I'm Begging you To stay

Revenge Is dish best served Cold

"Well here's the famous Panic! Tour bus." The bus was covered with guy stuff, guy style and 3 or 4 playboy magazines on the coffee table that one of the band members tried to hide the second Callie walked in. "Guys this is Callie!" I smiled and nodded my head, "This is Ryan, Spencer and Jon."
"Brendon can we talk to you?" Ryan questioned. For some reason I knew the topic they were going to talk about was Callie, "Brendon!"
"What Ryan?"
"Another girl on the bus!? How long have you known this girl for?"
"Not very...."
"Remember the last girl who you let on the bus?" the last girl I let on the bus ended up stealing all of our spoons. It wasn't my fault though! I just need to get a breath of fresh air; see a different face then the guys. In total I let about 10 random girls on the bus so far. It wasn't because I was attracted to any of them; hell, I never slept with any of them and I never wanted to, it was just that I needed to talk to someone I knew wouldn't judge me or couldn't judge me.
"Look, just give her a chance." I pleaded
"Fine but she better not steal shit like the last one!" Ryan said sharply.
"I have a feeling that she is different then the rest." With that last statement I went back in to the part of the bus that Callie was in.
"I have a feeling the boys don't want me here..." I saw the disappointment in her eyes.
"No no, it's fine! Trust me they really don't mind!" she smiled happily but as quick as she smiled she frowned again, "What's the matter?"
"What is it?"
"I don't have my clothes!" Luckily we were still at the stop and able to get her clothes.
"Fine let's go to your car then."
"NO! Remember my parents don't exactly know I am coming with you remember?!"
"Right....I knew that." So I lied....
"I'll sneek to my car and get my bag you just keep look out ok?"
Ryan's POV
"Another girl on the bus...how fun!" I stated sarcastically
"Dude she doesn't seem all bad." Spencer said
"Look Brendon needs to learn his lesson, he can't take in strangers!"
"Fine but how are we gonna do that?" Jon questioned
"This Callie girl doesn't seem like she would steal stuff...we need a different girl."
"Fine then we have to wait till this girl leaves."
"Spencer! I can't wait that long!" I looked out the mirror and saw Callie crawling on the gravel slowly reaching her car, "I have an idea." I walked out side of the bus and hopped on top of a caramel colored Lincoln car. As loud as I could I belted, "HEY CALLIE WHERE YOU GOING? WE'RE LEAVING BETTER HURRY IF YOUR GONNA COME!" Two adults, one looking like Malibu Barbie and the other looking like Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210, turned around quickly searching for there daughter. But just as fast as they turned around Callie laid flat as a board against the floor. Damn! They missed her! I hopped down of the hood of the car and was greeted by a fist.
"What the hell man!"
"Awe Brendons' scared his precious Callie was gonna get caught." Again another punch but this time was to my stomach.
"What's your problem? What do you have against Callie?"
"Then what's your deal?"
"My deal is that you have to learn you can't have everything you see!" his eyes lighted and he clenched his fist again. I awaited a hit but got a hand on the shoulder.
"Ryan I thought you were over Lisa?"
"Brendon she was my girlfriend for over 3 years and you come up and sweep her away from me? How the hell am I suppose to get over that?"
"Ryan! Have you realized that she didn't put a very hard fight to come with me? Dude you deserved more."
"Then why did you want her?" he looked down at his feet
"Because I thought she wanted me..." Brendon replied below a whisper. I understood what he meant. Lisa was mostly about looks, her green eyes and long dark brown hair made her seem like a goddess but on the inside...lets just say a puddle was deeper then her, "Please just give her a chance?"
This wasn't over, I was still in love with Lisa when he took her and I wanted him to know the hurt that comes with that. I knew he was falling for Callie...now to take her away.
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