I'm Begging you To stay

Boys and their toys.

Callie's POV
"Callie Elizabeth Green!"
"Hey dad..."
"Where are you?" I could hear the anger in his voice.
"Is mom with you?"
"She's in the bathroom. I have you know we are a day or two away from the reunion!"
"You're already in Pennsylvania?"
"Callie we couldn't wait for you!"
"Thanks dad." I said. I had to admit I was disappointed. What would have happened if I were kidnapped?
"Callie where are you?"
"Do you remember that one band I love?"
"Yeah Panic At the frisco."
"What? No."
"No. Dad."
"Backstreet Boys?"
"NO! Dad Panic at the disco."
"Right! What does that have to do with anything."
"I kind of met them. The lead singer offered to take me to the reunion with him since we were going the same way."
"Callie!" wow. He was yelling.
"Dad I'm sorry I had to. When would I ever get another chance like this?"
"It's only till we get to Pennsylvania."
"How far are you?"
"Might be a couple days."
"If your not there by Friday I have to call the police and have them search for you Callie! I'm not kidding."
"Daddy you're letting me stay!?"
"I guess so..."
"What about mom?"
"I'll deal with your mother. Be careful. Please Callie be responsible!"
"I promise! Love you!" this was why I loved him more then I would ever love my mother! I sighed and walked back to the bus. We had stopped for gas and snacks at a near by gas station.
"Jon!" I had caught Jon looking at those dirty magazines I had spotted the day I came onto the bus.
"I was just looking I swear!"
"Callie does this match my eyes?" Spencer questioned as he giggled to himself. My eyes grew narrow.
"Spencer take off my bra."
"Oh but Callie it looks sexy on me."
"Spencer you're going to stretch it!"
"Hey Beautiful!" Ryan had walked onto the bus, snuck up behind me and wrapped me in his arm pulling me closer to him by tugging at my hips.
"Ryan! Get off of me!"
"Callie you smell good."
"Creep get off!"
"Uhhhhhhhhh....." Spencer stopped dancing in my bra, Jon stopped trying to hide the millions of magazines spread on the table and Ryan stopped moving but refused to let go still, "What is going on?"
"Brendon. Can you get this thing off me?!" I asked. Ryan let go and took a step back. Brendon put a bag full of chips and other things on the table and walked past all of the commotion but before reaching the bunk area he turned back around, "Hey Spence."
"Nice Bra." My eyes grew wide and a smirk came on my face. Spencer just plastered a big smile on his face and started rubbing the bra where the nipple area was. I think he enjoyed himself more in that bra then I did.
"Callie lets talk."
"Ryan. Please no more games."

Ryan's POV
Inside of me I felt revenge wanting to spew out of me but when I just looked at her, when I just talked to her, thinking about being near her changed everything! Why was she so keen with Brendon? If he knew the truth about him, if I could just tell her why. It didn't matter. Brendon had to learn I wasn't a push over anymore. He was a brother to me but love always has pain.
"I promise Callie no more games. Just words." She sighed contemplating weather to believe me or not.
"Fine." We took a seat at the back of the bus where no one was.
"So Callie..."
"So Ryan...."
"Why aren't you nervous?"
"I mean most girls meeting the Panic boys aren't so calm around us."
"I admit I was a bit star struck at first."
"Yeah, until you became an asshole."
"Me?" Great, I was an asshole.

Note to self: When trying to win over who could potentially be the love of your life, don't let her think of you as an asshole, douche, mother fucker, jerk or anything else vulgar.

"Yes you Ryan! What is it with you? Do you like Drama?"
"No." I said quietly as I hung my head
"Then what is it?" I looked her in the eye and I felt a trust I hadn't before. I knew I could tell her why but it was just not the right time.
I turned my head and kissed her on the cheek. A kiss that was more then friendly, defiantly meant something but wasn't threatening, "Nothing Callie Green." I got up and walked to my bunk where I pulled on my head phones and laid my covers over my face.

Callie's POV

I lifted my knees to my chin.
Ryan Ross...
♠ ♠ ♠
Callie sucks.