Let Love Bleed Red

Let Love Bleed Red

Dans Pov:

I dig my nails into my palms.
Everything is wrong.
I'm visably shaking now and my breath comes out in raggered gasps. Squeezing my eyes shut I feel hot tears run down my cheeks but I don't care, it hurts to much. I want to grab the pain and rip it out of my chest but no matter how much I claw at it nothing changes and its so fustrating.

Air. I need air. My breaths get more laboured and my vision starts to blur. All I want to do is die. But im still here. Alive and breathing. While the love of my life is crumpled in the middle of the road with blood pooling around his head. I here the screams but they all seem so far away. Someone shoves past me to get towards the body and I suddenly snap into action. No. They can't touch him. He's mine.

"No" I whisper barely audible as i stumble foreward blindly.
"No" I shout louder as I push through the crowd more urgently to get to him
"No he's mine" I scream desperatly "don't touch him"
I get to where he's lying and push away the man kneeling next to him and cling to his lifeless body as if if I let go i'd lose him forever.

"Don't touch him" I scream again, my voice hoarse "please" I whimper, directed more to Phil than the now large crowd of people surrounding us. His body feels so familiar yet so foreign, his once soft warm hands now cold and limp as I take them in my own, gently rocking back and forth sobbing into his plaid shirt. I sqeeze him, afraid he'll disapear if I let go and he can't do that. He can't disapear, I won't let him!

My mood snaps and i'm angry, furious at him for abandoning me like this. I bury my head into his neck and mumble incoherant words into his hair as if trying to talk him into coming back to me, although i know my efforts are futile I dont want to give up. But his skin feels so cold and I know he's gone but i can't face that yet so I stay like that, holding Phil, nuzzling into his neck and stroking his hair, trying to avoid the blood thats stained my hands and the distinct smell of death that he knows it will stay with him forever.
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