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You Make Me So Hot

Alex and Jack were in Alex's room, sitting on the younger's bed. Jack kept trying to sneak in kisses to the other boy, quick pecks to his lips, but Alex just laughed and continued to push him away. The door was left open, neither boy motivated enough to get up to go close it, also aware of the suspicion that the act would cause. Alex's mother was just outside the door, walking up and down the hallway, busy with chores. It wasn't that him mother was disapproving of his relationship, strictness or belief-wise, it was just that Alex didn't need his mother to see him making out with his boyfriend, ever.

The couple had met at a party hosted by a mutual friend, a few months prior. Alex had been talking with one of his friends, Kayla, if he remembers correctly. The two were talking about their perfect relationships, explaining to each other what they'd like in a partner. Alex was going on about how he wanted a relationship full of passion, and how he wanted someone to do cute things with, someone who'd be good to him. He heard a voice from behind him say, "I'm into that," and he turned around to find a tall brunet winking at him, the same boy that had been making eyes at him (And that he'd been making eyes at, too, admittedly,) earlier on during the party. Alex giggled at the boy's bluntness, accepting and holding on to the hand that was then offered to him. He was pulled towards the kitchen of the house, Jack looking back at him and speaking as they walked.

"I'm Jack, by the way," The taller boy said, grinning.

"Alex," The other boy replied, as happily as a person wading through a large sea of people could reply.

Jack led Alex to the counter where the drinks were, getting himself something, as well as something for the other boy. The two spent most of the night dancing, bodies pressed together, with Jack's hands on Alex's hips, waist, and just about anywhere else he could get them, while Alex's spent most of their time around the taller boy's neck. Over the course of the night, Jack had downed a significant number more of drinks, while Alex just stuck with the first one he had. Around midnight, Jack broke the silence between the two boys, asking Alex to come home with him. He was seemingly very drunk, but Alex agreed, as long as he didn't drive back, which he didn't.

The next morning, when Jack woke up, he was alone in bed. He could hear shuffling around in the kitchen of his apartment, and he sat up just in time for someone else to walk into the room. He could remember the boy from the night before, and watched him as he walked towards him, holding a glass if water and some pain killers. That's when he became aware of his killer headache, and took the items gratefully as he stared at the familiar boy, trying to remember any details about him.

"Alex," The boy spoke, "My name's Alex." Jack blushed and turned his head down, he should've known that.

"Don't worry about it, you were piss drunk. It's fine." Alex said, taking the glass from Jack and returning it to the kitchen.

Quickly shaking off his embarrassment, Jack asked, "Did we sleep together?"

Alex laughed as he returned from the kitchen.

"No, you passed out as soon as we got here."

"Oh," Jack replied, frowning a little, making Alex laugh again.

The shorter boy made his way to the door, and began putting his shoes on, when Jack said, "Where're you going?"

"Uh, home?"


"Well, usually, when people go to other people's houses, and then wake up there-"

"I know, I know," Jack sighed, cutting Alex off. "You can stay for a while, though, if you want."

Slowly putting his other shoe down, Alex mumbled, "You sure?"

"Definitely," Jack smiled, and went to get dressed, while he told the other boy to make himself at home.

Alex ended up spending the entire day at Jack's place. At first it was a bit awkward, neither boy knowing what to do. Jack had never had is company stay into the day before, and Alex had never been this sort of company. Part of Alex wondered if he would have been invited to stay over if he had actually slept with Jack. Maybe Jack was just waiting until the next night, and then he'd tell Alex to leave? That didn't really seem to be the case though, Alex thought Jack was too nice to do something like that. Well, that was what he had hoped, at least. He really didn't know what to think, but he did know that he had faith in the taller man.

Meanwhile, Jack was wracking his brain for ideas of things to do with Alex. It was a rare occurrence for him to wake up and spend the entire day with a cute boy in his apartment, so he had no idea what to do. He thought back to the night before, or the parts he had remembered, at least. He vaguely heard Alex in his head, speaking about doing cute things with someone, or something like that. His response then resurfaced in his brain, and a smirk made it's way on to his face. He knew exactly what to do.

"How much butter do we need?"

"I don't know, maybe we'd be able to tell from the recipe, if you, y'know, hadn't dropped it in the sink."

"It's not my fault!" Alex argued, smiling playfully, "I was holding a bunch of stuff, it was hard! At least I didn't drop the pans and make a huge mess!"

Jack rolled his eyes, shaking his head fondly. Yes, he and Alex were baking cookies. Alex jumped at the opportunity as soon as it was mentioned, so they had started right away. Jack knew that he didn't seem like the type to offer up such things, and the look Alex had given him when he'd asked was proof of just that. The smaller boy probably thought he was joking when he'd promised such things the night before, but honestly, Jack had been serious. He was all for one night stands, but he also enjoyed pleasing people in other ways. Having them around for a bit longer, showering them in adoration, and showing them that he cared made him quite happy, as well. So when an opportunity like that came up, he took it, because it may lead him to find someone he really likes, and even if it doesn't, it's still fun while it lasts.

As for Jack being big on cliché things, that wasn't exactly so. He was big on whatever the person he was with enjoyed, actually. So if that person enjoyed baking cookies, or walks on the beach, or Ferris wheel rides, then so be it. He thought that disliking something because of its popularity was absolutely absurd, whether it came to dates, movies, music, etc... Jack liked to think that if it was popular, people liked it, and if people liked it, it was good. Also, maybe he'd like it. He found no point in denying himself something he'd enjoy, just because it was overused and too common.

Alex, on the other hand, didn't even contemplate these things. He became absolutely ecstatic when someone showed interest in him, and he absolutely loved to do the sappiest things that man kind could come up with, with said person. So, adding these two together came out as quite a nice recipe, although their recipe for cookies did not.

After their mediocre baking adventure had come to an end, Alex and Jack found themselves in Jack's living room, with nothing to talk about. Pleased with his prior decision, Jack was feeling confident, and spoke up.

"Why don't we ask each other questions? So we can, like, learn more about each other?"

Alex stifled a giggle with the back of his hand, pleased with the fact that the other boy wanted to get to know him. He mumbled out a, "Sure," and Jack began.

"How old are you? I feel like I should already know this. You haven't told me yet, have you?" Alex shook his head, and Jack continued. "I'm going to guess, nineteen?"

Alex shook his head yet again, and Jack drew his eyebrows together. "Eighteen?" He tried again, and when Alex nodded with a shy smile, his mouth broke out into a much louder one, and he sighed out a, "Good," then told Alex that it was his turn to guess.

"Uh... Twenty?" Alex spoke, grinning throughout the entire conversation.

"Nope," Jack said, and Alex tried again, this time saying, "Twenty one?"

"Twenty two, actually. I hope that's not a problem?" Jack raised his eyebrows, obviously joking, but Alex could hint a bit of seriousness in there, too, and knew that the other boy was secretly a bit scared that it actually would be a problem.

The two boys continued their chat into the night, until Alex voiced that he had to go home, and then Jack made him promise that he could take him out the night after, so they could have a real first date. Alex smiled, saying he'd 'Like that.'

Jack picked Alex up at the address that the younger boy had texted him after he'd given him his number the night before, at seven sharp. He pulled up in front of a medium sized house, with pretty flowers decorating every place you looked. The house suited Alex very much, he decided, and probably the rest of his family, too.

He craned his neck as he saw movement in the window, and then, as Jack realized he was being a huge idiot, he got out of his car, and ran up to Alex's front steps. The door opened once he got there, and he took a few seconds to revel in Alex's beauty before he realized that he was, once again, being a huge idiot, and then decided to offer Alex his hand. The shorter boy took it, and then they were off, their small "Hi"'s turning into easier conversation as the night progressed.

Nine months later, and all of this leads up to Alex and Jack sitting on Alex's bed. The two are now only in their boxers, Jack hovering over Alex, their lips pressed together and moving past each other hastily. They freeze as a knock on the door interrupts them, and then they hear a voice.

"Alex, honey, can I come in?"

Alex pushes Jack into his closet in a panic, unable to locate the older boy's pants fast enough. He slips his on quickly, and then finds his shirt, rushing to open the door. His mom is standing there, giving him a look that he can't quite decipher, and then speaking, "Wasn't Jack here just a few moments ago?"

"U-uh, yeah, but he had to... Leave. He had to leave! So he's not here anymore."

Alex's mom gave him the same look again, before continuing on.

"Well, I just wanted to let you know that your father and I will be going out for dinner tonight, so you'll be here by yourself for a little while."

"Alright, cool, mom! See you later!" Alex said in a rush, his mom laughing.

"And by way, your shirt's on backwards." His mom smirked, turning away. Alex blushed, and then shut his door and continued back to his room.

Quietly sliding into his closet, Alex slipped his pants off, and then his shirt. He stretched his arms out, searching for Jack. Once he felt the other boy's skin against his finger tips, he nudged him into the corner of the closet, hands going around the taller boy's neck. Jack's arms wove around Alex's waist, and then Alex was leaning up and pressing their mouths together once again, and they stayed that way for quite some time.

The rest of their days continued in a similar fashion, Jack keeping up with his promise to fill their relationship with cute things and passion, leaving the other boy breathless at times, and wanting to scream at others. Alex completely loved how good Jack was to him, and couldn't help but to return the favour.

Alex vowed to always be there for Jack, to make him feel better, as well as to show him as many places as he could. He'd also make him say new things, and let him do anything that his heart desired. Jack felt the same way, of course.

On this particular day, about two years since they had first met, Alex decided that he wanted to build a fort in Jack's (And his!) apartment. Jack simply laughed as his childish request, but complied none the less, and the two began the contraction of the building.

It took a couple hours, but Alex was very pleased with the results. They had utilized every blanket they had owned, and the fort took up almost an entire room. Once they had crawled inside, they realized that they had nothing to do in there. Of course that would end up with the two making out inside the fort, Jack's hands mindlessly rubbing at Alex's sides as they kissed. Alex's laugh suddenly broke the kiss, and he took Jack's hand, shoving it in his back pocket, and okay, now Jack totally understood what he wanted.

A couple hours later, and Jack woke up inside the fort, Alex's head resting on his chest. They had fallen asleep after their earlier... Activities, and once Jack opened his eyes again, he used every second he had to admire the small blonde boy sleeping against him. He felt Alex snuggle into him more, and he wasn't sure if the other boy was awake yet, or not. He was about to quietly ask him, when he heard the younger boy softly mumble,

"Kiss me gently,
Always I know.
Hold me, love me,
Don't ever go."
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