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Night Skies and Parking Lots


   Abby pulled into an empty spot under a dull lamp that gave a orangy flow. She felt nothing at this point. She couldn't really cry but she knew she should be. Abby knew she should be screaming and hitting things or crying herself crazy. She should have been pissed or hurt or something at her sister and fiancé's betryal. More so her sister... Abby thought they had been close, she thought they were best friends and she thought her sister was always the one person she could count on and trust with everything...
   Abigail was wrong. But she couldn't find an ounce of anger or hurt by this. She always knew her fiancé was a bit shady at times, but she just wanted to shut her mother and ain't up about marriage. Abby was the oldest and coming to the ripe age of 27 seemed to scream out to her family 'Overies and uterus are drying, get her married!'. 
   Well... They almost got her marrie... 
   Abby sighed to herself and switched on the radio. Talk radio, techno remixes of Top 40, weird indie stations that only come on after everyone gone to sleep. She didn't even have her CDs to play. She had left them in her apartment. The apartment where her sister fucked her fiancé....
   "Great." she mutters to herself. Abby seemed to find anger in the fact that her sister just made her a cliche in some bad Life Time movie their mother watched every night. That got Abby pissed. 
   But was it even worth the energy? Abigail obviously didn't truly lobe the guy? She wasn't even really bothered that he cheated on her! Yeah, it played on her self-esteem a bit, but that was it! 
   She just couldn't believe her sister would hit that low under the belt... What if she really had, truly loved this guy? Like head-over-heels in love? Could her sister tell that Abby didn't really love him or just didn't care either way?
   Abigail shut off her car and got out, moving towards the front end and sitting on the hood. She laid back against the window and just stared up at the black night sky. The city lights washed out the stars and she could only see a few silvery specks here and there. There was no moon that night, either. It was a scene she found strangely beautiful but depressing all the same. 
   She heard a sudden sound of an engine and wheels on concret.  
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