You Fall Apart and Then You...Stop!

Chapter 8

--------------------------------------------Max's P.O.V------------------------------------------------------
It's been three days since the party and while I've done my best not to drink, or take anything that

would upset Aiden, I could tell he still didn’t like me but he was getting used to the idea of me being

"It's hot as fuck, why the hell are you wearing a hoodie?" Aaron asked Andy, clearly teasing.

Aaron and Darren were sitting on lawn chairs outside of the bus, drinking something in a red cup.

Andy was leaning against the bus, safe and sound inside my hoodie, smoking a cigarette.

I waved at her once she saw me approaching. She waved back smiling. "Fucken Ohio yo!" I said once I had reached them.

"It's not that exciting," Aaron muttered taking a sip of his drink.

"He's from Ohio you moron," Andy said as she took a drag from her cigarette.

"I thought he was from Vegas," Aaron said.

"He moved to Vegas from Ohio when he was like in the 3rd grade."

We all stared at her. "How do you know that?" Aaron asked.

She shrugged, "I googled him."

"Do you google all your friends?" I asked her with a teasing smirk.

"I googled you like a million years ago, back when Situations was a brand new video on YouTube." She explained.

"But you specifically googled me because?" I asked, strangely liking the attention.

"You were cute, duh."

My smile faltered a bit.

Aaron lifted his sunglasses up a bit, "Are you blushing?" He asked me.

I turned my back to them so they couldn’t see me blush, "No," I said.

"Max is blushing!!!" Aaron sang.

"Come on Max, surely you've been told how..." Andy started, then paused as she looked through her phone, "How hawt and sexxy, with two x's, you look with all that sweat and eye-liner covering your body, probably smelling like peaches." She read.

I turned back around, "No one said that,"

She handed me her phone to let me see for myself. She wasn’t lying, it was an actual comment on an old Escape The Fate video. I looked back over at Andy.

"What do I smell like?" I asked.

She thought about it for a minute, "The ocean...and green apples."

I nodded, "Right, that's the shampoo I use. Peaches, why would I smell like peaches? Peaches aren’t sexy." I mumbled to himself.

I was inside the Catholic Knees bus, waiting for them to get ready for their show. Well everybody but Andy. We were sitting in the front lounge of the bus watching as the rest of the guys were running around getting into "costume." I was going to watch them play again, just like I had been doing every night they played a show.

"Why aren’t you getting ready?" I asked her.

"I don’t need to, I just need to put on my jacket and I'm good," She explained, holding up her jacket for me to see.

"Where's the straightener!?" Aaron yelled.

"Where's my Vest?!" Aiden yelled, "See, this is why you guys need to put everything back where you found it!"

Darren just went back and forth, he seemed to be the only who knew what they were doing.

"Why doesn’t Darren ever talk?" I asked Andy.

"He's deaf,"

"Seriously?" I was in disbelief. I never would've guessed. "But then how does he play the drums?"

"He can feel the vibration, feel the rhythm."

I looked over at her and found her big blue eyes looking up at me. "What?" I asked.

She shook her head, "Nothing, just staring."

She'd been doing that a lot lately, but not just staring, small little things that made me feel self-conscious.

"Put your jacket on, we're leaving," Aiden ordered as he himself put on his vest, walking back into the bathroom.

With a loud sigh she stood up and took off her hoodie. I would’ve looked away because the hoodie was pulling up her shirt along with it, but no, I kept staring because of what I saw. I saw her shirtless once, but I never noticed the small circle scars that dotted her back, or the long thin red lines that started at her back and made their way around to her stomach.

Once she had the hoodie off, she pulled her T-shirt down, she didn’t notice me staring. She put on her jacket, but not before I noticed the dark purple marks on her throat and collar bone, and the same circle scars on parts of her upper arm.