A New Beginning

The Morning After

“Ok, Syn and Zacky, pay up.” Jimmy laughed.

I felt my eyes open and focus on the people in the room. All the guys were standing around a smiling Jimmy. Issuing groans, the two guys got out their wallets and started dishing out money to Jimmy. I was a little confused at this point and pulled the sheets closer to me. Johnny noticed that I was awake and threw a look of disgust at me.

“God, how can my sister be a whore? You’re going back to what you had before this. I’m not providing life for a slut.” He seethed.

“Thanks Layla, you just got me 500 bucks for sleeping with me before Matt.”

I was about to argue violently, when I looked under the covers to see that I had no clothes on. But I remembered last night so vividly and we didn’t do anything? Why did none of this make any sense?

“Oh, to make another thing known, I never liked you at all. Fuck, I didn’t think it would be that easy to get you in the sack. I mean, look at you? Why would I want you when I could have any girl out there.”

My breathing became staggered as I struggled to keep myself calm, but it was useless. Tears were streaming down my face as I looked at my brother for assistance. He was still sending me glares of disgust and wasn’t about to help me. The guys all looked at me as if I was a pile of filth that shouldn’t even be in their presence. My sobs grew louder which sent them laughing. Their laughter soon engulfed my crying so it became the only sound in the room. They closed in on the bed and started whispering little things that sickened me.


“Go home.”

“No one will ever love you.”


“Fucking pathetic.”


I felt someone shake me, which made my eyes instantly pop open. Jimmy was hovering over me with a concerned emotion emanating from his crystal blue eyes. Glancing around me I found myself still in his arms but alone with him. Realizing it was just a horrible dream, I settled back down. Jimmy ran his thumb down my cheek, calming me down more.

“Layla, what’s the matter?” he asked nuzzling into my neck.

“I had the worst dream ever, but it seemed so real. All of you guys hated me and you won a bet for sleeping with me. It scared me to death.” I whispered.

He removed himself from my neck and gave me a shocked look.

“Well I don’t know why you would have a dream about that. We all love you very much and never want you to leave us. I want to be able to hold you for more then one night.”

Looking into his eyes, I could see all the honesty he had to offer. His little speech made me giggle.

“As much as I find that amazingly cute Jimmy, I’ll take some crackers with that cheese.” I smirked.

He feigned a hurt look and pouted his lips.

“Why must you always shoot down my very romantic lines? They come from here.” He said pointing to his heart.

“Yeah, but they traveled north from here.”

As I said this, I let my finger trace the elastic band of his boxers. His head tilted back as his deep laughter filled the room. When he looked back at me, lust filled his vision. Even though I had been the first one to make a move last night, my nerves were still there as his lips closed in on mine. The warm tenderness of his lips mixed with the harsh metal piercing enhanced the pleasure I was currently feeling. Wanting to be closer to him, I pressed my body against his and continued to let my fingertips dance around his pelvic bone. My tongue grazed his bottom lip as I tried to gain entrance. He wouldn’t budge for me at all, which earned him an aggravated moan. This kiss was slightly broken as I felt him smirk against my lips. I could tell that he loved the fact that I didn’t get my way. If he was doing this, then I could definitely return it. Without warning him, I pulled my hand away and placed it back on my side. In retaliation, he closed whatever gap existed between our bodies. My top leg instinctively wrapped around his waist bringing my body as close to his as possible without actually having sex. Jimmy’s hand moved over and grabbed my upper thigh. It slowly moved over my ass and settled on the small of my back. At this point our tongues were both fighting for dominance with no clear winner. Jimmy moved his hand so that it was fingering the thin material of my boy shorts. As his pinky skimmed underneath the top, my stomach muscles clenched. Sensing this, Jimmy stopped all of his actions.

“Baby, what?” Jimmy said huskily.

How could I put this easily to Jimmy? I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal, but he had to know.

“Jimmy,” I started, “I’m a, gosh…”

His forehead crinkled up in a quizzical expression, but his eyes doubled when he caught my drift.

“Layla, are you a virgin?” he asked quietly.

I nodded my head slowly, almost like I was ashamed of it. Focusing on anything but Jimmy, I started to pick at a spot on the sheets. Cupping my chin in his hand, he raised my head so that I was staring at him again. His previous emotion had been replaced by one of warmth. He placed a light kiss on my nose to prove his point.

“Layla, I don’t care that you’re a virgin. If makes you more appealing. Knowing that I’ll be your first will make it that much better. Whenever you’re ready let me know because I do not want to pressure you at all.”

I gave him an appreciative smile and snuggled into his chest. Putting an ear to the rising mass beneath me, I concentrated on Jimmy’s heartbeat. It was music to my ears. Unfortunately, very loud shouting from downstairs interrupted my concert. Jimmy and I exchanged concerned glances as the shouting grew louder. I scrambled through the bathroom doors to put on a pair of sweat pants before I joined Jimmy on the stairs. He raised a finger to his lips as he pulled me toward him. Wrapping an arm around my waist, we settled down to listen in on the shouting match going on downstairs. By the voices yelling, I determined that Matt and Johnny were arguing.

“I don’t ever want you alone with her ever! If you find that happening, either leave or make her go with someone. I don’t think I can ever trust you with her again.” Johnny said with an eerie calmness about his voice.

There was a slight pause before Matt answered.

“Dude, I just don’t know what came over me. I want to say it was a mistake, but it really wasn’t. Layla is a really beautiful girl who can get anyone she wants. I’ll stop talking now because my jaw is killing me.” He seethed.

I felt Jimmy’s body tense up next to me. Looking at his face I saw his eyes gleam black as he soaked up Matt’s words. He was defending me from a person I thought I could trust. I could never thank him enough for saving me from something potentially horrifying. Squeezing his thigh, I brought back Jimmy from the harsh emotions that had been taking over him. He shook himself awake in time to hear Johnny’s reaction.

“Yeah, I heard how Sullivan gave you a good hit. He was only looking out for Layla just like I asked him to. I’m sure he didn’t mean any of it.”

Matt scoffed at this. It seemed that he thought different.

“Yeah, talk about random. He seemed way too pissed off then he should have been. Johnny, I’m really sorry that it went over like this.” Matt said.

“Well I’m inclined to believe you, but Layla knows what your intentions were so she might not be so warm and open to you for awhile. I thought I heard her stir a few minutes ago, so I think that you should leave before she sees you here.”

Without saying good-bye, Matt walked out the front door and left. I was about to tell Jimmy about going down separately, but Johnny beat me to it.

“You’re clear to come on down guys, he’s gone.” Johnny chuckled from the kitchen.

Jimmy and I looked at each other sheepishly before we made our way down the stairs. Johnny had his back facing us as he sat at a bar stool on the island in the kitchen. Jimmy went to the other side of the table and I took a spot next to my brother. He was kneading his forehead to relieve himself from the stress that Matt had brought into the house. Rubbing his back, I tried to show him that the situation wasn’t horrible. Johnny glanced at me and searched my eyes for any answers that would help him.

“What are your feelings on this baby sister?”

I laughed as he asked me about this. Despite the fact that Matt only wanted to get in my pants, I had a pleasant disposition on the ordeal.

“Well, at least I saw Matt’s true colors early in the game.” I said honestly.

He smiled at me, obviously glad that I wasn’t hurt much by the display of testosterone from Matt. Johnny looked at Jimmy and raised an eyebrow, silently asking him the same question.

“I feel the same way as you do Johnny. Matt can’t get too close to or be alone with her. If you don’t care, I’d like to help you out by being her…bodyguard, if you will.” Jimmy smirked.

While Johnny agreed to this, I stared at Jimmy. I was amused with his sneaky attempt to spend time with me. He noticed that I caught on and winked at me when Johnny wasn’t paying attention. Lets just say that I wasn’t opposed to having Jimmy watch over me.

“Jimmy, what a friend you are. I can’t believe you are willing to keep my sister out of the hands of perverted men who want what is in her pants. I trust you Jimmy.”

I felt my stomach clench up as Johnny said this. Watching Jimmy’s reactions to this I could tell that he felt the same way I did. I can only imagine how guilty Jimmy is feeling right now. Betraying a friend’s trust by falsely guarding his sister by being with her? Now that was shady, but what Jimmy and I had felt right. Johnny would have to accept it when, and if, he found out about us. Which reminds me, what exactly are Jimmy and I?
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