You Fall Apart and Then You...Stop!

Chapter 10

------------------------------------------Andy's P.O.V---------------------------------------------------------

I looked into the same pair of blue eyes that stared back at me in the mirror, except these eyes didn't belong to me. They were Vince's. They stared down at me, angry that I was alive, angry that I'm the reason why he was so miserable. His hand squeezing my throat, Metallica playing loudly in the background, his insurance that no one would hear me if I yelled.

Today might be the day I died. Finally. I was getting tired of waiting, wondering if today was the day it would all finally end. I heard a crack, an all too familiar sound, he broke my collar bone again. The doctor said if that happened again, it was going to leave a nasty, permanent bruise.




My ribs.

His cigarette burned a hole into my arm. Punishing me for...something. It was different everyday. It was hard to keep track.

It was getting hard to breath, But I didn't try and gasp for a tiny string of air, I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best.
I woke up coughing, my throat was on fire, a complete contrast to the rest of my body. I was drenched in a cold sweat. A lightly snoring Aiden lying next to me.

My coughing wouldn't stop, I needed water. Ice cold water.
I sat up, the same weak, exhausted feeling from yesterday still consuming me. I laid back down and closed my eyes, remembering the first day Aaron introduced me to a beautiful bottle of vodka...the first day he introduced me to little white pills...the first day he introduced me to the needles...the sudden craving for the stuff making me sweat, the shaking in my bones was making me ache everywhere....

I woke up again, only this time I was lying on the spare bunk mattress we had decked out in the back lounge of the bus. Max and Aaron were playing some stupid video game.

My mouth was dry, and I was dying to get a drink of water.

I sat up again, only to have Aaron yell at me, "Oh no you don't!" He came over to me and lightly pushed me back down, "Medic said you're not supposed to get up for a couple of days."

"But wh-" I cringed at the sound of my voice. It was dry and cracking. I cleared my throat and regretted it.

Aaron handed me a cup of cold water.

I drank it, thanking God for sending me a cup of water from his personal supply.

"Better?" He asked.

I nodded, "What's wrong with me?"

"You passed out. Medic said you're dehydrated, you've been pushing yourself too hard..." He paused, not sure if he should tell me the rest, especially with Max here.

I looked over at Max, he smiled, like always, although relief lit up his face.

"How am I going to play if I cant get up for a couple of days?" I asked.

"Relax butterfly, we found someone to fill in for you." He explained.

"Don't call me butterfly," I mumbled as I took another sip of water. "Who's filling in for me?"

"Brandon sent over a guy," Brandon was our manager.

"So I'm stuck on this bus while you guys play without me?" I muttered, too tired to even show how upset I really was.

"Take another nap," Aaron ordered, and if I wasn't so fucken tired and achy, I would've told him to shut up. But instead I did as he said.