Status: It's a short and it's done.

Night Skies and Parking Lots


   "If you were given a month to live what would you do?" Loki asked from his spot next to Abby. 
   "Everything I'm too scared to do now. Skydive, cruise, run with the bulls. Maybe donate all my hair to some little kid with cancer." Abby shrugged. "What about you?" 
   "I'd just travel the country, robbing convinent stores until I croak. Maybe hit a brothel or two in Nevada." Loki smirks. 
   "Why is it when you ask someone this question it's always an answer like mine? Or something to do with family?it's rarely ever a selfish answer like yours." Abby wondered aloud. 
   Loki shrugged. "I found people are either terrified to come off a little selfish or just don't care. I no longer care." he nods. 
   "Oh, so you did before today?" 
   "No." he laughs. 
   Abby shakes her head, a smile forming again. She offered a cigarette to Loki as she tapped one out. 
   "Thanks." he says as Abby hands him one.  
   "No problem." she sighs loudly.
   They light and smoke their cancer sticks in silence, both staring ahead at the empty parking lot with faded paint lines and large cracks. Abby felt a bit at ease for the moment. She still was pissed and hurt, but she was able to push it back and Loki wasn't thinking about that upcoming eviction notice or anything financial. He was able to talk and calm down. At least for a few hours.   
   Loki wasn't even going to bother with his mother or brothers. He could be living out of a box, which looked very likely at the moment, and they wouldn't throw him a dime. 
   Abigail looked at her phone, she had a couple dozen missed calls, text and voice mails from her sister and ex. She erased all the text and would work on the voice mails later. bbt checked the time. 
   "The sun'll be coming up in about an hour." she says, sounding a bit sad. 
   Loki nods, taking a drag. "I should probably get back to my shorty apartment and figure out what I'm going to do." he says. 
   "We can stay a little bit longer." Abby looks at him, gnawing her bottom lip. She wasn't ready to leave just yet. 
   Loki smiles, looking down. "i like that idea a little more." he says. 
   Abby smiles back, and did something that wasn't like her. She scooted a little closer to Loki and rested her head on his shoulder, looking up to the sky. 
   They sat there for the rest of the night and watched the sky go from inky black to a dull light blue as the morning sun started to rise.