All That I'll Ever Need

Nine: Through Sickness and In Health

“You really don't have to come” Isla murmured. She had another appointment at the hospital and she didn't want Iker to come, no matter how much she adored him, she didn't want him to see her like that. “I think I do” Iker mused. He knew why Isla was telling him not to go, but he wanted to be with her. Dialysis was an awful process and he wanted to help her through it, she was his wife now and it was his duty to stand by her, in sickness and in health. “Iker, you really don't. It's a horrible thing and the last thing I want is for you to see me like that” she muttered, her hand moved frustratedly through her dark hair. “I want to be there for you nena” he whispered gently, his long fingers trailing down her cheek. Isla shifted against his touch a little. She wanted to tell him no, to turn him away once more, but she knew he would make it better. She had gone alone before and it was the worst thing in the world. Having Iker there was sure to make it a little better. “I really don't want you to see me hooked up to those machines Iker. It isn't a pretty sight” she protested, but Iker merely shifted his fingers, brushing her pale skin a little. “I don't care. You're my wife Isla and I want to be there for you” he mumbled. Isla scanned his eyes a little before she sighed, accepting his offer of company. Iker offered her a soft smile before he climbed to his feet, taking his jacket from the rack beside the door.

“Miss Murray” The nurse mused as she led Isla into her room. Isla shook her head a little. “It's Mrs Casillas now Heidi” she mused, her hand extending a little to show the rings that Iker had purchased for her. She'd told him not to, being his wife was enough for her, but Iker had been insistent. He wanted his mark on her. “You got married?” Heidi quipped, her hands helping Isla into the bed. “Indeed I did. It wasn't exactly part of the plan, but I am very happy. I have a lovely husband” she smiled. Heidi smiled at her gently before she moved to hook Isla up to the machine. “Casillas” the nurse quipped, placing the needles into Isla's fair skin. Isla grunted a little in pain but nodded. “As in the Spain keeper?” Heidi questioned. Isla swallowed a little, trying to stave off the tears, but nodded. “We actually met here” she murmured. Heidi spared her an apologetic look. She felt bad for the brunette, she was still so young, but at least she had found Iker. He seemed to be a ray of sunshine in Isla's rather bleak outlook. “You're a lucky girl, having a man like him, from what the magazines say, he's very nice” Heidi smiled softly as she stepped away, her hand switching on the machine that sat at Isla's side. Isla let out another pained sound but nodded her head, smiling at the though of Iker. She was lucky to have him, more than lucky perhaps, and she wouldn't have traded him for anything.

“Who are you lucky to have?” Iker's curious voice mused as he stopped in the door way. It hurt, seeing Isla so pale and so vulnerable, but he knew he had to suck it up. She needed him. “You” Heidi smiled. Iker looked at the nurse for a second before he smiled, his cheeks blushing a little bashfully. “I'm Iker” he mused, his large hand extending towards the nurse. Heidi smiled and shook his hand gently. “I'm Heidi, I’m your wife's nurse” she mused before the sound of her pager echoed. “I have to go and check on another patient. Are you alright here Isla?” Heidi questioned. Isla offered the nurse a smile. “I'll keep an eye on her” Iker mused as he watched the nervous look fill the nurse's eyes. Heidi offered him an appreciative glance before she left the room, leaving Iker alone with his wife. “She seems nice” he mumbled as he moved to fill the seat that sat at Isla's side. “She's lovely, if it wasn't for my illness, I am sure we'd be good friends”she mused. Iker offered her a soft look before he carefully took her hand, his lean fingers brushing over what little pale skin remained.

“I told you that you didn't have to come Iker” Isla murmured as she watched the pained look fill his eyes. “I know you did, but I wanted to be here for you. I am sure you'd do the same for me” he explained softly. He knew it wasn't necessary, that Isla would have been fine without him sat at her side, but he wanted to look after her. She was his wife and he felt as if it was his job to protect her. “But this is horrid” Isla complained, her body shifting a little. “It is, but I don't care. I want to support you Isla, that's what I signed on for. Through sickness and in health” he mused, quoting the vows that they had said less than a month previous. Isla sighed a little. “I am not going to leave Isla, no matter how much you pout. I am in this for the long hall and I want to be present at every appointment” he explained. Isla tilted her head a little, letting a small 'why' escape her lips. “Because I love you, that's why” Iker noted sternly. Isla went to retort, but stopped herself, not wanting to fight. “I love you too Iker, and that is why I don't want you here. I don't want you to get upset by seeing me like this” she whispered. Iker ran his thumb across the back of her hand before he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You're still perfect to me Isla, regardless of this, you are still mi bella esposa” he murmured. Isla's grey eyes searched his for a moment before she leant up, pressing a feeble kiss to his lips. “I am lucky” she mumbled “Too lucky” she smiled
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