I'm Begging you To stay

Table two. Love for three.

There we stayed in each others arms kissing passionately as the frost from the pool danced in the light radiating off the light of the water. As our lips separated to catch our breath he noticed my lips were blue and I was covered in goose bumps.
"I think we should get out before it gets colder."
"No... I wanna stay." I whined
"Callie your lips are blue!"
"I don't care; I just don't want things to change." I looked at his chest trying not make eye contact. He lifted my chin and kissed me lightly.
"Nothings gonna change, I promise. I'm gonna go back to the bus and get you a towel because if you step out you'll freeze more then you are now." I nodded not being able to talk. My jaw was chattering more rapid by the second. As I got off Brendon's lap and let him get out I dived down to smooth out the bumps in my hair. As I rose back up I was greeted by two familiar eyes. I screamed in surprise.
"It's fine. It's only me."
"Ryan! What the hell are you doing out here?"
"I think the question is, how long have I been watching."
"Have you been spying on me?" I said in disgust
He stuck out his hand and brushed my cheek which made me back away from the edge, "Awe Callie when will you realize?"
"Realize what?" I asked curiously
"Callie, Callie Brendon is using you. You’re his girl of the week and nothing more. I have seen it oh to many times." I started to see red but I pushed my anger back because I realized who I was talking to.
"You're lying-"
"I'm I?"
"Ryan?" we both lashed our heads to the side to find Brendon standing in pajama pants carrying a towel. As I turned my head back at Ryan I saw him smirking towards Brendon as if he knew something I didn't. Maybe he was telling the truth....
"Hey Brendon, I just saw Callie out her and thought she needed help," he looked back at me with hungry eyes, "But I see you have taken care of that." He stood up and brushed by Brendon in the act of hitting his shoulder. Brendon just regained his balanced and walked towards me.
"Here Cal." I took the hand he offered and pushed myself back up. When I was out of the pool and face to face with Brendon I could see his lips were still pink from all the "exercise" they had gotten earlier. I giggled embraced the fluffy towel around me.
"I think we should get out of here before the owner comes back down again."
"I think so to." As Brendon and I walked out of the backyard I had to ask him,
"Why what?"
"Well why did or how did you know how to let me breath through your mouth underwater back there?"
"This one movie..." I had to laugh at his source of knowledge, "Why do you ask?"
"Just starting conversation." Okay I lied but I couldn't tell him that it was amazing to be that close to him...is that weird? "So why did you do it?"
"I didn't want us to get caught... and I felt bad for dragging you down."
"Speaking of that! You will pay!"
"Will I?" I nodded, "What are you gonna do?" we were a couple feet from the bus and it would be a quick sprint to reach the bus door.
"This!" I sprinted towards the bus door with Brendon quickly gaining on me.
"Hope you like sleeping outside!"
"Callie please open the door its cold!"
"So was the water!"
"Please!" he said with the best puppy face I had ever since in my life. I couldn't resist, I swung the door open and tackled him to the little strip of green lawn right next to the sidewalk and curb. I planted my lips on his and once I was out of breath I got of him and attempted to run back inside but Brendon caught my waist and swung me around in a circle making me bust out in a fit of giggles. Three words wanted to escape my mouth but I kept them inside knowing it was too early to tell for sure but I was 99.9 percent sure I was correct.
I. Love. You.
As I stepped onto the bus again I heard Spencer whining about something,
"Turn it off! Please! Turn it off!" I listen to the quite sounds of the bus anticipating for the sound Spencer was talking about.
'I like where we are when we drive in your car....'
It was my cell phone. I searched through my le sport sac purse to find my Helio. As the top flashed a name I dreaded.
Do I answer it? Do I hang up? Do I let it ring? Shit shit shit!

Note to self: if you escape to travel with famous band, TURN OFF YOUR DAMN CELL PHONE!

Finally after Hellogoodbye stopped ring the top of my phone flashed;
156 missed calls
56 text messages
80 voice mails

Thanks mom for running up my bill!
"Who was it?" Brendon asked. I tucked the phone behind me to hide the number of things I had missed.
"My friend, she probably thinks I'm dead by now....she has really bad anxiety issues."

Lies! They were all lies! They all came out so easy! But I don't want him to send me back! Would he?

"Are you okay?" Brendon asked
"Yup I'm fine." He just gave me a weird look and informed me he would be sleeping in his bunk if I needed him. I nodded my head in responds and sat on the couch listening to and reading all the things my parents had left.
The last voice mail I had gotten was different from all the rest. Caleb. My heart fluttered and my cheeks blushed! If summer love was real then winter love was to! Caleb made me feel so special and I guess he remembered me! I remember as me and my best friend Kelly entered Walmart to buy all the necessities we needed to make enough Cupcakes for our class bake sell; I needed to run to the feminine product aisle to buy some girly needs, if you catch my drift. Unfortunately the tampons and condoms are in the same aisle. As I approached the Pearl Tampons, Caleb approached the Trojan condoms directly in back of me. Once we grabbed our products we turned at the same time ending up bumping each other in the head and tumbling towards the floor, oh and our products flying in the air! I pushed my self to a sitting position to see who I collided with and saw the most beautiful guy. As he looked back at me my cheeks blushed vigorously! I looked to my right and saw my tampon box lying on the floor next to me making me hide my face into my hands.
"Whoa! What the hell happened?" Kelly said stomping down the aisle. I took her hand and stood up and helping Caleb up once I was.
"I'm Caleb." He said acting coy
"Callie." I responded
"Well Callie, how bout we forget about our spills and grab some coffee." I looked at Kelly for approval and she gave me an accepting look. From there I learned his name, where he was from and when he would be leaving...
Was he back?
♠ ♠ ♠
Meet Caleb.
Caleb is madly in love with Callie Green will go to all ends
to get back what he once had. He also likes to make girls
swoon with his hot british accent which is all natural.
He comes from England and that's where he left to.
Now he's back. Are you ready?