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Rainbow Pride

Chapter 4

It had been two months since I told my parents that I was gay, and things hadn't changed, my mum still wasn't talking to me. I tried to build bridges, I tried giving her time like my dad suggested, but I couldn't help thinking that things just wouldn't change, that she was never going to accept who I was.

Sitting in my room one day with Kaden and my other best friend Hannah is when things got a little better, we were just hanging out like we always did, and Hannah asked that one question that I wished I'd never have to hear... especially not from a friend.

"Kaden, who would you turn gay for?"

I looked at Hannah in shock, internally freaking out, and wishing that I could have been anywhere but in that room, until Kaden answered and a whole new set of feelings took over.

"I would turn gay for Landon," Kaden replied his face completely serious, and his gaze not leaving the magazine he was reading.

As soon as the words left his mouth, my mind started to overflow with thoughts, but I wasn't freaking out anymore, at least not completely. For the first time in ages, I felt hopeful that my feelings for Kaden were returned, but I wouldn't know until I spoke to him. At the same time I also felt conflicted and confused, he was my best friend and I didn't want to lose him if he was only joking, however I decided that I would talk to him. It was the next day that I spoke to him about it, I phoned him and asked him to meet me at a park that we often hung out at, and an hour later we were sitting on the swings in silence.

"Hey K?" I said keeping my eyes on the ground.


"In my room yesterday, when Hannah asked you who you would turn gay for... was you serious when you said me?" I asked looking over at him, and seeing the small smile that appeared.

"You can read me better than anyone Landon, you know that I was telling the truth."

"I like you Kaden...," I mumbled although I know that he heard me because his gaze shifted to me, and then back to the floor.

"I like you too," He added.

"What happens now?"

"It's not just up to me, but I'm willing to give it a try... I mean you like me and I like you so why not?"

"What happens if it goes wrong?"

"Then we end things mutually and we go back to just being friend," Kaden stated confidently.

Unlike Kaden I wasn't that confident, I knew that if things didn't work out between us that it would destroy the friendship we had built, but at the same time and as selfish as it sounded... I didn't want to not try it... try us.

"Lets give it a go then," I replied smiling at him, and laughing when he grinned.

"There's just one thing... my parents don't know, most of our group do... obviously I never told you because I was scared of how you would react, but I just don't want my parents finding out just yet... I'm not ready."

"I understand, trust me I understand... we'll tell them whenever you're ready, I'm not going to push you into telling them Kaden."

He smiled at me, and for once in a long time I felt like I had something good in my life, something that was completely separate from my parents and my friends... something almost blessed I suppose you could say.
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