A New Beginning

The L Word

Third Person POV

Jimmy’s worst nightmare had come true. Not only had the guys taken a liking to Derrick, but Layla also showed her feelings for him. He would sulk in the corner constantly whenever Derrick dropped by to visit Layla. Johnny would always hint about how Derrick was a nice boy. This, of course, pleased Layla to no end. She was glad that Johnny showed some interest in a guy she liked, but it was the wrong guy in her mind. Layla could not get her mind off Jimmy even if her life depended on it. She thought he was perfect in everyway, but her guilt over Derrick stopped anything happening with Jimmy. In the time that she had known Derrick, he never gave her a reason to discontinue their relationship. The one thing that kept Jimmy sane was knowing that she still was dating Derrick. He wasn’t sure what kept her from making the commitment, but he hoped that he was the reason. Tonight, like many other of the past nights, wasn’t looking to appealing to Jimmy. At the gig the other night, Layla had found the person who Brian hinted about. While helping Matt and Jason Berry with the equipment, Lexi ambushed her, causing Layla to drop Zacky’s guitar. His anger was overshadowed by her happiness that her best friend was here to visit for the week. So, in celebration, Layla felt that everyone needed to go out to a club. Of course Derrick would be there, but Jimmy knew to watch him like a hawk. There was just something about that pretzel guy that irked Jimmy. Everyone currently sat in the living room waiting for Lexi and Layla to come down.

Normal POV

“Hey Sexy Lexi, should I where the green flats or the gold ones?” I asked from the inside of my closet.

“Well, what top are you wearing?” she yelled from my bathroom.

“I’m wearing a white tank with my black vest over it.” I said looking down at my upper body.

“Hmm…don’t wear either of them. Borrow my red pointed stilettos. They’ll look amazing. Also, I think you can take out the rollers now. We wouldn’t want you looking like a china doll.”

My hair fell in loose curls as I removed the rollers. I usually don’t do anything with my hair, but Lexi insisted. Apparently she said that Jimmy told her that he liked curly hair. When I finished my hair, Lexi attacked me with her make up skills. She applied a purple smokey eye and finished it off with a bright red lipstick. Even though I would have gotten into the club anyway, I definitely looked like I could get in without using my I.D. for verification.

“Whoa there, you already bagged Brian, so who are you trying to impress?” I questioned my friend as she finished changing.

Lexi was wearing this little dress that was very low cut. Basically, she won’t be able to bend over the entire night. She just shrugged my question off and slid her shoes on. Lexi hit the bottom first and instantly attached herself to Brian’s side. He smiled at her and brought her body closer to his with his arm. The first person I made eye contact with Jimmy. A smirk appeared on my lips as I saw his eyes double in size. My attention was taken off of Jimmy when a voice entered my ears.

“You look fucking gorgeous Layla.” Derrick whispered.

I forced myself to smile at him. It was obvious that he was going to be pushing himself onto me more then he usually did. Derrick left my side in order to go to Johnny who was calling him over. Now that I had been left alone, I turned back to Jimmy who was still staring at me. The same expression of sorrow that was always on his face when Derrick was around surprisingly wasn’t. Instead, he wore this cocky smirk that just drew me to him.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked with curiosity dripping off every word.

“You.” he replied, still wearing the same grin he had on earlier.

A warmness spread through my cheeks as he watched me. There was no use hiding myself from Jimmy. The man knew what made me tick.

“No seriously Jimmy. You almost seem happy that Derrick is here.” I said.

“Well, Layla, if you must know. I can tell that you feel sorry for him. Anyone who was paying any attention could see that you force positive emotions when you’re near him. Honestly, I’m waiting for him to screw up and I feel that I won’t have long to wait.”

I frowned at this. Knowing that the guy before me could read me like a book didn’t thrill me. If this was the case, then Jimmy already knew that he was the one I wanted to be with. He was the one I wanted to hold me at night, to be there when I had a bad day, and he was the only one I wanted to hear the three most important words from. I love you. In my mind, he still needed to show me that he was willing to be with me. I was looking for one thing to prove that he would be there for me but I haven’t seen it yet.

“Exactly Jimmy. Waiting is all you can do.” I stated, ending our conversation.

Turning on my heel, I walked over to Lexi who was still standing next to Brian.

“God, that guy makes me so angry sometimes.” I huffed.

“Well, I can’t help it if you love him and are too stubborn to be with him.” Lexi said as if it were obvious to all.

“You did not just use the “l” word on me. You’re speaking nonsense just like Jimmy.”

“Oh come off it Townsend.” Brian snorted with laughter. “Everyone knows that you like Jimmy and Jimmy makes it painfully obvious that he loves you. So do us all a favor, ditch the pretzel man for the crazy man.”

Shocked was the only emotion that I could process at the moment. Needless to say I was not expecting this outburst from Brian. I was extremely caught off guard.

“What, guitarist got your tongue?” Brian asked, causing Lexi to burst out in a fit of giggles.

“No, but Lexi most certainly does. You better watch yourself Alexandra, or I’m going to have to tell your parents the real reason you came here and that those aren’t really bug bites on your neck at all.”

“Bitch please. Who says I’m going home?” she smiled.

My arms instantly wrapped around her neck in a hug. Forget being mad at her, I was just happy that she would be living near me again.

“Wait, are you living with Brian?” I asked incredulously.

“Maybe.” she smirked looking at Brian.

Matt and Johnny began to usher us out of the house before I could respond. As I was ushered behind Derrick into a vehicle, I couldn’t help but get a feeling that something was going to happen tonight.
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