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The Alpha and His Rogue


Waking up to darkness and noise downstairs, Sophie sat up in her bed, confused, and looked into darkness waiting for something or rather someone pounce on her from the dark. She slightly flinched as her bedroom door opened, revealing an outline of a person - a woman - who rushed to Sophie side.

“Mommy, what’s going on?” Sophie asked quietly

“Hunters” the woman paused, grabbing a shirt and pants for Sophie “Get dressed quick”

Fear erupted within Sophie as she grabbed the clothes from her mother and got dressed. Quickly pulling up her pants, she reached for the shirt, but froze as she heard a loud growl coming from downstairs, she knew it was her father - trying to protect his only daughter and his mate from danger. Her mother pulled the shirt onto Sophie and guided her towards the window - the only source of light came from the moon through the window - her mother quickly opened the window and spoke,

“Quick jump - out the window”

“It’s too high mommy” Sophie looked up at her

“You’ll be fine” the woman spoke and quickly looked back the the door where shouts were coming from







The shouts ended and groans and growls began the echo throughout the house - it scared sophie even more. Why would they want her mother? What does her father owe the human that had become precious to him?

“Quick go!” whispered the woman “They’re coming!”

Sophie kissed her mother on the cheek - sensing something bad will happen next, and jumped out the window, just as footsteps were heard running up the stairs and a howl of a dying wolf’s mate, however it was her mother screaming the name of her father.

Sophie landed on the ground with a soft thud, she looked back up, seeing the window - Sophie ran toward the woods and into darkness, dodging the trees she ran quickly towards where the pack house was located. Ignoring the tears in her eyes she continued to run as the light from the moon guided her through the woods, she continued to run until she saw one of the packs groups doing rounds to check if there were no rouges or anything else crossing their land - the wolves stopped, one of the them running behind a tree and shifting into their human form. The man emerged from behind the tree wearing shorts, he spoke

“Sophie, what are you doing here in the woods alone?”

She ran up to him and hugged him, letting her tears flow she sobbed into him

“Mother, father, hunters” she spoke between each sob which cause the wolves to growl and a growl erupting from the man chest

The man stayed quiet, his facial expression showed anger and hatred while he mind-linked his alpha about what he had just heard from Sophie. Nodding he spoke

“We must go to the Carter household now and meet the alpha there!” he gave out an order to the wolves, then spoke in a soft tone to the girl he’s embracing “Sophie, once I turn you get on my back and hold on tight”

The man turned into big a dark brown wolf, his dark eyes looking at her while he lowered himself down to the ground to let her get on his back. Once she was on - the wolves raced towards the direction she has come from. Once again - fear erupted within her, thinking of the worst tears trailed down her cheeks as they continued to run forwards. Soon they reached the edge of the woods, alpha already waiting - Sophie looked up from the wolf’s fur, a gas escaped her mouth as she saw her home had been taken over by fire, each window had been broken and flames were coming out of them, Sophie let out a scream filled with agony while surrounded by silence of the pack members looking at the house burning down.

“MOTHER! FATHER! NO!” She screamed out and burried her face into the fur and cried out in pain

Slowly everyone’s eyes shifted from the burning house to the girl crying over her parents death and losing her home. The man, in his mid-twenties, turned towards the wolf that carried the girl and spoke

“Tate, take her to the pack house and ask my mother to calm her down” He paused “everyone else - hunters have done this and there's nothing we can about apart from calling the fire fighters and look for her parents remains if they were in there”

Everyone nodded, in human and wolf form, and he returned back into the woods. Tate, wolf carrying Sophie, turned around and trotted deeper into woods in the direction of pack house. Sophie held on the fur while crying, she didn’t know what she will have to do without her parents - she wanted them back which resulted her into crying even more. Soon they approached the pack house and alpha’s mother was standing outside waiting for them. She rushed up to them and lifted Sophie off of Tate while he ran into the woods to shift.

“My sweetheart, I’m so sorry” muttered the woman as she hugged Sophie

Tate came from the shadows dressed “We should go inside - she must be freezing”

The woman handed Sophie to Tate and she seemed to relax a little in Tates arms, he felt it and sensed that she trusts him, he pulled her closer to him once the realised how cold she actually was and rushed inside right behind the alpha’s mother.

“I’ll make some tea and oatmeal for her to eat” said the lady “take her to the living room, I’ve got some blankets on the couch for her”

He did as the lady instructed and walked to the living room, he put her down on the couch and pulled two blankets over her, she sat up and looked into his eyes; she could see the pity and sadness into his eyes

“What will happen now?” she whispered

“Firstly you will eat and get some sleep, then we will find you someone who will look after you” He answered as he sat next to her

She immediately hugged him from his side, letting few tears fall and said “I don’t want anyone - I want my mother and father”

“I know, I know” He muttered as he hugged her back and sighed

The lady walked in with a tray that had two tea cups and a bowl full of oatmeal, she carefully placed it onto the coffee table and passed one of the cups full of tea to Tate, who mouthed a thank you to her, then she took the bowl and placed it in front of Sophie. Sophie looked at the oatmeal that has filled the bowl just as her stomach had growled.

“Eat sweetheart” said the lady as she passed the spoon towards her, Sophie hesitated but slowly reached for the spoon and put it into the bowl. She slightly smiled at the lady and started to eat, while Tate and the lady drank their tea.

“It must be terrible for her, to go through that” whispered the lady

“The pain showed in her eyes and body language says it all” said Tate, both of the adults glance at Sophie who was quietly and slowly eating her food, tear stains on her face and few tears still sliding down her cheeks.

The sound of the front door opening got Sophie’s attention, hoping it would be her mother or father walking through to get her. Instead the Alpha walked through the doorway of the living room which caused Sophie to hang her head low in disappointment and turn towards her food once again.

“Tate” said the alpha “what exactly happened”

“Well, we were doing our turn on rounds when we ran into her in the woods, she was running towards the house but she stopped once she saw us. when i saw her trying to control herself, i sensed something was wrong so I shifted and asked what was up and then she said - mother, father hunters - then I mind-linked you, that's all”

Alpha stayed silent - taking in the information, then he spoke “Do you think she will say anything?”

“Of course not! It’s too traumatic for her to talk about it!” argued the lady “She barely made it out of there and you think she will straight up say it to you, Callum?”

“Sorry mother, I didn’t look at it that way”

“What she means is, she needs time, she’s still in shock if you didn’t sense it” spoke a new voice

Callum looked at his father who had just walked in “What do you mean?”

“Can’t you see it? Flinching every time someone talks? Staying silent as a mouse? The slowness in her movements also show that she’s on the edge. Additionally she only looks at one place which is nothing and not looking around or at anyone” He said as he glanced at her

The man sensed her feelings - understanding what she has gone through and knows she will need help to get through it, especially at such a young age. “But for now she needs rest and someone to be with her for the next few days while it sinks in”

The adults eyes slowly turned towards Tate, who had the girl’s head on her lap as she was dozing off to sleep. He looked down at the girl, he smiled slightly knowing he had earned her trust, which won’t be lost - while she is with him, he will protect her with everything in him and no matter what.
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