want you Isla, and everything that you come with. I am in love with you, illness and all” he mused. Isla's face lit up. She couldn't believe that he still wanted her, no one really wanted her anymore. “Thank you Iker” she whispered, her forehead pressed to his. “No thanks are necessary” he muttered in return. He didn't care what was wrong, he didn't care if he was only going to get hurt, he wanted her and he wasn't going to let her slip through his fingers. Six months was better than no time at all.