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Lost Inside


Declan didn’t know what was going on, but he liked it and he didn’t want it to stop. Caleb was...flirting.

Declan was sure that Caleb hadn’t remembered the moment shared between them when he was drunk, but the boy’s behavior seemed to have changed overnight. Declan wasn’t the brightest crayon when it came to relationships, but he was almost 100% sure that Caleb was flirting.

Declan had awoken that next morning to Caleb’s bright, smiling face and breakfast in a tray in front of him.

“Breakfast in bed? What’s this for?” Declan had chuckled, responding immediately when the boy had brought him in for a hug. He had been worried that perhaps Caleb had remembered what was said the night before, but he knew Caleb; had the boy remembered, he would have locked himself in his bedroom in embarrassment.

“Two days until Christmas so I want to treat you. I guess I just haven’t thanked you enough for everything you’ve done for me.” Caleb smiled softly, nervously attempting to flatten his crazy hair. He wasn’t very good at this whole flirting thing, but he would try his hardest. “I uh - I looked up how to do this stuff online. I hope you like it.” Caleb gave him another nervous smile before leaving Declan’s bedroom and going to shower. He spent forever and a day in front of the mirror, ensuring that his face was clean and blemish free and putting a bit of gel in his hair so that it was styled and stayed in place. Caleb had never put gel in his hair before; it was strange, but he liked that it didn’t make his hair hard as rock.

Declan nearly spit out the swig of orange juice he had just taken when Caleb finally made his way into the kitchen.

The boy...dressed to impress, that was for sure.

He had opted to wear the pair of jeans that Emilia had bought for him forever ago that he had forgotten about. It was dark wash with a couple of rips that showed his smooth, milky thighs and blemish free skin. He had also decided that he would wear the tight navy blue jumper that Declan had gotten him; it was tight and made his eyes seem more blue than they were. Paired with his black and plaid combat boots, Caleb was a tall glass of water. Declan found it very hard to stop staring.

Caleb couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped his mouth; it felt good to see that Declan was checking him out. No one had ever looked at him like that before.

Declan’s eyes finally travelled up to Caleb’s very blue ones and he let out a nervous chuckle. Declan didn’t know if Caleb was doing this on purpose or if he was trying to give the man a heart attack.

“You’s the occasion?” Declan wanted to slap himself. Smooth.
Caleb giggled and Declan wanted nothing more than to run to the boy and smash their lips together. 

“No occasion. Are we still going out to the city? I still need to pick up one more present.”
Declan dumbly nodded and wished that he had spent a little more time on his own appearance. He was just in his regular loose fitting jeans with a white t-shirt. Seeing Caleb, Declan wanted to look better.

Both men grabbed their coats by the door and Caleb placed a cute gray beanie on his head and matching grey scarf and mittens. Declan almost cooed at how adorable he was. The two made their way to the elevator for their trip into the city. Declan was thinking of going into Times Square; he knew that Caleb had probably seen it from his time on the streets, but he wanted the boy to experience it from the other side.

Caleb surprised him by wrapping an arm around Declan’s as they blended into the crowds. Declan had decided that since the traffic would be so bad, it would be best if they took transit the entire way - Declan still refused to go on the metro though.

“Where are we going?” Caleb asked, smiling up at the man beside him. He was finding this whole flirting thing a lot easier than he had originally thought, but perhaps that meant he was doing it wrong. Caleb giggled and nuzzled into Declan’s side for safe measure.

“I was thinking that we could head into Times Square today. It’ll most likely be a zoo, but I don’t know if you’ve been down there yet.”

Caleb’s eyes lit up. He had, when he was living on the streets.

“Not from a shopper’s perspective.”


It was six thirty in the afternoon. The crowds were becoming almost unbearable in the streets so Declan suggested they go into a small family owned burger joint for supper. Declan had been so used to five star meals with his family when he was younger that as soon as he had moved out, he ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month straight - he couldn’t stand it now. Places like these were the only sort of 'fast food' he could stomach at this point.

Caleb laughed at a cheesy joke that Declan had made and stole one of the fries off of his plate. Declan had gotten over his initial confusion about the newfound confidence of Caleb and was more than willing to try his hand at flirting back. There had been a lot of playful pushes, many more hugs that they were both accustomed to and Declan had taken to calling Caleb ‘hon’. Caleb was over the moon and he made sure to text Emilia every thirty seconds to gush. She kept telling him that she had told him to try this since the beginning and she couldn’t wait to see what their babies would look like.

Caleb stuffed a few fries in his mouth and excused Declan who had to take a phone call. Caleb couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. He was flirting with Declan and the man was flirting back. So Declan actually meant what he said the night before? Caleb wanted so badly for it to be true.

He watched as the older man laughed at something his coworker said. Caleb loved how his eyes crinkled at the corners when he laughed and how he showed those bright whites when he was genuinely happy. And those dimples...

Caleb was in love. He hadn’t wanted to admit it to himself at first, but...he was really in love with Declan and he was beginning to think that it wasn’t so unwarranted. If he had a chance, Caleb was going to take it. He wished he was brave enough to tell Declan that he hadn’t really been drunk the night before, but he wouldn’t be able to bear it if the man didn’t reciprocate his true feelings. He might just move in with Millie if that ever happened.

Declan came back and slid easily into the booth.

“Sorry about that, coworkers messing up and needing me to fix everything.” Declan rolled his eyes and glared at Caleb who kept stealing his fries. “Maybe you should have ordered something other than a salad! Stop stealing my fries, you thief.”

Caleb gave a light giggle and took a couple more salt stick.

“I don’t want fries, but yours are delicious.” He made a show of taking a bite. “Of course your coworkers want you to fix everything, aren’t you like the best at everything ever.”
Declan squinted his eyes.

“I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I’m going to take it as a compliment anyway because it’s true.” He waited for another giggle from Caleb. “What do you wanna do next? Head home now?”
Caleb shrugged.

“I don’t really know what else there is to do. We can go down to Jersey tomorrow though, right?”

Declan nodded. Caleb wasn’t exactly sure why he had done it, but he had bought a present for his parents. It wasn’t really his parents as much as it was for his mother. She used to collect glass figurines and he didn’t know whether she had bought more since he left, but he got her one anyway. It was a small glass dolphin on waves. He didn’t know if she even liked dolphins or if she would appreciate it, but he had bought it anyway. Declan had promised that they could pass by Jersey to place it on their doorstep.

“How about we go see a movie tonight?” Declan suggested, pushing away the thoughts he was having about being with Caleb in a dark room.

“Really? I haven’t been to the theater know.”
Declan was happy; he had gotten Caleb excited.

“How about ‘How to train your dragon 2’? You seem like you’d really enjoy that.”

“I haven’t even seen the first one.” Caleb giggled. “I don’t want to ruin it for myself.”

“ about ‘22 Jump Street’?” Declan quickly realized that Caleb hadn’t seen a movie in over three years. “How about....we stay in tonight and have a movie marathon. You are going to see every single movie you missed, even if they were terrible.”

Caleb giggled. He would take any opportunity to cuddle up to Declan.



“Can we watch it again, please.”
Caleb was cuddled in Declan’s chest, nearly laying completely on top of him, grinning up at the man. Declan found this position oh so tempting.

“No we cannot watch it again.” Declan laughed. “We have three years of movies to watch, mister.” The two had just finished watching ‘How to train your dragon’ and apparently Caleb was obsessed with pixar movies - except for Cars, he hadn’t liked that one. They had already watched 21 Jump street, How to train your dragon, Cars, and the last three Harry Potter movies. It was nearing two o’clock in the morning. Declan didn’t mind, he liked having Caleb on top of him.

“Okay fine!” Caleb giggled, laying his head back down on Declan’s muscular chest. He was still in shock that it was so easy to do this. He was even happier when Declan dropped a kiss on top of his head. “What are we watching next?”

Declan searched through the Netflix suggestions until he landed on Iron Man.

“I don’t know if we should watch these first or the transformers movies. What do you think?”

“Like cartoon Transformers? Aren’t those for 10 year olds or something?”
2 hours later, Caleb was taking back his words...and swallowing his yawns. He didn’t want Declan to know that he was tired because then he would have to go to bed and he didn’t want to leave Declan’s arms. Declan saw the stifled yawn anyway.

“Alright hon, time for bed. We have a big day tomorrow and it is...3:52 in the morning.” Caleb sighed, agreeing and raising himself from Declan’s chest. “Where do you think you’re going, mister?” Declan pulled Caleb back on top of him and turned off the television. “You’re warm.”

Caleb felt that his face would possibly split with the wide grin that was currently on it. Declan was holding him and he didn’t want him to leave!

Neither man had ever slept better.


“What if they see you? They’ll probably remember you from last time...”
The men were sitting in the car across the street from the Barnes residence. Both had slept in until noon and had a late lunch in bed with the second Transformers movie. Now they were watching the undecorated house from afar, looking for any sign of movement; there wasn’t any, it was like the house was abandoned.

“Do you think they went away for the holidays?”

Just as Caleb said it, a light came on upstairs. Declan fled the car before Caleb could try to stop him again. The man ran across the street and placed the neatly wrapped present on the front step, rang the doorbell and ran faster than he ever had before. Nearly slipping on a patch of ice, Declan made it back to the car before the front door opened to reveal Sheri in a bathrobe. She lifted the present from the ground then took a look around the deserted street. Caleb thanked the gods that the windows were tinted.

Sheri went into the house with the present, so Caleb didn’t see her reaction, but he could only imagine what she would do. He almost wanted to wait and see if she would come out again, but Declan had started the car and Caleb couldn’t find it in himself to tell the man to stop.

“So I have some bad news...” Declan began on their drive back to Manhattan. “My parents want us to come down for dinner tonight.”

“Us as Like me too?”

“Well they didn’t necessarily specify, but if they say me, that means us.”

Caleb didn’t know how he felt about having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Callum.

“I’m hoping you say no because it’s Millie’s Christmas party tonight and I know how much you’re dying to get drunk again.”
Caleb’s face blazed and he buried them in his hands.

“Shut up!” The boy shrieked. “It was one time!”

“I wish I would have gotten pictures. You’re pretty handsy when you’re drunk.” Declan smirked over at the boy. Caleb groaned and buried his face deeper into his hands. He definitely would not tell Declan that he wasn’t really drunk that night.


“Caleb, hurry up, we’re going to be late.” Declan yelled at the closed bathroom door. Caleb had been in there for half an hour, trying to make himself look presentable. Millie had texted him and told him to dress his best because she had a plan for him and Declan that night. Caleb was freaking out.

“I thought it was cool to be fashionably late.” Caleb whined, finally sighing at the mirror and opening the door. He wasn’t 100% pleased with his appearance, but Declan was right, they had to go.

“Yeah it is, if you’re in high sch-” Declan’s words stopped midway up his throat and came out as a choked cough. He thought Caleb was attractive before...

Caleb had found - of all things - the really tight white jeans that Millie had forced him to buy that one horrible shopping day. He paired it with a red button up with the sleeves rolled up and his black and red plaid sperrys.

“Should I wear a beanie or no?” Caleb hadn’t noticed Declan’s wide eyed gawking.

“Uh...y-yeah...or - you”

Caleb stared at Declan; he didn’t know what the man’s problem was and he hadn’t answered the question.

“Thanks? I or no?”

Declan continued to gawk and make no sense, so Caleb rolled his eyes and placed the white beanie on his head anyway; his hair definitely was not cooperating. The men put their jackets on and grabbed Emilia’s present from the front table and made their way out. Declan didn’t want to admit that he stared at Caleb’s ass the entire walk to the car, but it was true...

Emilia’s place wasn’t packed, but it was definitely becoming claustrophobic. There were about 35 people at the moment and she was expecting close to 50. Millie greeted them at the door with bright smiles and a beautifully flowy, red sparky dress.

“I was worried you guys weren’t gonna show up.” She giggled and pulled them both into a hug. Her cheeks were rosy, so it was pretty clear that she had already opened a few bottles of wine. “Right this way, gentlemen.” She walked them through the room towards a tall, muscular tattooed man standing awkwardly in the corner. “Guys, this is Adam.” She introduced. “Adam, this is Caleb and Declan, the guys I always tell you about.”

Adam shook their hands, he had a firm grip. Caleb discreetly gave Emilia a two thumbs up behind Adam’s back; he was hot. Caleb still didn’t think he had anything on Declan, but he was still good looking. Emilia giggled and led Caleb away through the crowd and into the kitchen where it was slightly quieter.

“Well aren’t you looking just edible right now.” She crooned, pouring him a glass of bubbly. “Good, so there’s a guy here, tall, dark and handsome, his name is Scott and I told him to flirt like his life depended on it. We, my friend, are going to make Declan the most jealous man on the planet.”
Caleb snorted into his drink and coughed out a laugh.

“Are you crazy? Jealousy, that’s your big, brilliant plan? Declan doesn’t get jealous. he’d probably be proud that I’m making friends or something equally as stupid.” Emilia scoffed.

“No, it is going to work. I discussed it with Adam and he totally agrees. If men are one thing, it is that they are jealous creatures. It goes back to the time of the cavemen; they don’t like others touching what is theirs and before you interrupt me, you are definitely his. Just do it!”

She pushed Caleb back into the main throng of people and led him towards what Caleb had thought was a tree in the back. The man had to be over 6’3” and muscular and by god was he handsome. Caleb was all of a sudden alright with this plan.

“Caleb, this is Scott Dresling. Scott, Caleb Barnes.” Emilia grinned like the devil she was. “Alright you two, make this as believable as possible! Caleb, you are not leaving here today without that man wrapped completely around your little finger.” She giggled, waved and worked her way back through the crowd towards Adam. Caleb felt bad for just ditching Declan, but what other choice did he have?

“So...” Scott began. “She’s...a firecracker.”

“Sorry about this.” Caleb grimaced. “You don’t have to do it, she’s just...Millie.”
Scott chuckled and ran a hand through his perfect blonde hair.

“It’s alright, she's my cousin, she’s always been like this.”

Caleb giggled and the two slipped into easy conversation. Caleb didn’t really think the plan was working very well because every time he would look over, Declan was deep in conversation with someone else, but Millie was also checking up on him every 5 minutes, so he couldn’t exactly make an escape. Caleb was just grateful that Scott was a great guy.

But it was was working very well. Declan had never wanted to kill someone so badly in his life. Who was that guy and why was he making Caleb laugh so easily? Declan had smashed a wine glass already from squeezing it so hard between his fists and Caleb was so busy being wrapped up in another guy to notice Declan getting his bloody hand bandaged up.

Declan was angry and he was oh so jealous. More than once, Declan contemplated walking over to the pair and stealing Caleb away, instead he forced himself into conversations with other people to try to distract himself. It wasn’t working.

Declan was currently moping on a chair in the corner, staring at the couple dance together. This was the worst Christmas party ever. Declan’s view was suddenly impeded by a sparkly red dress dancing her way towards him.

“Why the sad face, pouty mcpout pout?” Emilia giggled poking Declan’s cheek.

“I’m not pouting.” Declan grumbled, very believable.
Emilia turned around and followed Declan’s glaring. She almost squealed at her success. He was so jealous.

“Oh...his name’s case you’re wondering.” She giggled. “Aren’t they cute together?”
Declan imaged how he could run the guy over without getting caught.

“Absolutely fucking adorable.”
Emilia sighed and pulled a chair next to Declan.

“Look, what did you expect? Caleb’s freaking adorable in every single way. Did you really expect him to be single forever? I mean, if you want the kid, go make a damn move already instead of sitting pouting at your misfortune.” She rolled her eyes when Declan scoffed. “You’re pathetic and I definitely will not feel at all bad when Scott asks him out and he says yes and you will be alone and miserable forever. Declan, don’t let that boy walk away from you.” She got up to leave. “P.s., next song is a slow one.” Declan could feel his blood boiling.

It was true, he shouldn’t have expected that no one would try to pick up Caleb, the boy was perfect. And here he was, pouting in a corner because someone took away what was his.

The song came to an abrupt stop and Declan’s resolve cracked. Caleb was giggling and finally turned his head in Declan’s direction. The boy was biting his lip and Declan’s mind was made. He didn’t care if Caleb said no, Declan was going to ask him for a dance.

Declan marched his way across the dance floor with only one thing in mind - well two things, but he couldn’t exactly do the other one yet. Five steps away,

Declan’s mind cracked with nerves. What was he here to do? Oh right...

Declan reached for the back of Caleb’s head and crushed their lips together.

That was definitely not what he came here to do....
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