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Rainbow Pride

Chapter 5

It had been a week since me and Kaden started dating, and things were good... great in fact. We had told all our friends about us being together, and as always they were supportive of our decision, which didn't surprise us in the least. My dad was thrilled, giving Kaden the 'you better treat him right' lecture, and then taking us out to dinner to celebrate.

Nothing really changed between us, we didn't act any different or become inseparable, things just carried on as usual. It was the Friday that we decided to go out, to show the world that we were together, and it went surprisingly good. Anyone who knows Kaden knows that he is extremely confident in everything he does, but when it comes to me... not so much, which sort of works for us.

It was nothing spectacular, we didn't shout it from the rooftops or cling to each other like some couples do.. we simply hung out. We held hands, and laughed about really dumb things, made random conversations into stupid debates that neither of us won, then at the end of the day we cuddled on the sofa with my dad watching The Avengers.

He slept over that night... we stayed up late talking about comic books, and things that we would talk about all the time when we weren't dating. Our relationship was always close, and now that we were dating we still talked like best friends talk, acted immaturely when we were with our friends... we still argued about the stupidest of stuff, but the feelings behind everything were different.

The funny thing was that we both remembered the very first time we spoke, back when I was the new kid, and Kaden had a whole different group of friends... I guess you could say that that was when me and him started. (I'm not one for being cheesy but that's the truth, if we didn't meet that day or talk then we wouldn't be where we are)

Saturday was when things went down hill, I had spent the morning at Kaden's house like I always did, and when I returned home my mum was sitting in the kitchen with my dad doing work on the laptop.

"Hey bud," My dad said looking up from his plate.

"Hey dad, is there any food left I'm starving?" I asked.

"You know where everything is, try doing something for yourself for a change," My mum snapped not even bothering to look at me.

"I was just asking a question," I replied heading to the fridge and that was when I heard it.

"Don't take that tone with me faggot."

I can't explain what went through my mind straight away, everything was numb, and I looked at my mum who still hadn't even bothered looking up at me. I closed the fridge swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat, watching my dad glare at my mum after dropping his knife and fork onto the plate in front of him.

I remember my dad shouting at my mum, and an argument erupting in the kitchen, but I was too shocked to comprehend anything that was being said. I locked myself in my bedroom after that, laying on the bed, and trying to get my head around what had just happened.

I never expected to hear that word leave my mothers mouth, I understood that she didn't agree with my lifestyle, but that word is so... hateful. The whole thing about a mothers love being unconditional holds no truth in this situation, and for the first time I felt like I had lost a parent altogether.