I'm Begging you To stay

Because I can not choose...

"Ryan, I need for life to be predictable. I don't need anymore surprises. I came looking for an adventure and fuck, I found one. But now all I need is a family."
"You have one." He protested.
"That's not what I mean." I said. "I need this family. Spencer, Jon, Brendon and you."
"Do you ever think people build a bond like this in seconds? I mean we've known each other for a month maybe even two, who knew?" he expressed, staring off into the brush.
"I found myself. Here, with all of you." I admitted. "You couldn’t possibly understand how good it feels."
"Then why do you starve yourself?" he said it so blankly. As if he found nothing wrong with uttering those words out loud.
I stood up from the log we rested on, "Don't be stupid. I told you. I'm over that part of my life-"
He came at me with venom in his voice, "Yet you still refuse to eat! Have you noticed I haven't seen you eat more then a chip maybe a piece of Brendon's food here or there?" I started at him, frightened. "No you wouldn't have noticed. Maybe you should realize you're not hurting yourself anymore Callie. You're hurting me too."
I threw him a sharp look.
He was right. I was starving myself.
I didn't feel lost anymore but fuck I still felt unreal.
I needed something to keep me on earth.
Something to remind me I was still alive.
I needed to feel something other then confusion, heartache and longing.
"I don't mean to hurt you Ryan. I don't me to hurt anyone."
He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look him in the eye,
"Callie, you see me as a brother, a friend, someone that's always here for you..." he rested his hands on my shoulders, he was towering over me but it wasn't threatening it was...secure. "-but could you ever really love me? Could you ever be in love with me?"
I opened my mouth, not knowing what to say. My heart was beating faster then I thought possible. I shut my eyes and began to spill the truth but-
♠ ♠ ♠
Okay, so whatever.
I hated this Fan Fiction. If you liked it then I applaud you.
Here's a treat for all of you people that really don't know who Callie would have chosen because she's really fucked.