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Rainbow Pride

Chapter 2

The next person I decided to tell was my friend Cameron, he had come over to hang out, and I guess I seized the moment. We were playing Xbox when I made the decision to tell him, I'm not even sure why I thought that that would be a good time, but I did. I didn't beat around the bush like I did with Kaden, something told me that being straight with him would be my better option, and so without a second thought I told him.

"Cameron?" I said my voice even and determined causing him to pause the game and look at me.


"I'm gay."

I can't explain what was going on in my head at that moment, what made me think that simply blurting it out would be a good idea, but it seemed like the right way of doing it, or perhaps I was just expecting the reaction I got. There was a few moments of silence, before he dropped the controller, and got up grabbing his jacket and heading out the door, leaving me standing alone. The following day was when it all started, I arrived at school to find out that everyone knew, and it wasn't hard to work out who had told them.

I knew that he didn't like the fact that I was gay, he wouldn't have acted the way he did if he was okay with it, but what I didn't understand was why he went and told everyone. I had always been a good friend to him, and we were close, I guess at the end of the day people dealt with shock in different ways. Over the next few months, I found things hard, some of my friends were extremely supportive and things with them went along as usual, but I also lost a lot of people as well.

The bullying that I expected never really came, not from everyone anyway, but then there was Ben Johnson the biggest jerk I had ever met in my life, and my own personal bully. Up until that point I had never been bullied in my life, I was friendly to everyone and in return everyone was friendly to me, but not anymore. Ben went out of his way to start on me, to a point where he would follow me home , calling me names and trying to get a reaction that wasn't going to come. Then about three months after I was outed by Cameron, I was jumped on my way home from school, by Ben and a group of his older friends who didn't even know me.

The day had passed without any problems from Ben, which I just put down to him being bored, after all they say that if you're getting bullied ignore it and the bully will get bored... although that isn't always the case. I was walking home on my own because Kaden had been picked up early by his mum, and all my other friends either got picked up after school or caught the bus, which just left me. I had been walking for about five minutes when I heard someone whistle, so on instinct I turned around expecting to see one of my friends walking towards me, but it was Ben and his friends.

The first thought that ran through my head was run, but my brain didn't seem to be in control of my body anymore, and instead of running the other way I stood frozen to the spot. I didn't think he would get physical, but a calm conversation quickly turned to violence, and I ended up in hospital with a black eye, two cracked ribs, concussion and a broken nose. I don't know why Ben decided that an unnecessary act of violence was suddenly necessary, and the actual beating itself is blurry, but I do distinctly remember telling Ben that you couldn't 'catch gay'.

I wish that I could say that this would be the only time violence was used, but if I did that would be a lie...