A New Beginning

Reliving Childhood

“Is she ok?”

“I hope so. That was a pretty nasty fall.”

“Fuck! I just killed my baby sister!”

“Christ, shut the hell up. She just passed out. I don’t blame her, look at me. I’m so dead sexy I make the ladies drop.”

My eyes opened slowly to reveal a bunch of people standing around me. I noticed that I was still on the floor and I began to get myself up, but dad pushed me back down.

“No you don’t little missy. I want you to keep still for a moment while you regain full consciousness.” Dad informed.

I gave a little nod and settled back to my previous position. I blinked hard a couple of times to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. Nope, I was correct with my visions. The guys of Avenged Sevenfold sat in my kitchen. But mom and dad said that my brother was here. None of their names are Donnie. Just then it clicked in my head.

“Mom, his name is Johnny, not Donnie.” I complained.

“Well he made me aware of that dear.” She reasoned.

I looked away from her and shifted my gaze towards Johnny. His eyes connected with mine and we studied each other for a minute. Taking in his appearance I could definitely see how we were related. We had the same light brown eyes, same jaw line, and we were both short. I gave him a little smirk and he returned it, obviously seeing how similar we were. The people around us started laughing while my mom started to cry.

“What?” we both said in unison.

“Sweetheart, you two have the same smile. You know Layla, the one you wear when you’re usually doing something wrong? It really is the sweetest thing ever.” Mom explained while she wiped a tear away.

“Well Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, I would like to take Layla out to get to know her better.” Johnny asked with a smile on his face.

“No, we don’t mind. Just have her back at a decent time.” Dad stated.

I looked back at Johnny to see his hand outstretched to help me. Grabbing his hand I was pulled off the floor too much of the guys pleasure.

“Johnny, she’s even shorter than you.”

“Shut up Vengeance and leave my sister alone.” He defended.

We walked out to the driveway and got in the white rental SUV. I sat in the middle of the vehicle and soon felt all eyes on me.

“It’s rude to stare, you guys know that right?” I asked.

“So I take it that you know us then?” Johnny asked.

“Would you prefer it that I pretended I didn’t”

“Yes actually, cuz I already practiced an introduction.” He said happily. “Ok so in the driver’s seat we have Matt, passenger seat holds Brian, in the back seat is Jimmy and Zacky, and I am your big brother Johnny.”

“Ok, we didn’t tell Johnny this,” Brian interrupted, “but we are going to play a little word game. When we say a word we want both of you to shout the first word that comes to you mind. This will show how in tune with each other you guys really are. Matt, first word.”

“Prison!” Matt said.


I turned to Johnny with wide eyes. His face wasn’t any different. I can’t believe that that just happened.

“Next word…Santa.”


Zacky screamed from horror. “I can’t take it anymore, it’s too creepy!”

“No just one more word…PUSSY!”


The guys started laughing uncontrollably.

“At least we know that your little sister isn’t a lesbian.” Matt laughed.

Soon after we stopped laughing Matt pulled into a park outside of the town where I lived. I used to come here all the time when I was little. Seeing the park empty, we all got out and ventured into the playground. I spotted the teeter-totter and ran to it. Planting myself on the end I eagerly waited for the guys to join me. They just stood there giving me a weird look.

“If you guys haven’t realized it yet, I would like to go on the teeter-totter for awhile and I need someone to join me.”

They just looked at each other before Matt volunteered. He swung his leg over and pushed off the ground.

“If any of you tell anyone that I played on a playground I will kill you.” He said through his teeth.

“Thank you Matthew!” I said with glee.

There was a point when I was in the air and I stayed there. I stared at Matt who just looked at me innocently. Kicking my legs a few times I tried to budge him from the ground but my efforts were in vain.

“Hey guys, anyone want to go on the merry-go-round?” he said wickedly.

He picked one foot off the ground and it looked like he was going to drop me to the ground.

“Don’t even think of dropping me Matt Sanders!” I shouted.

It was too late. Matt stood up and I felt the wooden board under me move violently fast. I braced myself for the crash, but it never came. I opened my eyes to find that someone had caught me before I fell. Tilting my head up I met the gaze of the blue eyes that I have loved for a long time. Jimmy gave me a little smile and put me back on my feet but didn’t take his arms off me.

“Ah, you ok Layla?” he asked quietly, almost shyly.

“Yes, thanks to you Jimmy.” I mumbled.

“No problem, don’t mention it.”

His arms were still wrapped around me and I think he noticed it as well. He looked down at them and quickly put them back at his side.

“Layla and Jimmy, get over here. Zacky wants to play a game.” Johnny called to us.

We gave each other one last glance and then we joined the rest of them.
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the guys finally arrive!

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