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Rainbow Pride

Chapter 12

It was eleven o’clock by the time his family left, and after saying goodnight to his parents we headed upstairs to his room, where we opened the presents we bought each other. Kaden went first unwrapping the gifts that dad had helped me pick out, which included two Xbox games, some Lynx body spray because it drives me crazy, and the entire doctor who series one to eight on DVD.

Watching him smile made me forget all about the situation with my mum earlier that day, knowing that I had put that dopey grin on his face made me feel good, and nothing could ruin that. Next it was my turn, I unwrapped the packages that Kaden handed me, and couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face.

I placed the jumper, The Game of Thrones Box set, and the custom made comic book onto the floor, pulling Kaden into a hug.

“Thank you,” I said kissing his cheek.

“You’re welcome babe, and thank you for mine as well.”

It was midnight by the time we decided to watch Doctor Who, so leaving me to set up the DVD Kaden headed downstairs, returning with two cups of hot chocolate and the chocolate he had gotten from his family.

Grabbing the remote from next to the DVD player, I sat beside Kaden on the bed settling against his side when he placed his arm around me, and kissed my head. I love times like that, when it was just us and we could just spend time together, and hang out without loads of people around.

Don’t get me wrong I love our friends and families, but sometimes it gets too much for me, and I just need time alone with my boyfriend. I’m not sure what time we fell asleep, but when I woke up Kaden was gone, and I could hear voices downstairs.

Making sure I looked at least half decent I headed downstairs, finding Kaden and two guys I didn’t know sitting in the kitchen.

“Morning,” Kaden said pouring me a cup of coffee and handing it to me.

“Morning,” I replied with a smile as I took the cup from him, “Thanks.”

“Landon, I’d like you to meet Aaron and Danny, I met them when I went on holiday with my parents,” Kaden introduced motioning to the guys, “Guys this is my best friend Landon.”

Both of them nodded at me, and I nodded back placing my coffee cup in the sink feeling a little hurt by the way I had been introduced.

“I’m gonna grab my stuff and head home, I’ve got some things that I need to do,” I stated leaving the kitchen and heading back upstairs.

I put my stuff into a bag, and then headed back downstairs, opening the front door before Sherri stopped me.

“You heading home honey?” She asked.

“Yeah, tell Kaden I said bye for me please, and thank you again for the comics.”

“I will do, and you’re more than welcome sweetie,” Sherri said with a sad smile pulling me into a quick hug.

I was nearly home when my phone went off, and I pulled it from my pocket, checking the text message that Kaden had sent me.

‘Why did you leave without saying goodbye?’

‘You were with your friends, didn’t want to intrude or anything’ I sent back quickly as I entered my house.

“Hey bud, how was Christmas with Kaden?” My dad asked from the kitchen table where he was doing work.

“It was good, Kaden came out to his family and they all took it really well,” I informed him as my phone went off again.

‘You wouldn’t be intruding babe, look I’ll pick you up at about six to head over to Laura’s house, and we’ll talk then.’

I didn’t text back after that, I don’t even know why I was making such a big deal out of something so small, especially after he had come out to his family… I guess it just hurt.