Status: It's a short and it's done.

Night Skies and Parking Lots

Author Notes?

I wrote this in a point where I'm dealing with a lot of things. What I'm going to do with my life, how I feel about love and freindship and finacial troubles. This was sorta my outlet for those anxieties and the stress. This isn't something I've done personally, these characters aren't really anyone. Well, they are. Their both me? The anxities and stress is mine that they feel and their thougts on life are mine and the family situations are mine.
This isn't meant to be read by everyone or get recommendation or any of that shit, it was just a way for me to deal with those changes of life from the sheltered home life to the real world sorta. If you did read it, thank you. If you liked it, I guess thank you as well? If you did read it and hated it or thought it was stupid, thank you anyway for giving it a read.

Live well, fuck what anyone says and sorry if I sound pretentious.