I'm Begging you To stay

Swing Doors Are Deadly

I'm fucking 19 years old and still have to be dragged along on family reunions! I love my family but just don't like to be seen with them. My mother was less then impressive. She had very pretty features that I would never inherit. But there was nothing special about her. She couldn't dance, she couldn't draw or make anything beautiful but her face, she couldn't sing, she could let alone hum a tune along with the radio. How could a mother and daughter be so different? My father was the exact opposite! He taught me everything I know! Hell he even taught me how to do the cha cha slide! I loved spending time with him which was the only reason I didn't bitch all the way to the reunion. The reunion was the only reason I got to spend time with him. Since my mother and father were the complete opposites they had different ideas on how to raise me. There for came the divorce. I still blame myself for it everyday although everyone tells me it's not my fault.

How would they know?

I laid down on the black seats of the Mercedes SUV. Suddenly the tenth bottle of Avion water kicked in.
"Pull over!" I urgently screamed. The screech of the tires against the paved rode made my ears ache. My eyes moved back and forth rapidly looking for a sign that said women's restroom. As my eyes laid on the little figured women with the blue background print my heart leaped and I felt relieved! Of course I never thought to look below the sign because as I got closer to the door my eyes caught the hand written sign that read 'Out of Order'.

Just my luck!

I turned around and banged the back of my head on the door! As I opened my eyes I saw another familiar sign that read 'Men.' My head told me that once I got in there I wouldn't want to go to the bathroom but my full bladder was screaming at me to pop a squat! So that’s what I did. I swung the door open and marched in....well I was going to. As I was going to begin my march into the bathroom, (the boys bathroom) I hit something with the door.

Maybe I shouldn't have swung it...

"I am so sorry!" I pleaded as I kneeled down to help the person I regrettably hit.
"It's," he began as he looked into my eyes "fine." He seemed to be in a trance and I was about to fall into one as well.
"Um... are you ok?" I wish I had said something wittier
"Yeah I'm fine but what were you doing about to go into the boys bathroom?"
If my face wasn't already red, that did it, "Well ah...the girls bathroom was out of order so I just thought that-" he stuck his hand up implying me to stop which I happily followed.
"I understand I did that when I was in middle school, the trick is to see if there's anyone in there before you waltz in." I gave a smile trying to hide the embarrassment I was feeling
"I'll keep that in mind for next time." I was pretty impressed with the wit of my last sentence. I helped the guy up and let him pass out of the barely lighted bathroom. As he took his steps into the light his dark brown hair and eyes shined and I couldn't help but stare in awe. I think he noticed by the smirk he had on his face.
"Brendon's the name."
"Wait your Brendon, the Brendon you know from panic! At the disco?"
"I guess you’re a fan?" he questioned happily
"Yeah you could say that." It was true I was a panic! Fan I mean I had there album and I had been to a couple concert but never noticed the cuteness of there lead singer. I guess I was in love with there music and not there faces. Now that I had seen one of them it was making it difficult to focus on only there music.
"Well good, cause if you weren't I would be deeply hurt." He said sarcastically while placing his hand on his chest right on top of his heart. I smiled as a responds, "Well there's no one else in the bathroom if you liked to use it." He offered
"No I think I hold it till the next stop."

Note to self: When having an emergency bathroom issue, bump into a cute guy in a band and forget about having to pee. Works 100% of the time.

I began to walk in the opposite direction of were the beautiful guy who had just melted my heart was standing, "Wait! I didn't get your name." he noted while jogging to catch up with me.
"Callie, like Allie but with a C."
"Well Callie I couldn't help but notice that we have been following your car." I raised my eyebrow questioning his last statement, "NO! just I noticed your car has been on the same way I have been going."
"Oh well I am going to this really stupid reunion-" I rolled my eyes
"Then don’t go."
"What?" I asked confused
"Come with me and the band, come on I mean just for the reunion and you can go back."
I knew every rule that I had been taught was telling me not to say yes

Rule#666: Never go into cars with strangers even if there are hot guys in a famous band.

See there it was!

"Sure." Damn the rules! I looked back at my dad and knew he would understand and looked at my wretched mom and knew I was making the right choice.
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