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The Alpha and His Rogue

Growing up without family isn’t easy for anyone - but growing up with people and the person who saved you, made it less difficult.

It’s been ten years since Sophie ran away from Dark-moor pack, she’s grown up and now lives as a rogue far away from her old non-existent pack - Five years ago she watched from the side-lines with some of the rogues she lived with as the Dark-Moor Pack got wiped out by hunters, there weren't many to kill, only 100 werewolves as the pack wasn't that big and strong. Sophie felt nothing while watching the pack her family was from get wiped off the earth one by one.

She gained her wolf and a brother, who’s now also her guardian as they travel around the three states helping Steven every now and then since it has become quite rare of werewolves being removed from their packs - five or six a year, maybe even below - which felt nice for them three to get away once in a while from the little town they lived in to a new place for business.

As Sophie turns 16, Steven gives her and her brother/ guardian permission to leave and enjoy life while they find their mates, not that they need their mates and not that they needed permission, but they knew that they would not leave if he didn't mentioned it.

Steven knew it was time to let them go - rogue life wasn’t for them anymore, they never deserved it. Steven taught them everything he knew about fighting, defending, how to be just as strong in human form and in wolf form. Also knowing that both of them despised packs and the life of being in a pack, so in-case anything big happened to them while they stayed here - he taught about which lands belonged to who and which lands and cities rogues can stay in without any packs knowing that there are rogues, good or bad, near their territory. Also mentioning a few hideouts in most of the pack free cities that he owned there which included - apartments, mansions and summer homes.
  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1
    The first three (including the previous one) will be casted as "introductory" chapters as it flashbacks back in time before the main character of the story ran away from the pack.