I'm Begging you To stay

This story sucks by the way. I keep it up to placate the greedy. Please don't expect to be enthralled by my immature shitty writing. I'll write a better Panic at the disco fan fiction. One day.

Callie Green can't endure any second longer with her parents on their road trip that she is forced to go to.
Luckly, the Panic boys are there to give her a ride through america and...fall in love with her?
What happends when lead singer falls in love with the blue eyed girl but so does the guitarist?
Callie Green has to figure this out herself.
  1. Swing Doors Are Deadly
    Callie's POV
  2. Revenge Is dish best served Cold
    Brendon's POV switches to Ryan's.
  3. Our first kiss gave me motion sickness.
    Brendon's POV>Ryan's POV>Callie's POV
  4. Now I'm begging to stay
    Callie's POV
  5. Table two. Love for three.
    Callie's POV
  6. Mr. Sandman bring me a dream
    Callie's POV
  7. Boys and their toys.
    Callie's POV>Ryan's POV>Callie's POV
  8. Press three to continue
    Brendon's POV
  9. A feeling called anxiety
    Ryan's POV>Brendon's POV
  10. This was only the beginning
    Brendon's POV>Callie's POV
  11. I rather play tetris
    Callie's POV
  12. Breath Takers
    Callie's POV>Ryan's POV
  13. I am the villian to you
    Callie's POV>Ryan's POV
  14. I smell sex and candy
    Ryan's POV
  15. Pillow fights are lovely
    Brendon's POV>Callie's POV
  16. Best friends? Since when?
    Brendon's POV>Ryan's POV
  17. Because I can not choose...
    Callie's POV
  18. Fate has chosen Prince Charming.
    You choose Brendon. Callie's POV
  19. Fate has chosen the past.
    You choose Caleb. Callie's POV
  20. Fate has chosen security.
    You choose Ryan. Callie's POV