A New Beginning

The First Time

Brian had left a moment ago to find a clothing store so that Jimmy and I didn’t have to walk around in our current outfits. With just us in the room we should have been talking about what we were going to do, but all I could do was pace the room nervously. Jimmy sat on the bed and hadn’t said a word to me all morning. He just sat and stared at a stain on the carpet. My stomach was twisting itself into knots due to all the emotions that I was going through. I was scared. I was scared that Jimmy hated me. He was in the prime of his life and he just got hitched to an 18 year old. I just know that he didn’t want to be my husband. All these thoughts were just killing me so I decided to break the silence.

“I’m sorry Jimmy.” I whispered.

He looked at me confused but still sat there. My heart was aching and I didn’t know what to do now. If he pushed me away I knew that I was going to be sick. Jimmy placed a hand on the side of bed next to him and motioned for me to take a seat. Obeying him I sat rigidly next to my husband and waited for the barrage of words to hit me.

“Layla, what have you done to be sorry? I’m the one who should be apologizing.”

I was going to question him but he still had more to say.

“I remember when I told you that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you but I didn’t picture it this way. I wanted to give you something to be proud of. Your friends and family watching as you took the next step in your life. I love you and always will.”

My body melted into his arms and all the pent up emotions broke free.

“Jimmy, I thought you hated me.” I whimpered into his chest.

“Why would I hate you? You’re my wife.” he said softly.

I stared up at him once those words left his mouth. WIFE. His face held much warmth as he gazed down at me. He reached up and wiped away the last tear that was threatening to fall down my face. I placed my lips on his and put as much passion and love into it that I could. Jimmy grabbed my waist so that I was now straddling him. His tongue grazed my bottom lip and I eagerly let him enter. Our tongues fought a war for dominance but I was the victor as I pushed him back on the bed. A squeak left my lips as Jimmy expertly flipped us around in an instant. Little kisses were left on my neck as he soon started to nip at the now tender skin on my neck. My hands ran up under his shirt and I absent mindedly raked my nails down his skin his bit down harder. I felt Jimmy growing against me which led my fingers to find his belt buckle and linger on it. Jimmy sensed my remaining touch in that area and stopped his actions.

“Is that the sign Mrs. Sullivan?” he said huskily.

I nodded kind of nervously but knew that I was ready. We maintained eye contact as he slipped the gown I still wore past my shoulders. He kicked it off the bed and now I was just in my bra and thong. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel self conscious at all and I felt a surge of courage as I began removing every piece of his tuxedo until his pants only remained. It was a known fact that Jimmy never wore boxers because it was impossible due to the pants he normally wore so I knew that when those were discarded I’d finally see him in all his glory. His fingers danced delicately down my stomach and carefully pulled the thin piece of fabric from my body. I inhaled deeply as I ripped his belt off and began to slide his pants down at the same time that he undid the clasp on my bra. A special moment fell upon us as we both took in each other’s bodies for the first time. A quiet but deep laugh left him as he noticed me gaze at his hardened length. Knowing that that was going to be in me left me a little scared to be quiet honest, but I trusted Jimmy to treat me with care.

“I’ll go slow. Stop me if it ever gets to be to much.” he said lovingly.
My muscles instinctively clenched up as he slid a finger into me. After a few good pumps of his finger he slid another one in as his thumb began to rub up against me. The electric sensations that course through me were something that I never expected to feel ever. My body tingled all over just from his touch. His lips enveloped mine in a deep kiss as he slid his tongue into my mouth. A deep moan entered his mouth as he started to pick up pace. My muscles had begun to react to Jimmy and my hips slowly entered a rhythm with his hand. I felt his fingers retract from my core which made me open my eyes. All he said was ‘I love you’ before he pushed himself slowly into me. I quickly sucked in my breath and couldn’t breath because I actually felt pain inside me. Fingers I could easily handle, but when he was all the way inside of me it sent burning sensations through my body. Some would have found his pace agonizingly slow but it was fine for me. Tears started to prick my eyes because it felt like I was going to rip in half. My fingers tangled themselves in Jimmy’s hair so that I had something to old on to. The cold piercing on his lip grazed the skin between my breasts as he kissed my chest. I felt myself tighten around him and let out a gasp as he hit a spot within me that sent shockwaves through me. Seeing the reaction this had on my Jimmy sped up his thrusts and continued to hit my area. A sensation overtook me and I felt my knees begin to shake uncontrollably. His hands shot to my hips to keep me steady. My breath became ragged and I couldn’t control anything anymore. The eye contact that we had was broken when my eyes rolled into the back of my head and my eyelids fluttered shut.

“Jimmy, oh fuck.” I moaned in a high pitched voice.

He gave off a few low grunts and continued to pick up speed. I found myself bucking my hips into his every time he came down on me. The need for him was so strong that I couldn’t even begin to explain it. All I knew was that I needed more of him in me.

“Faster Jimmy, faster.” I begged.

I cried out in sheer pleasure as he slammed into me as he found my spot again. Out sweat mixed together making our bodies glide over each other easily. Goosebumps erupted over my skin his I felt his tongue slither across my nipple. Now Jimmy’s breath was becoming harsher and I found his thrusts more erratic then they had been. My back arched as I screamed out his name when an explosion racked my body. A few pumps later I felt a warm feeling as Jimmy spilled himself into me.

“Fuck Layla!” he grunted as he collapsed on top of me.

He rested his on my chest so that his drenched hair clung to my skin. I was still struggling to regain my breath. It felt as if I had just run a mile in under a minute. Light giggles left my mouth as Jimmy began leaving a trail of kisses from my breast to my lips. He pecked my lips one last time before staring into my eyes. A cheesy smile formed on his face as continued to watch me catch my breath.

“Yeah. Imagine that every night.” he said with a laugh.

“Oh God, not for a while. I’m going to need to heel after this time.”

“I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” he said with a genuine look of sympathy.

“Well, would you think getting rammed by a two ton truck to the pelvic area would hurt.”

“Naturally, and thanks for comparing my cock to a two ton truck.” he smiled proudly.

All of a sudden Brian’s muffled voice was coming from behind the door scaring the crap out of me.

“Can I come in yet? I’ve been standing in this hallway for like, half an hour.”

Jimmy quickly pulled the sheet over our naked bodies and let Brian come in. He walked in and looked at our scattered clothes on the ground and smiled. Dropping the bags that held our new clothes he sat in the leather arm chair next to the TV.

“Damn, my buddy must be good to make a girl scream like that.”

I yanked the sheet over my head to hide the fact that I was extremely embarrassed.

“How much did you hear?” I asked through the sheet.

“Well, I was about to walk in until I heard ‘JIMMY, OH FUCK’.” Brian mimicked in a high pitched scream.

I groaned out loud and shoved my face deeper in the crevice of Jimmy’s arm. He held my body closer to me in a reassuring way.

“Don’t be ashamed Layla, your husband sounds like a buffalo.” Brian stated.

I exploded with laughter and brought my head out from under the protection of the sheet. Jimmy was pushing his lips out in a pout like he was offended that we were laughing at him. I placed a kiss on his cheek and smiled at him.

“Buffalo or not, he knows what he’s doing.”

“Enough!” Brian yelled from his now standing position. “Get dressed so that we can go.”

Brian left the room a bit so that we could change. I had just zipped up my pants and was about to slip my bra on when Jimmy came up picked me up. His tongue shot directly into my mouth which grew into a make out session. Even though Brian just walked back in we still didn’t stop.

“Disgusting! Layla, put a shirt on so that we can leave.” Brian said with his eyes covered.

With my back turned to him I put on the rest of my clothes and then we were finally able to leave the hotel. Once outside the tour bus I halted. Jimmy gripped my hand tightly.

“Don’t tell him. Let him figure it out.”

Nodding with his idea I slowly inhaled as I walked on to the bus.
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