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Rainbow Pride

Chapter 9

The day after I went to Kaden’s house was the day that I accepted things for what they were, my mum was never going to come round, and I guess in a way that was also the day that I could truly focus on me. If I allowed my mums opinion of me to over run my mind, then I was letting her control me more than I should, and I knew that it was going to end up ruining what I had with Kaden.

I decided that I would just give my mum all the time she needed, but that I wouldn’t deny who I was or how I felt towards men… towards the one guy that meant everything to me. It only takes something small to give your life meaning, but that something for me was Kaden or the way he made me feel, and that made his presence in my life all that much more important to me.

I felt a huge weight lift that day, something in my chest seemed to loosen, and I could breath again. I knew that it wasn’t going to be as easy as just giving my mum time, but it was a start and that was something I needed to establish before I could move on, or at least carry on with my life.

Spending time in my room was still going to be in the books when I was home, but I couldn’t be scared of seeing her anymore, of wondering whether she hated me and letting my mind wander to far more darker thoughts. Depression was something I had always suffered from, even before I was outed and it was something I struggled to control unknown to my family and Kaden.

It was about a week after that day that the next lot of drama started, I was concentrating on a sketch that I had been working on when the shouting started, and I put my stuff on the bed, heading downstairs to the kitchen.

“The boy doesn’t know what he is, but I know my son and my son is not gay,” My mum shouted as my dad rolled his eyes, “How can you be so calm about finding out that your son is like that?”

“I’m calm because he is still our son, he is still the mature young man that we brought up, and that will never change. He’s just gay, he’s not a drug addict or a murderer, he just prefers having relationships with blokes, why are you making such a big deal out of it?”

“This is a big deal, what will our families say when they find out that Landon is a homo?”

“Mine will be more shocked about your homophobia than Landon’s sexual orientation,” My dad snapped looking over at me, “Landon?”

I watched as my mum turned towards me, and the hatred in her eyes was overwhelming, causing me to flinch. I glanced over at my dad, who moved to stand beside me, and glared over at my mum as he put his hand on my shoulder comfortingly.
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