I'm Begging you To stay

Pillow fights are lovely

Callie Green. She was worse then a plague. She had entered and left my life so quickly. She made me feel things I haven't felt for any other girl. Ever. I didn't know how hard it would be to coup. I wanted her not to leave. I wanted her to stay with me. But she did leave and she left me. Of course I knew it wasn't her fault but I needed her. She was so different. She understood my humor, emotions, she understood me.
I didn't know if this was love. I didn't know it'd make me feel so sick.
Could you call me love sick?
I'd say she was only my friend and that's how things were always.
I'd say I had no interest in her.
But the truth was.
I never saw her as just my friend.
I had plenty of interest in her.

I lied, hoping maybe, just maybe I'd start feeling that way.
I lied hoping that the guys wouldn't feel sorry for me, pity me.
I hated that Ryan talked to her more then I did when she was gone.
I hated that she was gone.
I've noticed I've been ranting a damn lot ever since she left as well as talking to myself.
Callie Green was a wonderful sickness.
I walked into her hotel room after dinner hoping I'd confess everything to her. My past, my present, my future, my feelings for her and my hopes of what we could become. I wanted her to listen and I wanted to listen to her. To my surprise, Ryan was in her room talking to her. I had caught her attention and she began to grin and blush slightly, "Hey guys. What's shakin'?"
"Nothing, Ry and I were just talking about home."
"Where are you from anyways?"
"We're actually driving there." She said matter-of-factly.
"Indiana, I was wondering how you got here so early."
She gave a faint giggle, "Yup, which was a surprise. I could have waited at home for tomorrow instead of buying a ticket out here."
"Well we all couldn't wait to see you." I gave a big cheesy smile.
She rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue at me, "Hold the CHEESE Brendon."
"I am not being so cheesy." We locked gazes as I swept over to her side and sat on the bed. I kissed the tip of her nose. This must have upset Ryan because he stormed out of the room lightening fast, "What got into him?"
She shrugged, "So are you excited to play in Indiana?"
"It's kinda routine now. I never really get nervous anymore. But of course I'm always excited to go out there and shake my butt in front of hundreds of screaming teeny bobbers."
"Pedophile." She teased. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at her as punishment.
I meant for the throw to hit her and for her to pout about it but instead she grabbed the pillow and started to give me fluffy blows to my head.
"TRUCE! TRUCE!" she had no mercy and kept hitting me, "PILLOWS ARE FOR PEACE NOT WAR REMEMBER?" this made her stop and smile down at me. Somehow she had climbed on top of me.
"Awe, you remembered."
"Yes and you'd do well to remember that piece of advice." I lectured as I helped myself up a bit, her still straddling herself on my lap.
She played with my hair, "Games, games." She whispered.
"Nothing. . ." she kept twisting locks of my hair trying not to make eye contact.
"Tell me." I grasped her hips. She had no escape.
She finally made eye contact. I wish she hadn't, I saw fury in those two blue marbles she called eyes, "Why bother, we're just friends, right?!"
How'd she known I had said that, "We have no claim on each other now-" she tried to get up but I wouldn't let her, "Listen."
"Why? I know what you're going to say." A tiny cry from the lamb.
"Callie, I love you!" it came out so quickly. I had developed these emotions so quickly. It was love at first sight. As impossible to me as it seemed, it had happened.
"Really?" she asked shocked.
"Yes. I only said those things because I wasn't ready for you to leave. I said them because I thought I was foolish for thinking you'd ever feel the same for me. I thought if you had the same feelings, you would have stayed-"
"I wanted too!" she argued.
"I know. I was just being...Brendon."
"I guess I should have figured." She gave a half smile. "Brendon?"
"I love you too." I hadn't expected her to say it back. I hadn't expected her to fall for me like I had for her . . . but it felt great!
"Yes, really." She answered. I gave her a passionate kiss and tugged her hips closer to mine.
Callie's POV
Something had taken over me. I don't know if it was love or the excitement I felt between us but it made me lift the edges of Brendon's shirt above his head. He looked at me bewildered.
"Are you sure?" he asked. It was sweet he cared. I nodded and kissed him.
He lifted my shirt above my head and started to make a line of kisses from my mouth to the hollow of my neck. A small moan escaped my lips. His hands were warm against my skin as he flipped me onto my back. I unzipped my jeans and did him the favor of unzipping his. He kept nibbling and biting at my neck. Tomorrow there defiantly be a mark.
I'd never thought of having sex. Besides the times I was with Caleb but he never quiet gave interest in the matter.
A place of my body that I never had explored before started to ache as Brendon's greedy hands went down into my pants. Another moan that came out like a gasp escaped my mouth.
Soon we had no clothes on. The covers were never an option. Everything was still except for us. We moved to the pounding of our heartbeats and soon the room became hot and sticky. Our bodies became sweaty and no longer were we two people making love but two people combined in one.
Pain filled me first and slowly it turned to intense pleasure. I heard sex was a painful and disgusting act.
Note to self: Fuck health class.
It was natural. It was beautiful. It was right.
♠ ♠ ♠
I should have put a warning or something.