Status: It's a short and it's done.

Night Skies and Parking Lots

Intros and Characters.

(Parking Lots)


   The night was clear. Quit, the fairly small mall was closed and empty of any human life save for security. Shops were closed and their caged doors brought down and alarms set. A single security made an hourl patrol before going back to his cubby and napping away. 
   Two cars pull into the empty lot in front of the small movie theater. A man and a woman. 
   The man was Lucas Rode, but he went by the nickname 'Loki'. He gained this nickname for his constant pranks and trickery on friends and family and his inability to take anything truly seriously. 
   Loki worked a dead end job as  a bartendr at a hole-in-the-wall pub that barely paid him enough to cover his rent. He lost this job four hours earlier after firing out the small pub was closing down. 
   The woman was Abigail Arcos. She went by Abby because she disliked her full name. People always asked 'like the chick from the Salem Witch Trails?' when hearing her full name. She was nothing like Loki and took things a bit too seriously at times. 
   She was always known to be the responsible and quite one, never saying anything unless it was something worth saying. She made candles and jewlery, worked as a seamstress and worked the weekends as a librarian. She was engaged to be married up until two hours ago when she found her fiancé and sister in her bed, fucking.  
    Loki and Abby were polar opposites. Abigail thought she had control of her life. Loki knew everything was falling down around him and has been for a long time now. 
   What happens when the silent woman and the pranking man cross paths for a night in their worst hours?
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Sorta like a character introduction. Again, I'm sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, I typed this all out on my phone and I will be going back to fix any mistake. And this isn't really going to be anything long, it won't exceed over ten and that's stretching it.