You Fall Apart and Then You...Stop!

Chapter 6

---------------------------------------Andy's P.O.V.-----------------------------------------------------------

"How many times do I have to tell you guys to clean up after yourselves!" Aiden yelled as he picked up my shirt.

"You're cranky," I muttered as I continued to watch Darren play Pokemon on his GameBoy.

"Of course I am. I've been up all night trying to convince everyone to keep an eye on you," he explained.

"I'm sorry what?"

"It's just a precaution babe, just in case you find yourself almost slipping again"

"I'm fine! I'm over it! I dont even care anymore," I said.

Silence. (Well except for Darren's GameBoy)

Aiden sighed, "Alexxandria-"

"Dont call me that," I interrupted, he knew never to say my name.

"Then stop lying to me because we both know you're not fine,"

I stared up at him, while he did know everything about me and could easily read me like a book, it got irritating when he got arrogant about the fact.

"I could be," I lied.

"Andy, I told everyone, and you're just going to have to live with it!" He snapped.

"Why dont you-"
"Go fuck myself?" He asked, guessing my exact words.

I groaned loudly, letting him know he was annoying me, but he probably already knew that.

"I dont even want you to care!" I yelled jumping to my feet.

"And cue dramatic exit," he said as he guessed my next move.

"Cue me giving you the finger!" I yelled as I stormed out of the bus, flipping him off.

"Real mature!" he yelled after me. But I ignored him.

Aaron opened the bus door at the same time that I was going to kick it open causing me to fall forward, surely to a face full of dirt and gravel. Instead, however, I fell right into Max's arms. I looked up to find him smiling down at me, amusement sparkling in his green eyes.

"Maybe next time you should use your hands, Max wont always be there to catch you when you fall."

Aaron said as he pushed past us and into the bus, heading towards the room in the back of the bus.

Max gently put me down, "Hope this makes up for spilling that coffee on you."

Aiden quickly jumped in between us, "You two know each other?"

Max nodded with a smile on his face.

"I met him at the meeting last night." I told him.

Aiden gave Max a strange look, "You go to meetings?" He asked.

"Yeah, man. Sobriety isnt easy." Max said avoiding Aiden's gaze.

Aiden continued to stare at Max, "Sobriety?" Aiden said testing out the word, "You're sober?"

Max cleared his throat, "Trying my best everyday."

More staring.

I cut the awkward silence, "So did you get the chance to check up on your dogs?" I asked Max, remembering one of conversations from last night about the pets we have in our lives.

"Yeah, unfortunately though the puppy has completely destroyed every pillow in the house." Max said
sharing a laugh with me.

"Did you get a chance to check on Chessie?" He asked me, referring to the cat me and Aiden shared.

"You told him about Chessie?" Aiden said from somewhere off in the distance.

"Not yet, Pop Pop has work, and Grams does Yoga now." I explained.

"Ah, Yoga. I've heard it is time consuming. So hows your finger?" He asked reaching for my hand with my burned thumb.

I let him take hold of my hand. Aiden quickly jumped between us again, slightly pushing Max away.

"What happened to your finger?" He asked.

"I blame my butt." Max said earning a small laugh from me. He smiled down at me.

"Someone fill me in," Aiden demanded, clearly annoyed.

"She was lighting my cigarette, and my phone went off, scaring us. And she accidentally burned her thumb." Max explained.

That strange look returned to Aidens face. His brain working over time, creating new horrors in his head.

He was such a drama queen sometimes.

-----------------------------------------Max's P.O.V.---------------------------------------------------

The next night I found myself waiting with Aaron back stage, waiting for the rest of his band members to arrive. He had asked me if I wanted to watch them play, and while I was never going to admit that I was their biggest fan, I played it cool and accepted his offer.

After all he had stayed and watched my band play, it was only fair.

"I think you and me are going to be really great friends Max," Aaron said as he blew all of his cigarette smoke in the direction that his members were coming from.

I thought that too. I could feel a friendship growing with him. With Andy.

"Here," Aiden said when he reached us, tossing something to Aaron.

Aaron caught it and quickly unfolded the piece of clothing. It was the bands signature vests. They each had one, the back of them had their last name embroidered in large bright colors, the color varying with each member. Aaron had blue. Aiden had purple, the drummer Darren had yellow.

And Andy, well she had something different, she had on a long sleeved vest, on the back had a female character with long flowing green hair on one side of her vest, the character seemed to be blowing red, orange and yellow leaves that trailed across to the other side of the vest. Her last name in small, but still had bright green letters on a patch on the sleeve of her vest.

"Thanks," he said as he quickly put it on.

"You guys have a pre-show ritual?" I asked once they had begun to do jumping jacks and push ups.

Andy laughed, "We're just warming up, stretching the limbs. Our shows get pretty wild."

And as I watched them play that night, she was not lying when she said it would get wild. They were a very active band, jumping and kicking, and yelling and pushing each other out of their way.

They truly were amazing.

"This next song is special" Aiden announced, "and it has to stay completed silent throughout the whole thing, you know why? 'Cuz Andy's gonna help me sing it. Can you guess the song?"

Everyone knew by now, the only song that Andy even bothered to sing along to. It was an acoustic cover to one of their songs.

We all waited for Aaron, and Darren to get off the stage and for Aiden and Andy to get comfortable for them to start.

"Have you ever heard her sing?" Aaron asked.

I nodded, "Only in videos,"

"Never as good as in person," Aaron said as he watched their performance with me.

And he was right. The way her fingers moved and the way her lips moved...her voice...and before you knew it it was over and Andy was standing right in front of me drinking water.

"You okay?" she asked.

I nodded, not really sure if I was. What I did feel was...weird. Yeah, that was definitely it. From the corner of my eye I caught Aiden watching us, silently and disapprovingly.

"You were great," I complimented.

She smiled, "I try my best."

"After party at our bus!!!" Aaron yelled.

"No there isnt!!!" Aiden yelled in return.

Andy rolled her eyes, though amused. "You coming to the after party?" she asked as she began to exit the venue.

"But I though-"

"Aiden likes to supervise," she explained.

"Oh, for sure, yeah I'd love to go."

"See you there then," she said as she walked away.

"So you coming?" Aaron asked slapping my shoulder.


"Oh man you are in for a surprise, I've got a guy coming, and he has all the best stuff."