I'm Begging you To stay

I rather play tetris

"What if I say I'll love you forever?" I said with my 'happy eyes'.
"Callie I said no. The only way you leave me is when you go off to collage. Which you will!"
A loud sigh would express my frustration.
"Fine" I said as I stomped up stairs. Childish yes but I didn't get my way and every kid always has some narcissism.
Quickly I dialed Ryan's number, "Hello?" he said in a groggy voice.
"My mother said no. I can't go back on the bus, there for, not being able to go on with our mischievous little plan."
"Oh that’s nice."
"Have you been drinking?" I asked surprised.
"No, terrible cold, I'm suffering like I have cancer. . ."
"You have no idea." He took a deep breath, probably trying to clear his nose, "what's your plan now?"
"I don't know."
"Well while you figure out what your plan is to win Brendon back-"
"That wasn't the plan! I never had Brendon. . ."
"Then what was?"
"I'll just talk to you later."
What was the point? If I did get back on the bus and was able to see Brendon again, what would I be hoping for? A relationship? Never. Long distance never worked. Not even with a rock star.
I walked into the kitchen to see that we had nothing to eat. I had been craving a smoothie so I decided that I would drive to Fruit-and-slurp and get me a strawberry banana smoothie.
The door bell rang as I walked into the brightly painted store. Only a short line was present at the cash register so I took my place in the back.
"Callie." A familiar British accent said.
I spun around, "Caleb?"
"I miss you so much. I heard you were out of town." His eyes I had lost myself in... once again.
"I was at a family reunion." It was suddenly hard to keep my brain on one thought.
Note to self: Sometimes it is better to stop thinking then to over analyze. Take a deep breath and let it out slow.

"Yea I heard," he paused looked down to his feet, "So how you been, I tried to call you a couple times."
"You only called me once." I corrected.
"No I left you two messages."
"You left me one. . ."
"NEXT IN LINE" The cashier said with annoyance.
I stepped back and walked out of the Fruit-and-Slurp, the sun dilating my eyes.
"Where are you going?"
Being in Caleb's presence was just too much to handle. I had to get out. Get into a wide open space, maybe things would stop to spin.
"You said you left me two messages?"
"Yea, Callie are you okay?"
"Yea I'm fine."
"Do you need to sit down?"
"No Caleb. What I need is for you to leave. Your great at that remember."
"Callie you still can't be mad at me for living. You know I was, I told you at the beginning of our little relationship."
"LITTLE!? Caleb I seriously doubt that you understand how I feel about you and me right now."
"Yes I do! I care for you just as much as you care for me!"
Ugh, that accent. You can't judge me for falling for the guy; let's remember I'm only human.
"Care for you? No I love-loved you." My statement left him wide eyed, "I have to go."
"No wait, I haven't seen you in months."
"I rather play that stupid boring game tetris then stay here and be with you." I rolled my eyes and walked away but before I got out of ear distance he shouted something back at me.
"Well then can you tell me where you really were? Family reunion doesn’t seem like a scene Callie Green would take part in."

Note to self: Sarcasm is such a bitch.
♠ ♠ ♠
I rather play tetris.
Wow. I dislike Callie.