All That I'll Ever Need

Seven: Bucket List

“I want to write a list” Isla mused as she stretched her legs out a little, her grey eyes peeking up at Iker. The pair were still sat in Iker's bed and had little intention of moving, they were content in their little world. “A list of what?” Iker murmured, his lips brushing the back of her neck gently. “A list of things I want to do before I...” Isla's voice trailed away. She knew it was likely, it was the most likely end to her story, but still she didn't want to say the word, not again. “You could get a donor Isla” Iker mumbled, his lean fingers brushing her bare skin. “I know, but I don't want to put all my eggs in that basket. I want to be able to look back on my life and say that it was good” she explained gently. Iker nodded his head softly. “What exactly would be on this list?” he posed. Isla let out of the bed a little and collected her notepad from her bag, flipping it open to a blanket page. “I've never been to a Michelin star restaurant” she quipped. Iker smiled softly and took the pad from her, scrawling a note across the first line. “I've never been to Paris” she continued. Iker nodded his head, his hand writing the words as she said them. “I've never skinny dipped” she mused. Iker paused, his eyebrow quirked. “What?” she giggled. “You want to go swimming, naked?” he posed. Isla nodded her head. She knew it wasn't a normal want, but it was just something she had a desire to do. She wanted to enjoy her time.

“Skinny dipping goes on the list, what else?” he posed. Isla thought for a moment before she sighed. She wanted to have a family, get married, but she knew that that wasn't going to happen. Iker was still a stranger to her really. “Isla?” Iker questioned as he set the book down onto the table at the bedside. “It's nothing Iker” she muttered. “It's clearly something, you went from giggly to sad in a blink of an eye. What is it?” he questioned gently. Isla looked at him softly before she shook her head. She couldn't ask it of him, not after three weeks, it was too insane. “Isla, whatever it is, just say it” he mumbled, his hand once more brushing the bare skin of her shoulders. Isla shivered a little beneath his touch before she turned to him, her grey eyes searching his brown ones. “I'm never going to have a family Iker” she whispered, tears filling her eyes. Iker swallowed. “I'm never going to get married, have a baby, I’m never going to get my happily ever after” her voice was shaky, breathy, and it hurt Iker. He wanted the same things as she did and knew it wasn't going to happen. Isla didn't have enough time left. “I'm going to take a shower” she muttered, her figure pushing away from him. Iker wanted to stop her, but refrained. There was nothing he could say to make it right and didn't want to make things worse by saying something wrong.

“Iker?” Isla mumbled as she moved out of his room, her petite frame wrapped in one of his button down shirts. She had wanted to put on fresh clothes, but thanks to Ella being away and her not having been home, she didn't have any so instead she had opted to wear the shirt. “In here” Iker called. Isla cocked an eyebrow a little before she moved to follow his voice, stepping into the indoor pool room. “What are you doing in here?” she questioned as she watched him. He was sat on the edge of the pool, his large feet hanging in the water, and it made Isla a little curious. In the time she had known Iker, she didn't think she had once seen him swim. “I thought we could take a swim” he posed, his dark eyes fixed on his feet. “I'd love too, but I don't have a costume” Isla returned. Iker pushed himself up and moved to stand in front of her, his dark eyes staring into hers. “We're not going to need them” he murmured. It was only then that Isla noted the fluffy white bathrobe he wore. “You mean...?” she trailed off as a little smirk lit her face. Iker nodded his head gently. “You said you'd never done it before and I thought that we could give it a go” he mused, his hand playing with the belt of the bathrobe.

Isla swallowed a little before she moved her hands over his, untying the knot he had tied around his waist. Iker shifted a little, but allowed her to push the robe of his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor behind him. Isla studied him for a moment, awed by his figure. She had seen it before, but in the light of day, she was sure he looked even better. Iker offered a little nonchalant smirk before he lifted his hand, progressing to undo the buttons on the shirt she wore. Isla wanted to stop him, to tease him a little, but she decided against it. Iker let out a little laugh before he pulled the shirt from her figure, leaving her standing in nothing but her underwear, “You're so perfect” he murmured bashfully. Isla's pale skin blushed a little. Iker shifted his hands once more and moved to unclasp her bra, slipping it delicately from her shoulders. Isla shivered a little as the cold air touched her skin. “Are you sure that you want to swim like that?” Iker quipped, his hands settling on her waist. Isla swallowed a little and nodded, slipping off her underwear. Iker's eyes darkened a little at the sight of her revealed skin, he wanted it, but he knew he had to refrain, it wasn't about him or his desires, it was about Isla.

Isla noted the dark look in his eyes and smirked. “You really need to get a grip” she teased, her dainty finger poking his chest a little. “I can't. You're too beautiful” he mumbled. Isla shook her head a little before she took a few paces towards him, something which made him take a few paces backwards. “You weren't this nervous last night” she teased. Iker shifted a little more before he felt the water against his heels. Isla smirked a little at the panicked look on his face. Carefully, she lifted her hand and placed it against his shoulder, giving him a strong enough shove that he fell back, his large body smacking the water. “What the hell?” Iker spluttered as he came back up. “You said you wanted to go swimming” she teased, trying to stifle her laughter. Iker offered her a little glare before he leant up, grabbing her hand. “Don't you dare” Isla warned, but Iker merely offered her a smirk, his weight shifting hers with ease. Isla let out a squeal before she resurfaced, her grey eyes glaring at Iker who was laughing.

“I hate you” she pouted, her hands swatting her dark hair away from her face. Iker shook his head and swam towards her, his long arms wrapping around her. “You don't hate me. You love me” he mumbled. Isla nodded. She hadn't said the words to him, but it was exactly what she felt. She was in love with him, truly, madly, deeply. “I had a crazy thought when you were showering” Iker mumbled. “Crazier than skinny dipping in the middle of the day?” she poked. Iker swallowed a little. It was crazy, ridiculous, but he knew he had to ask. He was sure she was it for him. “Isla, I want to marry you” he mumbled. Isla shifted a little before she pulled herself out of his arms. “You don't mean that” she spluttered. “I do” Iker returned, his voice calmer than before. Isla shook her head. She knew he meant well, he clearly wanted to make her feel better, but she knew he didn't really want to marry her. How could he want to marry the dying girl he'd met only 21 days previous? “You don't, you're merely trying to make me feel better” Isla spluttered as she moved to swim away from him.

“I am not” Iker mused as he swam after her. “Iker, you've known me for three weeks, how can you possibly want to marry me?” Isla muttered. “I don't know, but I know that I do. Isla, I have never ever felt this way before and I know you want it too. Why don't we just go for it?” he questioned. Isla shook her head once more. “It's too crazy Iker, I can't let you do it” she mumbled. “You're not letting me do anything. I am proposing to you” he mused. Isla wanted to say no, to tell him that it was too risky, too early, but she knew he was right. She did want it, even if it was all of those things. She wasn't going to get another chance. “Is it too risky?” she posed, her voice shy and curious. Iker looked at her gently and shook his head. “It's not a risk at all. I want you to be my wife” he whispered. Isla looked over his face once more before she offered a subdued nod, something which made Iker grin.
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