Status: This isn't supposed to offend, I'm sorry if it does

Rainbow Pride

Chapter 15

With a new year underway I thought things would be better… easier but I was wrong, and it was my mum who threw me back into the real world. Things hadn’t really changed between us, I mean I avoided her as much as I could and even when we did cross paths she would keep her eyes on the floor… I assumed it would just carry on like that but I was wrong.

Sunday was always a day where my dad and me would go out to eat, or we’d cook dinner together… talk about stuff that was going on in my life. I went downstairs to the kitchen to find my dad writing a list of stuff we’d need to get for the roast we were planning on making, and mum was as usual sitting at the kitchen table working.

“Morning kiddo,” My dad said looking up from his list and smiling at me.

“Morning,” I replied making myself some cereal and standing beside my dad looking over his shoulder.

“I was thinking… why don’t you invite Kaden over today?” My dad suggested, “We can make it a boys day, and I can catch up with you both… he doesn’t come round here nearly as much as he should.”

“I’ll text him and ask if he’s free,” I stated through a mouthful of cereal, pulling out my phone and sending Kaden a quick text, which he instantly replied to with yes I’ll be there and a happy face emoticon, “He said yes.”


We headed out to get what we needed, and then returned to the house to start preparing everything… my dad and me love to cook. I was cutting up potatoes when my mum walked into the kitchen, and stood glaring at my dad who frowned at her.

“I don’t want that boy in my house,” My mum said causing my dad to stop what he was doing.

“Kaden has been over here loads of times, he spent the majority of his school years over here,” My dad argued but I knew what it was all really about, “He’s coming over for dinner, and that’s the end of it.”

“That boy is not stepping foot in this house while I am in it,” My mum snapped, “It’s bad enough that I have to put up with him being here… I am not allowing myself to be forced to stay in a place with two of them.”

“Him… two of them… The him is your son, and Kaden is Landon’s boyfriend,” My dad replied calmly, “This needs to stop, your son is gay… he’s not a murderer … he just likes boys.”

“I don’t have a son, and I refuse to be under the same roof as him and that boy who brainwashed him into believing he liked him in that way,” My mum shouted as someone knocked on the door.

Leaving my parents to their argument, I went and opened the door finding Kaden waiting patiently. I let him in and we headed back towards the kitchen, standing in the doorway quietly.

“If being in this house is too much for you to handle, then you can always leave… go to one of your friends houses.”

“This is my house, I will not be forced to leave for nobody.”

“No one here is forcing you to leave, and if you want to go there, then I think you’ll find that this is MY house,” My dad stated turning to look at me and Kaden, “Do you two want to finish cutting these vegetables?”

“Sure dad.”

Kaden nodded, and we got back to preparing the food, while my dad dealt with my mum, but I couldn’t help feeling guilty. They wouldn’t be arguing if I hadn’t of told them about me being gay, they would be happy like they were before, and I ruined that… I created the cracks in the foundations of our once tight family, and I hate myself for it.