I'm Begging you To stay

Best friends? Since when?

In cliché stories, I'd finish my cup of scotch. Then she'd light a cigarette and leave her red lipstick mark around the tip of it, the nicotine practically killing the smell of sweat in the air. In cliché stories...
I felt her tremble a bit after we finish. Her cheeks were still flushed, I couldn't tell if it was from the heat in the room or the shyness of me being able to see her body. My back ached and my lips were raw. I considered a shower but I didn't want to risk loosing the taste of her.
"What time is it?"
"Time for you to get a watch."
She scrunched her nose at me and shoved my arm a bit, "I have no will to go on a bus back to Indiana."
"I have no will to go anywhere at the moment. I quiet fine right here." I gave her a cheesy smile.
She blushed and took the pillow she was resting on and covered herself, "You. Are not nice."
"I simply admire."
She extended her arm around me and rested her head on my chest, her small hands still trembling. The scent of her hair made me wild but I was far to tired to go at it again.
"I'm going to shower, I feel gross."
"Are you calling me gross?" I joked.
"No, but you sweat like crazy..."
"I can't help it. My sweat is going to be worth millions one day. I'd appreciate my perspiration."
She smiled, then giggled and finally plain laugh out loud, "Honey, don't get your hopes up." She kissed me and closed the door to the bathroom.
I stretched and went in search for my boxers with the duckies on them and my jeans. I found them hiding underneath my socks. I put them on and sat on the bed to put on my socks.
"Callie we're-Brendon?"
"Hey man." I didn't know if him seeing me like this would be a good thing.
"Where's Callie? Why are you half undress-" he cut himself off. He put the puzzle pieces together and figured it out.
"Ryan you don't-" before I could finish my sentence he stormed out of the room. I was so stupid. It never occurred to me about Ryan having feelings for Callie but it all did make sense once I started to think about it.
The constant phone calls.
When she was on the bus, the last couple of days they were inseparable.
The way he made sure Callie would come back on the bus.
How could I have been so stupid?
"Who was that?" Callie asked as she walked out of the bathroom running a towel through her hair.
Ryan's POV
SEX! S-E-X, of all the things to do in the hours between her arriving and leaving to Indiana, they just had to have sex!
Jealously, I'd never experienced this much of it. I was down right green. I didn’t know what I was more mad about. The fact that Brendon and Callie had sex or that Callie had sex with Brendon.
Yes those are two different things.
I couldn't handle being in the presence of them both with each other. It was too much to bear. I took a walk around the back of the hotel passed the pool. The trees had branches like veins. I knew I'd end up getting lost in the large forest.
Note to self: Try to know how big the wildlife area is before you go stampeding into it.
Is it me, or do you not expect a forest behind a fucking hotel?
Finally the soles of my feet were aching and I didn't have the strength to walk over anymore branches, leaves or puddles of brown sticky mud.
I found a large log and sat down giving my legs a rest.
"What the hell are you doing all the way out fucking here?"
"I've been following you for the past like 20 minutes."
"I wanted to talk to you. . .about what Brendon told you."
"He didn't tell me anything." I spat.
"Why are you being so difficult?" she asked coyly.
"Then why'd you even come here?" She was shocked at the volume of my voice.
She walked towards me and wrapped her arms around me. Sadly I could smell Brendon on her even after she'd showered. "I love you Ryan. You're my best friend."
"Yeah. I love you to."
Best friend...?
♠ ♠ ♠
Brendon or Ryan?