Status: This isn't supposed to offend, I'm sorry if it does

Rainbow Pride

Chapter 3

Since the whole of my school now knew my biggest secret, I decided that it was time that my parents knew who I really was, before they ended up finding out from someone else, and so with Kaden there to back me up I told them. It was probably the most nerve wracking thing I have ever had to go through, and I mean the full body trembling, hands sweating, heart trying to crash from my chest kind of nerve wracking.

Unlike most coming out stories I've heard, I actually told my dad first, since we have always been close and I knew for a fact that if he accepted me for who I was, then my mum would be fine with everything... I really didn't know how wrong I was. Sitting in the kitchen my dad was probably just as nervous as I was, after I announced that I had something important to tell him, and that he should probably sit down.

"What's going on bud?" My dad asked when I didn't talk for a while.

"You've always told me that I can tell you anything, and that no matter what you wouldn't judge me," I said looking down at my hands before continuing, "I've been going through a lot lately, with the beating and other incidents, but I lied about not knowing why it was happening."

"Carry on."

"Dad, the reason I got attacked is because people at school found out that I was gay."

"You're gay?" My dad repeated making my heart sink and tears form in my eyes, as I fought to keep my emotions in check, "Woah bud I didn't mean it like that, I thought you was going to tell me that you got a girl pregnant or something. So you're gay, you're still my son and I love you no matter who you're attracted to or love, you was really that scared of telling me?"

"I didn't want you to be disappointed in me," I mumbled as tears rolled down my cheeks."

"Bud I'm proud of you no matter what sexual orientation you are, you can tell me anything... anytime," My dad added pulling me into a hug as my mum walked through the door, freezing in the doorway and watching us with a frown on her face, "Landon has something to tell you."

"What is it?" My mum inquired setting her bags on the counter and taking off her coat.

"Mum I'm gay," I announced with a little more confidence this time, having both Kaden and my dad behind me for support. My mum stared at me for a lot longer than necessary, making me nervous again, and with a glance at my dad I spoke, "Mum?"

"Don't. Mum. Me. You're not gay Landon, this is just a phase you're going through, and with some time you'll come to your senses... you'll realize that you were just confused," My mum said.

"Mum I am not confused, I'm gay... I like boys... I like boys like my male friends like girls, and nothing is going to change that."

"Well you better hope it changes, my son is not gay do you hear me... my son is not gay," She shouted before storming upstairs, and leaving me shocked.

"She just needs time bud, I'll talk to her for you, but don't take what she says to heart," My dad added giving me a concerned look as tears fell down my cheeks, and I felt Kaden put his hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me, "Why don't you and Kaden here go up to your room for a little while, I'll call you both when dinner is ready, and if it's okay with Kaden's parents he can stay the night."

"Okay," I said heading up to my room.

"Thank you," Kaden stated as he followed me upstairs, and we watched some films avoiding talking about what had happened.