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Lost Inside


He had called multiple times, each with the same aftermath. No one would answer anymore because the number he called was no longer available.

The last time he had called, someone had answered, but it wasn't the person he had hope for. The woman who picked up the phone had seemed genuinely nice, she had given him the time of day, but that was only because she didn't know who he was. He had never tried calling again and he was all alone.

The streets of New York were not the kindest; people didn't stop to listen to pleas, shops lined the roads, taunting the passerby's with their appetizing aromas and beautiful clothing, but he couldn't have any of it. He was no one and everyone saw past what is said to not be there. Of course he was 100% real, no matter how thin he was or how putrid he smelled, he was still there, but unimportant. It is scientifically proven that the human brain overlooks the unimportant; small letters, words that make no sense and apparently people as well. It had been every kind of depressing at first, but over the years, he had learned not to care.

There was no way he could get a job, seeing as he lacked a high school diploma; there was no way he'd be able to get to the job even if he had one, seeing as he lacked a car or money for transportation, so he was stuck. The young no one who was thrown from his home at fifteen. The young no one who'd brutally lost his virginity in a dirty alleyway as a simple means to make money at sixteen. He was the young no one who meant nothing to those who mattered.

He was the young no one who just wanted a way out. He was Caleb Barnes.
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