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Rainbow Pride

Chapter 11

Christmas has always been an exciting time for me and my family, but I knew that this year would be a disaster, or at least that’s what I thought until Kaden invited me over to spend Christmas with him and his family. I spent Christmas Eve with my dad like always, watching movies and wrapping the presents we had picked up.

Christmas morning was tense, I opened the presents that my dad had bought me, and then headed over to Kaden’s house. As soon as I arrived, Kaden pulled me into his arms, and kissed me quickly on the lips before his parents could see. Taking my hand he lead me to the living room, where his parents were sat with the other members of his family.

“Landon, we’re so glad you could make it,” Kaden’s mum Sherri said hugging me before his dad Dan shook my hand, “Everyone, this is Kaden’s boyfriend Landon.”

I looked over at Kaden in shock, but immediately relaxed when I was met with his dopey grin, and couldn’t hold back the smile that I flashed him in return. I handed the bag of gifts I was still holding to Sherri, who placed them under the tree with the others, and then followed Kaden into the kitchen.

“When did you tell them?” I asked taking the can of coke that he offered me.

“Last night… we were sat at the dinner table, and I was watching my parents laughing with each other, and it got me thinking about us,” Kaden explained, “I don’t want to hide our relationship, I want to be open and honest with my family for us… for you.”

“You told them about us for me?” I added with a small smile but I couldn’t help the guilt I felt.

“Partly, but I did it for myself as well and I don’t regret doing it. I have an amazing boyfriend, and I want to be able to show him off… spend the holidays with him.”

“What about kiss him under the mistletoe?” I inquired motioning to the flower, which was as always hanging in the kitchen and chuckling.

Kaden laughed, putting down his can of coke and pulling me towards him with a smile, placing his arms around my neck as mine snaked around his waist. The kiss was short, but the meaning behind it was big, and not even the appearance of Sherri could ruin it.

I spent the next hour talking with Kaden’s family members, and helping Sherri prepare Christmas dinner, which looked amazing when she placed everything out on the table. Everyone told stories whilst we ate, some were about funny events from past Christmas celebrations, and others were about Kaden when he was little.

After everyone had eaten, we gathered back in the living room, and Sherri handed out gifts. I watched as each person opened their gift, thanking whomever it was that bought it for them, and moving on to the next person.

“Landon, this is for you buddy,” Dan stated handing me a package and smiling.

I glanced over at Kaden who was grinning, before unwrapping the present and smiling myself when I saw some comics that I hadn’t yet read.

“Thank you,” I replied hugging Sherri and Dan, “These are amazing.”

The presents were all opened in half an hour, apart from the ones I had taken over with me, and I reached into the bag handing Sherri and Brad their gifts. Watching them smile when they opened them made me happy, and after they thanked me, I handed the bag over to Kaden who kissed my cheek.