I'm Begging you To stay

This was only the beginning

The week was over and I had yet to have the same conversations I once had with her at the beginning days that she slept on this bus. I had been replaced. Ryan had put the color back on her cheeks, not me.
"Yes Jon."
"Will you bring me my CD case?" he asked with his best puppy dog eyes. This really worked against him because his beard and those eyes just made him look like a poor beggar on the street.
"It's right in front of you," she whined.
"I know. Will you?"
She rolled her eyes and handed him his case, "Here."
"I love you Callie."
This put a smile on my face. Why'd she have to leave? No, the better question would be, why does she make me feel like I don't want her to leave?

Note to self: Don't ask yourself questions. If you knew the answer to them, then you wouldn't be questioning yourself. Duh.

I took a red bull out of the mini fridge and sat at the tiny table that was covered in guitar picks and dirty napkins.
"Mind if I take a seat?" Callie asked as she sat at the opposite side.
"Why bother asking if you already sat down?" those words came out of no where. Now I was saying things I couldn't control. The scary part was. . . I didn't mean them.
"Fine I'll just go somewhere else." She got up and walked past me but I grabbed her wrist softly.
I looked into her eyes and I saw her whole life story, I saw her joys and pains. I read into her and I could feel she read into me.
I stood up and grasped her into my arms, 'Welcome to Pennsylvania'
"Don't forget me." I whispered into her neck, "just don’t' forget me."

Callie's POV

Big white tents covered the landscape. It looked like something out of a movie. Inside the tents would be something from a nightmare. I was dressed in my best even though I knew I had no one to impress. But, unfortunatly, to my parents it was mandatory. Usually I would have declined there orders and went in jeans and a Fall Out Boy shirt but since I had spent one of the most amazing yet painful week of my life with the panic boys, I decided I wouldn't argue.
The goodbye I gave the boys hurt. According to Spencer and Jon, I was the first girl that wasn't 'kicked' out of the bus, which secretly made me happy.

Fact #2873: I love being the first.

Sadly that was the only joy I had saying good bye to Spencer the adorable, Jon the bear, Ryan the charmer and Brendon the indescribable.
I walked inside of the big white tent and I saw all my relatives. Now you might be thinking I would have had a revelation and feel the love from everyone and know in the end everything would be okay. Well I fail to mention that the family reunion was with my mother's side of the family. AKA the bitchy, stuck-up, rich side. Yes, now you understand. I had taken two steps and all of a sudden I felt like I was under a microscope. I guess the glares would have been worse if I wore my jeans and t-shirt instead of this dress I wore to clubs back home. Although this dress looks a lot hotter with fish nets and glow sticks.
We had been late since I couldn't decide what to wear so everyone had already started to eat. I was glad of this because it meant I didn't have to greet everyone at once right away.
"Callie dear!" an elderly lady dressed in what I guess was her Sunday best came towards me.
"Ugh fuck me," I said below my breath and put on my best smile, "Aunt Helen!"
"Callie hon-" her face dropped, "Oh dear, oh dear."
"Is something wrong?" I asked. Was she having a fucking heart attack?
"Everything is fine but since when did you have your lip pierced?" she asked in disgust.
"I got it done this year." I said meekly. Instead of responding she gave me a disapproving look and started to talk to my parents. I stood there insulted and as I took a second look around the room. I could see the same looks being given again but by hundreds of people. Oh and I couldn't forget the whispers and murmurs being exchanged.
"Mom, Dad I'm gonna go for a walk."
"Wait Callie you have to eat." My mother said as she tried to stop me. But it was too late. Anger had sped up my pace.
A steady walk became into a power walk and a power walk turned into a slow jog until I was running. Disappearing had become a habit this week. I had slowed down when my heals began to hurt. I put my hands on my knees and hung my head. As I finally caught my breath, I looked up and saw a pond with willow trees surrounding it. Times like this I wish I had a camera.
I sat by one of the trees finding peace watching the pond. Slowly my eyes closed.
"Callie! Wake up!"
I opened my eyes to see a man to skinny for his height, "Ryan?"
"What are you doing sleeping here?"
"What are you doing. . .here?" I asked in disbelief that he was actually here at my reunion.
"Well the concert ended and I wanted to chat." He said with a cheesy smile.
"Okay now why is the real reason. It's the middle of the night and you come looking for me?"
"Fine. The real reason is that you haven’t been gone 1 day and Brendon is a mess without you. His performance now is just...horrible. The funny thing is he denies ever having feelings for you. Claims that you were just a friend." That hurt me more then saying goodbye to them, "No Callie don’t' make that sad face. I know he cares about you."
"Really then why is he acting like this?" I shouted.
"I don't know." He said meekly.
"You know what Ryan, I wanna see how long he can keep this act up."
"Ryan. Date me."
"What! You're crazy. No."
"Please Ryan. Please!"
"Tell me what good this will do besides having a member of my band hate me."
"He fed me lies on that bus. Pay back is a bitch."
"They weren't lies Callie. He really cares about you."
"He has such a funny way of showing it."
After an awkward silence Ryan opened his mouth, "I'll do it."
"We'll put on a little show for him."
"What made you change your mind?"
"Brendon shouldn't be acting so stupid and your such a wonderful girl, why would he deny it?"
"I-I don't know." I stuttered.
"So how do we start?"
"Let me back on the bus."

With that my plan was in motion. Anger had gotten the best of me and I wasn't sure if I still wanted to go through with this. What if this made Brendon hate me? Oh and not to mention I had totally forgot about Ryan's feelings. On the bus when Brendon was being a jerk I had felt a spark between us but was it as strong as the connection between me and Brendon? I guess I would find out.
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Yeah, i really hate this story.
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