A New Beginning

This Game Stinks

“What game does he want to play?” I asked when I got closer to the guys.

“Apparently, seeing you on the teeter-totter gave him the idea of playing more kid games.” Matt answered.

“This is an awesome park to play hide-and-seek. Instead of going off separately, we’ll be making teams of two.”

Brian started to jump around excitedly and shouted, “I’m on Layla’s team!”

“No fair! I wanted dibs on my sister.” Johnny whined.

“That’s one thing we don’t have in common Johnny.” I laughed.

“What’s that?” he said confused.

“I’m not a whiny bitch.” I stated as I walked over to Brian.

The teams were the following: Matt and Jimmy, Zacky and Johnny, and Brian and me. I thought it was humorous that the two biggest guys had to be partners. Zacky and Johnny volunteered to count only because Johnny wanted to beat me by finding our hiding spot first. The instant that the two guys closed their eyes Brian grasped my hand and whisked me off to a location he had found.

“There is no way in hell that I am going in there.” I argued.

“Well Miss I’m-not-a-whiny-bitch, they will never find us here so get in.” he said as he shoved me forward.

“If someone would have told me this morning that I’d be shoved into a tiny place with Synyster Gates, I’d have asked them to pass the drugs. But now I’m not to excited only because I’m stuck in a porta-potty!” I whispered.

“Did you have any ideas? No! So we gotta make the best of this until we win this round. In the mean time, I think we should get to know each other better.”

“Well, considering that I already know everything possible about you without falling into the stalker category, then you can ask me whatever.”

“So, in the grand scheme of things, how has your day been?” Brian asked.

“I’m still in shock, although I won’t be fainting anymore. You guys are seriously one of my favorite bands and then I find out that my brother is a member. What other girl out there can say that they went to a playground with Avenged Sevenfold? Words cannot begin to express my happiness right now. I think that sums it all up.”

“What is your impression of Johnny? Does he seem like brother material?”

“I think Johnny is amazing. At this point in time he’s being the cool older brother and doesn’t seem to be smothering me like I thought he would.”

“What do you think of the rest of us?”

“Matt is a butthead. Plain and simple. I can’t believe that he would drop me off the teeter-totter like that. I could see Zacky and I becoming real close friends. He’s like a puppy that can’t get enough attention but you don’t mind it. Brian, you’re just cool and laid back. You seem to be the person I could go to for help more then Johnny. I haven’t heard too much from Jimmy yet to make an opinion of him. I thought he would be this goofball who would be bursting with energy but something’s holding him back. Enough of you questioning me, I actually have some for you now. What do you think of me? Is this just going to be a one time thing or will I be apart of Johnny’s family like I should be?”

“Layla,” he started, “we were so surprised when you first walked into the kitchen. Before we saw you we had this image of a total square of a person. Our worst fears would have been if Johnny’s sister had nothing in common with us. I’m actually glad that you’re a fan of our music because you’re connecting with us much faster then you would have had you never heard of us. I know that Johnny wants you in his life as well as ours. He mentioned that if today went extremely well he would consider moving you out to California.”

“Are you serious? I would love to go back with you guys!” I said filled with joy.

“Don’t say anything about this in front of him though because I think he wants to surprise you.” He commented.

I nodded to show him that I understood and silence filled the porta-potty. Carefully standing on the toilet so that I didn’t fall in, I looked through the slits near the top to see if I could find anyone out there. I made out Matt and Jimmy’s voices through the trees so I knew that they had been found first. I felt my foot slip a little but Brian’s hands shot up to my waist to stabilize my shaky frame.

“Shh…I hear them coming.” I whispered.

Brian’s grip on me tightened and he quietly lifted me down from on top of the toilet.

“I wonder what they would think if they found us alone like this.” He murmured into my ear.

His arms snaked around my waist and he brought me closer. I felt my face blush and my eyes widened. Was Brian Haner making a move on me? Of course he wouldn’t. Hopefully he’s being a horrible tease. I suddenly heard four voices outside of the doorway.

“Where are they? They couldn’t have gotten that far.” Matt acknowledged

“Wouldn’t it be funny if Brian was putting the moves on your sister? I’d believe it, that man works fast.” Zacky laughed.

“I wouldn’t find it amusing at all.” Jimmy flat out said. “Well, I mean, if it was my sister I wouldn’t find it entertaining.”

“Hey, what if they’re in the trees? Maybe my sister holds a record for climbing trees. Let’s go back to where we started and check that thick cluster of trees.” Johnny said before they left.

I was concentrating so hard on not being found by them that I hadn’t noticed Brian’s face inching toward mine.

“Layla, what would you do if I kissed you right now?” he said looking in my eyes.

I started babbling random sounds because I couldn’t seem to form words. I wanted to say no but I was in a state of shock. His lips were so close to mine that I could taste the cigarette that he had in the SUV on the way over here. I felt very brief contact before I wrenched myself away and out the door. Stumbling to regain my balance I glanced over at Brian who wore a proud smirk on his face. He stepped out of the porta-potty still wearing that smirk.

“You’ll cave in one day, but I can wait. Let’s get back to them before they call the police with a missing persons report.” He said cockily.

I tagged along but in stillness. I feared that what just happened would ruin my chances for ever living with Johnny.
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