Status: It's a short and it's done.

Night Skies and Parking Lots


   Loki parked his car about five spaces over from the black toyota with the random girl sitting on the hood. He paid no mind to her. He could care less about her or anyone at this point. Loki reached for the half empty pack of cigarettes in the free cupholder and tapped a cancerous stick free. He looked around for his lighter, felt his pockets and in any compartment. 
   "Fuck..." he sighed, taking the cigarette from his lips and tucked it behind his ear. 
   Loki was in a spot that he'd never really dealt with. He has no job, he's four days away from an eviction notice and he can't find a fucking lighter. How do people deal with this shit? Loki honestly wondered how his mom dealt with taking care of three boys by herself. Loki was just taking care of himself and he's already about done. 
   Goddamn it. Loki needed a lighter, he needed a cigarette. He sat back in his seat and glanced to the girl on the hood of her car with tired eyes. With a sigh, Loki opened his door and walked over to girl. All while praying to whatever merciful being there might be that she doesn't spray him with pepper spray or break out a rape whistle or just tai kwan his ass. 
   Wait. If she breaks out any fighting moves, he might just attack to see if she's a blackbelt and could some how either kill him or put him in a coma for a couple decades. Loki silent agrees on his plan of suicide by fighter. 
   "You gotta a lighter?" Loki called out to the girl when he was a few feet away. 
   She glanced at him, reached into her front pocket and pulled out a small book of marches. "Here," she says softly as she tosses them to Loki. 
   He catches them, "You're amazing right now." he chuckles. He placed the cancer stick between his lips, struck a match and took a deep, long drag. 
   Loki let the smoke fill his lungs and give him a slight head rush. It calmed him momentarily. He stood there for a second, watching the girl out the corner of his eye. 
   He thought she was pretty... She was very pretty. 
   Loki sighed to himself and went back to his car, taking the girl's stance and sitting on the hood. He propped his booted feet on the dented bumper and placed his elbows on his knees.