A New Beginning

The Final Sign

Memories played like a slideshow in my mind as we walked into the club. Who was the idiot who chose the same club that Jimmy had his accident in? Derrick had a fierce suction placed upon my waist since we had gotten into the van and gaining entrance into the club had not changed it. I wasn’t sure what his intentions were, but I needed space now. Wrenching myself from his grip, he stared at me with a mixture of anger and confusion.

“Derrick, I need to visit the ladies room quickly.” I rushed to say.

“Ok baby, just find me at the booth with the guys.” he said before kissing me on the cheek.

Walking past the bathroom I found a secluded area that was away from the flashing lights and prying eyes of those who would be watching. What have you gotten into Layla? Damn, my conscious always know how to make me feel like a bitch. Why was Derrick here? I knew that I had no substantial feelings for the guy, yet here he was anyway. My heart had made it’s decision a long time ago. Jimmy wasn’t going to wait for me forever. I had to do something so that I wouldn’t lose him for good. Glancing at my phone quickly, I began to panic when I had been M.I.A. for a good twenty minutes. I knew what booth they would be in so I made my way up to the VIP booths in the balcony area.

“What took you so long?” Derrick whispered into my hair as he stood behind me.

“I told you. The line was long for the bathroom.” I defended.

He eyed me suspiciously before letting me go sit with the guys. I shoved myself at the end of the lounge seat next to Zacky. A fresh round of drinks had just been brought over and I reached for a shot of Jack. Zacky helped by sliding it closer to my outreached hand. Johnny saw this and sounded off on Zacky.

“Zack, man, don’t give my sister alcohol.” he growled.

“Come on Johnny. One shot won’t kill her.” he insisted.

“Exactly bro, one shot.” I pleaded.

The liquid burned as it went down. I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I wasn’t exactly innocent. Licking my lips I gave my brother a happy smile as he watched over me.

“Great, Baker, you’ve have officially corrupted my sister.” he whined.

“Hey, something tells me that I’m not the one to bring your sister into our fast paced world.”

I watched as he sent Jimmy a little smirk and my face went red. Jimmy gazed at me and flashed a bright smile. My blush deepened as the DJ changed the song to Dirty Little Secret, bringing back memories of being with Jimmy. Peaking up at him again I saw that he was eyeing me up and down, the smile still on his face. My eye contact with Jimmy was broken by a firm grip on my arm. Whipping my head around I saw Derrick frowning at me.

“Layla, lets go dance.” he asked in a fun voice, but the pressure on my arm told me it was anything but that.

I knew better then to refuse him at this point so I left my seat and followed him to the dance floor. His arms snaked around my waist as he drew me closer to him. With Lexi’s heels on I was eye level with Derrick. An intense jealousy raged in his eyes as he stared back.

“So, what’s going on between you and Jimmy? Don’t lie to me, because the entire world saw you two back there.” he asked.

“Nothing, I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He dropped the subject and continued to grind his hips into mine. As the techno song proceeded Derrick began leaving kisses down my jaw line. I let him continue with this so that he wouldn’t get angry again. His hands ventured to my ass and stayed there, but then his right hand got a little courageous and ran up over my shirt and tried to cop a feel of my breast.

“Derrick.” I warned pushing his hand away.

“Please, Layla, you know you want this. You can’t tell me that you’re an angel.” he smirked as he continued to kiss my neck.

“Ok, Derrick, I think I’ve had enough dancing for tonight.”

“I’ll tell you when you’ve had enough. I for one have just started.”

He placed his lips on mine and I felt his tongue try to break through my lips. With all the strength I could shoved him off of me and stood there shocked. I never expected to see this side of a guy who I thought was a friend of mine.

“Oh, a little feisty,” he laughed, “I really like that.”

“Well, then you’re going to love me.” a voice seethed behind me.

The next thing I saw was Jimmy tackling Derrick to the ground and throwing punches into his face. Jimmy just saved me from something that I couldn’t. He watched over me. This is it. This is the sign that I’ve been waiting for. Knowing that I should stop him from going to jail for manslaughter, I walked over to Jimmy and grabbed his shoulders.

“Babe, stop it please. He’s not worth it.” I said.

“Layla, this prick was forcing himself on you. Are you seriously going to stop me from beating his ass into the ground.”

“Jimmy,” I smirked, “I think that you’ve already accomplished that. Now take me home you beast.”

He stared at me in disbelief, so I grabbed him by him collar and drug him out of the club. I had to make up for lost time.
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i really wanted them to get back together...so i got rid of derrick lol

and i love love