A New Beginning

What Are We?

Johnny left the room to go take a shower, which gave me much needed time to talk with Jimmy about “us”. The sounds of rushing water told me that now was the moment to speak with him. I found Jimmy sitting on the back deck of the house staring at the ocean. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I placed my chin on his shoulder and watched the water with him.

“Layla, what’s the matter?” Jimmy asked still watching the water.

“Nothing’s wrong. Why do ask?” I responded with a little lie.

“Well, for the short time I’ve known you, I’ve found out that you click your nails when you’re deep in thought. So what’s troubling you?”

Before I answered I looked down at my fingers to see that I was pinching them as I clicked my nails. Had I not been trying to speak my mind, I would have mentioned how adorable he was for noticing something like that. I may as well tell him since he brought it up.

“Jimmy, what are we.” I whispered into his ear.

He sighed heavily as he heard me ask this. I don’t know if he was hurt by it or if he didn’t want to face it. My head was spinning aw I awaited his answer. Squeezing my hand tightly, he pulled me around the chair and sat me down in his lap. I could now see the expression that he had on his face, or lack thereof. He didn’t make eye contact, but he seemed to be thinking very hard about this to find the right words.

“Well, there is definitely no way that I could end this now, or ever.” He said with a smirk.

I exhaled in relief as he said that. Jimmy’s silence had really put me on edge for a minute.

“Layla, I’m sure you know how I feel about going behind Johnny’s back. I would never do anything to compromise his trust in me. But this is going to be the only exception. As for what we are, well, I would like to ride this out and see where it takes us before we get any deeper. This is going to have to be our little secret.”

I couldn’t help but hide my excitement. Jimmy nuzzled into my neck and began humming the song Dirty Little Secret. I chuckled at his choice in song, but laughed harder as he nibbled at the ticklish spot on my neck. Grabbing his face from my neck I moved him so that he was looking into my eyes. Jimmy wore the biggest, shit-eating grin on his face. How could I say no to that face?

“Obviously, I’m ticklish there.” I told Jimmy as my lips brushed his.

“I could see that. Where else might my darling Layla be ticklish?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” I informed him.

“Then I guess I have to find out don’t I?”

He attacked me with his lips before I could respond with a witty comeback. With this kiss, he easily let me in control of the moment. I swung my other leg around his waist so that I was straddling him. As he ran his fingers down my legs, he settled them at my knees. The second the touched the skin behind my knees, I involuntarily ground up against him. I didn’t plan on him actually finding another sensitive spot and I’m sure he didn’t either. He took advantage of the new soft spot by repeatedly stoking the vulnerable area. Not wanting to break the heated kiss, all I could do was react the way I normally would to that kind of touch. With all the grinding that was going on, I wasn’t surprised to feel Jimmy grow hard against me. He pulled away with an upset groan.

“Fuck, Layla. I have to go because this thing needs to be dealt with now!”

Setting me on my feet, he went inside the house before Johnny could see the growing problem. I sat in the chair that Jimmy had just occupied and realized I was still out of breath.

“God, the things that man could do to me.” I whispered.
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