Status: It's a short and it's done.

Night Skies and Parking Lots

Abigail 'Abby' Arcos is a silent girl who only spoke when she needed to or had something to really say.
Lucas 'Loki' Rode was loud and outgoing and talked too much at times and had an interest for games.
What happens when the two happen to have the worst day of their lives and both happen to find some kind solace in an empty mall parking lot at midnight?
  1. Intros and Characters.
    Forgive any spelling issues or grammar issues. This is being done on my phone and I will go back and fix this.
  2. Abigail.
    Chapter 1.
  3. Loki
    Chapter 2.
  4. Toddler or Infant?
    Chapter 3.
  5. Sunrise
    Chapter 4.
  6. Author Notes?