You Fall Apart and Then You...Stop!

Chapter 5

------------------------------------------Max's P.O.V--------------------------------------------------------
I woke up around 6 the next morning do to all the noise. The bus had gotten us to Indiana in one piece, and now the drivers went out and did their own bus driver thing before they had to do their job again.

I groaned angrily, once I wake up, I cant go back to sleep, at least not without any help. But I wasnt aloud to do that anymore. Well, as long as no one knew about it. I had thrown my sobriety out the window, and it'd be pretty stupid to try and start all over again so soon, especially without enjoying myself a little first.

I got out my bunk and headed out. There had to be at least one bus driver who had a little something up their sleeve. I walked around asking over and over again for something that would help me, but no one had anything, which I suspected was bullshit, because someone always had something.

It wasnt until I met up with the white haired guy from last night, that I saw my old friend in a baggie.

Aaron Portland sat outside of the Catholic Knees tour bus, with a mirror covered in white powder sitting on his lap. He was hitting the small baggie lightly with his finger, trying to get it all in one place before dumping it on the mirror.

He caught me staring. He didnt try to hide what he was doing, he had no shame. He continued with his work, separating the white powder into 4 even lines.

He looked up at me again.

"You want some?" he asked.

I nodded.

I went over to him and sat down beside him. He did his thing with two lines and I did mine.

Completely in love with just the process of snorting my little white friend.

"I wanted to say thanks for getting Andy back here, nice and safe," he said while separating 4 more very thin lines.

I shrugged, "She's a great girl,"

"Yeah, she is." he said doing his thing with two more lines.

I doing the same after him.

We stayed silent for a while.

"I dated her once you know," he started, pulling out a pack of cigarettes, "back when we were in highschool, but then I cheated on her. I really fucked her over, especially because I'm the one that got her hooked on booze."

I listened to the rest of his high ramblings, going on and on about his fuck ups in life.

The coke was gone, and so were all of my senses. I really could stop this if I wanted to, I didnt need to do this. I've done it before. Started then stopped. This was all just for fun. I really could stop from falling apart.

"I've got some pills inside," Aaron said, "want some?"

I nodded and followed him inside the tour bus, he lead me to the front lounge and I took a seat while he went over to the back of the bus.

I looked around the bus. It was super clean, obsessively clean. Everything had a place. I heard a noise from the bunk area and watched as Andy slipped out of her bunk, stumbling and bumping into things, clearly still groggy from sleep, she didnt seem to notice me as she walked into the front lounge and took her shirt off. She threw it over by me and seemed to be looking for a new one.

"Want to borrow mine?" I asked making her jump.

She squinted in my direction, recognition flashed on her face.

"Fuck," she mumbled lazily as she realized that she was shirtless.

"Don't worry I've seen it all before," I said, trying to make her feel less uncomfortable.
She ignored me and went into the back room, she returned pulling on a T-shirt that clearly belonged to one of the guys in the band. She had also changed her coffee stained jeans from last night to a
fresh new pair of black ones. With a bag of chips in her hand, she came over and sat next to me.

There really wasnt much of an option.

She pulled her long black hair into a ponytail exposing her face. Reminding me of why she was on all of those magazine covers. She wore no make-up, and it was clear she didnt need to.

Aaron came back and quickly slipped the bag of pills into his pocket when he saw Andy. "Morning Andy," he greeted.

"I'm not your friend," she said to him as she looked through her phone.

Aaron rolled his eyes and motioned for me to go outside with him. I followed.

"She doesn't like you very much, does she?" I asked as I felt my high coming down.

"She hates me actually, I mean God forbid anyone try and kick my ass because she'll get in the
middle just to save my ass, mostly because she feels entitled to be the only one to be ale to make my life miserable. But I know its because, secretly she really does love me, I'm her family." He

We sat back down in the same spots as before, and Aaron pulled out the baggie of pills. He looked down at his bag of pills, and smiled at them.

"Me and Andy used to get so fucked up with pain killers. I remember one time we had to go and steal some from her fa-" he didnt get to finish because the had gotten the pills knocked out of his hand. We looked up to find Aiden Souza, the lead singer of the band, angrily staring down at us. His long brown dread locks moving slightly with the wind, his translucent blue eyes ablaze with anger, making him look intimidating. We watched as his boots crushed the pills into dust.

"Dude!" Aaron yelled standing up, "those cost me a shit ton of money!"

Aiden didnt bother to give him a second glance, instead he just walked back inside the bus.

Aaron glared in his direction, "He's such a straight edge, it kills me sometimes. Did you know that he has never gotten laid?"

"Ever?" I asked in disbelief.

"I'm the only one in the band who has." He said as he kicked the dust of pills in the direction that the wind was blowing.

"I would never be able to do that," I said thinking about never getting laid again.
Aaron laughed, "That's what I'm fucken saying!"