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The Alpha and His Rogue

Chapter 1

The girl stared into space while she was getting dressed in a black dress, with the help of Tate who has taken her in for these past two weeks - He felt the need to protect her and look after her, but she felt like nothing but a burden to him. The girl hasn’t talked since two weeks ago when she spoke to Tate in the pack house’s living room, she is only trusting him - when left alone with someone else she would look around or just sit in the corner of the room, furthest away from the person, once Tate would return she would run to him and hug his leg.

“C'mon sweetie” She felt Tate take her hand and lead her out of the room she has been staying in with Tate

The pack house was extremely quiet - everyone had a arrived and stayed in silence, waiting for the upset orphan who had lost their parents. She lightly stepped down the stairs while holding onto the man’s hand to keep herself up. She was breaking inside, with each passing day she hoped that her parents would walk through the door and take her home, with every passing night she would have nightmares about the horrific night - the shouting, the growls, the howl and most of all, the flames that had taken over her house - the nightmare kept repeating every time she tried going sleep, flashes of her mother’s face that had filled with sadness and realisation of what will happen next would be heartbreaking for all of them - Especially for her child.

Pack members followed her and the man through the door and got into their cars to drive to the graveyard where the burial of her parents remains. The man carefully placed her in the car chair and strapped her in

“Be strong sweetie, it’s going to be okay” said the man as he wiped off a stray tear from the girls cheek

In response the girl nodded and let a few more stray tears fall down her cheeks which got stopped by the man’s hand. He kissed her forehead before closing the car door, before he walked around to the other side of the car and seated himself in the drivers seat. Soon the car slowly started to move out of its place, following behind the cars in front who were also heading to the funeral. The girl kept staring at her hands, the only thing that’s kept her from crying - she felt if she looked up through the car window she will tear up and her broken heart would break all over again.

“You know you will have to talk someday, if you ever do then come to me alright?” said the man to her while paying his attention to the road

“It-it’s just so hard” whispered the girl loud enough for him to hear, she felt the cracking in her voice which caused her to let out a sob

They arrived at the graveyard, the man took out the car keys out the ignition as the climbed out of the car and approached the passenger side, he opened the door and reached out for her to give a hug. She wrapped her small arms around the man and put her head in the crook of his neck, he rubbed circles in her back to soothe her - he knew it would calm her down after doing that almost every night she woke up crying from her nightmares. He undid her seatbelt that had held her down in the car and lifted her out of the car, her grip on him tightened when she felt his arms holding her up so she wouldn't fall and hit the ground.

As the funeral progressed, everyone hung their heads low except for the Alpha, Tate and the girl who has been holding onto Tate harder than before while crying in his shoulder. He and the girl herself knew she wasn't strong enough to face the coffins of where her parents lie - motionless and lifeless - with any sense of colour drained from their skin. It was too much for her to take in to know it had become reality, she had no one, her parents fought till their last breath against hunters to protect her, her father fought for his mate because a hunter wanted her which only meant one thing - to leave the man alive and torture his mate which would result into the man slowly dying along with his mate.

“Is she alright?” questioned the Alpha

“Of course she’s not, it’s her parents funeral and isn’t even strong enough to face the coffins!” whispered Tate angrily back

These past few weeks Tate has been worried about her, wondering what’s going on inside her little head and he decided until he figures it out he will be protecting her with all his has got while being the Beta of the pack. Tate knew how it felt to lose one parent and sensed that it was ten times worse for her to lose both of her parents at such young age - he knew what she needed and it was him to be there for her. The girl had lightly fallen asleep in Tates arms as the funeral was nearing it’s end, Tate slowly walked forward to put a handful of soil into each of the girl’s parents graves since the girl was sleeping. He slowly turned around, nodded at everyone in appreciation for attending the funeral of this innocent couple who had messed with the wrong human - he held onto the girl as he walked back to his dark car while the window around slightly picked up

“Look after my child” he heard a woman’s voice whisper as the wind passed him, he stopped and looked around him, seeing as no one was near him and no more wind. Goosebumps covered the skin that was revealed to the air, he re-started walking, but in a quicker pace while he reached his car and carefully placed the girl in the car chair, trying not to wake her up. After buckling her up he closed the car door and faced the air as he turned around

“I promise I will look after her” he whispered into the air as he closed his eyes, feeling presence near him and something cool touching his cheek, his eyes snapped opened to only see no one in front of him - he knew what it was, the ghost of her mother.

* * *

“Alright everyone! follow my lead!” exclaimed Tate as he started to punch the air while others copied him.

The girl watched from the side quietly, not speaking to anyone but Tate whenever he told her something, she had the urge to join in and copy him for fun but she knew that this training is serious which she is too young for it, however whenever Tate isn’t around she practices some of the moves he shows in training. She stood up and slowly walked closer and sat down in the grass, her movement made Tate stop what he was doing and watch where she was going to go as she has tried to run away once, the packs members who were training felt sorry for their Beta who had to balance caring for a little girl and doing pack duties at the same time. Some had offered help but he would answer with a ‘No thank you’

The girl felt she was dead weight to him, she did not like it, not one bit. Trying to run away once has gotten her back to phase one of when she first met him, tears filled her eyes as she remembered the horrific night of when her life fell apart. It was too hard for her to let them go and move on. Her head snapped up from looking at the ground and facing the direction her name was called from

“Sophie, let’s head back” said Tate in a kind tone

She nodded and got up from the grass, she held onto Tate’s hand as they passed pack members through the house, their eyes stayed on the girl longer than she would like which would make her feel uncomfortable however none of them seem to notice.

As night slowly approached, both Tate and the girl were getting ready for bed, Tate was putting the girls hair up when she spoke

“Thank you” she said

“What for?”

“For looking after me even though you’re busy enough”

“You’re welcome. Plus I kind of put this on myself since you only trusted me” This made the girl feel guilty, that he has put off almost half of his work to look after her, she was the fault at him being late for training. She was the fault of him restraining himself from his usual activities just to look after her.

“You will make a fantastic daddy in the future” she said as she faced him after he had finished putting her hair in a ponytail. Tate's heart warmed at her words, knowing that he will have to explain this to his future mate, hoping she would understand that the girl means a lot to him and that he promised her mother, her ghost, that he will look after her.

As the clock gradually reached midnight, the girl opened her eyes and slowly slid out of the bed, making sure the man doesn't wake up from any of her movements. She quickly put on her clothes over her pyjamas, knowing it was cooler than usual outside. Once she finished she then grabbed her backpack that contained some food and clothes, she froze halfway out the bedroom door as she heard the man groan and stir in the bed. She stood still till the man was lightly snoring once again, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, she took one last look at the bedroom she had been staying in - out of the blue she thought of writing a note to him as a farewell, tip-toeing over to a desk she took a pen and wrote in bold letters

“Thank you and I am sorry”

Leaving the paper on the nightstand next to the man, she lightly and slowly walked out the bedroom door - knowing this will be her last time here, as she reached the door that would lead her outside - movement was heard from upstairs, in panic the girl quickly opened the front door and jumped outside in fear of getting caught. After quietly closing the front door she ran off into the forest, the darkness scared her quite a bit - she maneuvered quickly past the trees in the forest, knowing that if she didn’t move quick enough the people doing rounds through the land will smell her scent, like her mother used to do it when they played hide ‘n’ seek, and get her back to the pack house where she would get lectured by the alpha.

Hearing the huffs of the werewolves, the girl stopped and hid away from them, before they could smell her, up in the nearest tree. She watched them closely as they ran past her without stopping, making sure they were far enough away for them not to hear her jump on the ground from the branch, she quickly got back into the pace she was before - zig zagging trees while her dark green backpack bounced against her back. She knew she was close to the border, but also knew she had to slow down and take a small break, drinking a big chunk of her water she regained her breathing to steady. The girl was about to sit on the ground and look inside her backpack to check if she will have enough food and water but she was stopped when she heard a howl of a wolf, she could guess who the wolf was but she knew, she knew it was him - Tate - howling in pain, confusion and betrayal

“He’s awake! Must move quickly” The girl muttered to herself as she threw her bottle into her backpack, swung it over her shoulder and ran - she ran in fear like the night of she wishes not to think of - knowing if she doesn’t get to border now she will get caught by the pack patrol - with tears in her eyes she reached the border, she stopped while looking around

“This is it, I have to do it now” she said to herself

Taking in a deep breath, she lifted up her left foot and stepped over the border, dry leaves cracked under her foot, she opened her eyes and ran towards the treeline in front of her, also on the other side of the border. She was embraced by darkness of the woods once again as she jogged forwards and away from the pack that held her nightmare. Soon realisation hit her, like a bucket of cold water, she was in unclaimed land that contained monsters, monsters that would kill anything that they want, fear erupted within her as she slowed down after sensing someone was following her. She turned around and came face-to-face with a dirty midnight black wolf with golden eyes. The wolf bowed it’s head down, showing her that they mean no harm to her. With a sigh of relief the girl hesitantly approached the wolf, and patted it on its head, showing appreciation and friendliness towards this stranger - She knew she had to make her own decisions, she had no mother or father, no siblings for that matter.

“Can I get on your back?” She quietly asked, looking into the wolf’s eyes

Soon the wolf lowered itself to the ground, allowing Sophie to get on, she gripped onto the wolf’s fur as it stood up and moved back towards the direction it had come from and away from the Dark-Moor Pack border. Soon the wolf started to pick up it’s pace, to prevent it’s scent from being tracked. Additionally the wind started to pick up it’s speed, a storm was approaching and fast, Sophie held on tighter to the fur as the wolf started quickly sprinting forwards to the soon-to-be the girl’s new home.
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