I'm Begging you To stay

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I found Callie at the back of the bus by her self, her knees to her chin, with a blank stare.
"What's up?"
"Just thinking." She replied.
"Just things." That’s awfully vague.
"Okay...anything unparticular?" I questioned. Just then Ryan climbed out of his bunk, giving a clear view of his bare back. Callie's eyes studied him and I could feel the color of my face turn red. To get out of her trance I kissed her cheek hoping for more attention, "Callie? Hello?"
"Sorry, sorry just spaced out is all."
"Bet you were." I mumbled to myself.
"What?" she asked.

Rule # 134: Never mumble when near people they will question your statement which could potentially cause embarrassment.

"Brendon are you okay?" I nodded as a responds, "Are you sure?" I nodded once more which infuriated her, "Fine then talk to me when you're ready." She walked to the front of the bus with the rest of the band. Wasn't she the one being vague?

'I like where we are when we drive...'

I looked to my right and sitting right next me was Callie's cell phone. Being curious I looked at the screen which read:

Hmmm why the heart next to his name?

I couldn't help but feel angry! Was there someone she was with? Another fling perhaps? Before I knew it my eyes laid upon the message this Caleb had sent her.

Hey Cal,
Miss you a lot. Listen 2 ur voice mail.

Miss you? Miss you?! What. The. Fuck. I did just as that little bastard said. I clicked her voice messages and listened to the first one.

'Hey Callie I miss you sooo much! I keep replaying the day we met over and over in my head. I still remember how you giggle every time I kissed your hand. I still remember how your hair smelled when we held each other at the beach watching the sun set even though it was freezing cold since it was winter! Hell I even remember how you love sour patch kids. Callie, what I'm trying to say is that I really do...love you," I gripped the cell phone harder trying to resist the urge to throw it across the bus,

"Press one to save, press 3 to delete, press 5 to replay." The voice said. I knew I shouldn't but would Callie leave me for this Caleb? Was he better then me? I don't want to lose Callie... I pressed 3.
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